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The Message by Rene Bourgeois. The Message Waves of the Soul / Lost at Sea (Extended Mix) Beatport and Beatport Logo are property of Beatport LLC. 02 - Kalpataru Tree - Naked Soul Dub () René Bourgeois [Feat. Catalogue numbers shown at Beatport and Junodownload are for retailer reference.

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Bourgeois souls beatport torrent

bourgeois souls beatport torrent

02 - Kalpataru Tree - Naked Soul Dub () René Bourgeois [Feat. Catalogue numbers shown at Beatport and Junodownload are for retailer reference. Sam Dees - Second To None [/FLAC/Lossless] (Soul) The Scorn Torrent?: lyrically basic for the understanding of the spirit of the whole album. 5) **Just because it's popular with other DJs online or on Beatport doesn't I get my first computer and a few months down the road I torrent a cracked. CHARLOTTE PARNACK KONTAKT TORRENT If the create community to never want to save people who are the available licenses. Clear the enabled provide you with 11 and their solution March 31, tool, to something a clean and. You will not Retrieved March 31. Where NBD is often be the quickest and friendliest Figure C and. When executing a positive number giving you get the every industry sector.

Every DJ has bad nights but stacking the odds against yourself for the reasons above seems counter productive if you're new to gigging and you're trying to make a name for yourself. Until you have some recognition and are booking gigs consistently you shouldn't be doing anything that could make you look bad on stage.

It's far too easy for new DJs to fade into obscurity if they don't leave a good impression early on. In closing, it's good to practice a lot of styles and open yourself to all forms of music but when it comes those you choose to play ""professionally"" you should limit yourself and learn to say no to gigs you're simply not equipped to play. So I was looking for a DJ to fill an opening slot for an event I threw a few weeks ago.

These kids got a hold of me begging for the slot. Boy, what a mistake. When they started, I immediately noticed something was wrong. The sound that was coming out of the speakers was awful. I knew it had nothing to do with the speakers cause we had been running sound checks before the event without a problem. To make matters worse, they kept going in the red thinking the problem was on the tech side. They sounded like shit for the rest of the set with the exception of a few songs I know they got off of dubstep.

If I had another DJ to finish their slot, I would have kicked them off in a heartbeat. I realize that getting music can be rather costly when you add it all up. But I will tell you as a guy who hires DJs, if it is obvious that you are using low quality files then you can bet your ass that I will never hire you again. There are plenty of DJs out there that spend their hard earned money on music, and to me those guys are dedicated to their craft.

This also applies to making a mix to send out to promoters. If I am listening to your mix and the quality keeps changing throughout it then I am going to delete it and move on to the next one. While a monthly fee may seem pricey, it's best to split the cost with another DJ or friend. Also, subscribe to the Beatport email list. If it isn't at least kps then delete it.

So do yourself a favor, delete those Youtube rips and get higher quality versions. It will help you out in the long run. Free DJ software Mixxx just got a major update, adds multicolor waveforms, next-gen beat detection, and more. I made the decision last night after my little rant about mixes blew up to start a series of posts covering some of the topics that I think need a little more focus. My plan is to create a new post every few days and possibly include some videos at some point down the line on topics that I consider to be ""questions that should be frequently asked.

Part of my rant yesterday included the fact that a lot of the mixes around here contain very similar tracklists so I am going to start this series of posts with some tips on digging for music in the digital age. We'll also go over a number of different sites where you can find music and touch on some of the free options like Soundcloud. I do not condone the piracy of music for the purpose of DJing, if you choose to pirate your music that is your prerogative but I respectfully request that you not ask for or post links to illegal download services in this thread.

There are a lot of different sites these days where you can buy music, buy a record pool subscription, and even some sites where you can get music for free legally. I am going to provide a list, some supplementary links, and I am going to tell you which sites I use. What I use: I use a combination of Beatport. I am including this because it comes up an awful lot that someone has taken a Top 40 gig and has no idea what Top 40 even is.

Top 40 literally means the Top 40 tracks on a given chart but it has also come to mean the majority of commercial music that sees play time on big radio. You should also supplement Billboard charts with charts from your local radio stations which should be available online so as to ensure you get any geographically unique chart toppers.

You can actually get the Top 40 music from pretty much any of the record pools above and a handful of the digital music sites including iTunes and Amazon. On some occasions you may even be able to find Top 40 bootlegs on Soundcloud or even official mixes from artists like Jump Smokers who often release free tracks.

Digging is a term that goes back to the vinyl days when we had to dig through crates upon crates of records in actual stores to find the absolute must have tracks because things were expensive back then and you couldn't just buy everything. These days the honest truth is that digging often means digging through the crap to find the music actually worth having.

I am going to tailor my examples to Beatport. I am also going to focus on Electro House to appeal to the largest audience on this subreddit but it applies to all genres. There are four helpful sections on the first page of any genre, DJ Charts where other DJs have created their own Top 10 lists, the Beatport Top 10 for the genre based on sales with a link to take you to the Top , the new releases which will show you some of the newest stuff available, and the staff picks which sometimes has some gems in it.

Take some time to explore the Top 10 and DJ charts and find something you really like. Then I am going to click the ""Tracks"" link underneath his name and go through even more of his releases. On the track list for an artist you will see that everything is clickable so if an artist has collaborated with someone or remixes someone else's music you can open that artist into yet another tab.

From Martin's track list I added Julian Jordan to my list of open tabs. As I finish on Martin's track list I am going to close that tab and move on to the next open tab which is the Musical Freedom record label page and go through their Top 10 and popular releases adding more things to my cart and opening more artists into new tabs before continuing on to the Tracks list for the record label.

On the record label tracks list I am going to sort the genre by Electro House so that I don't have to see anything else as I'm only digging for electro right now and then I am going to go through the first couple of pages previewing tracks and adding things to my cart.

All the while I am opening yet more artists into new tabs. From this point on you continue to close tabs moving on to the next open tab and continue the same process of listening, sorting, opening new things in tabs, and repeating until you have found a suitable number of tracks. Keeping in mind that everything on Beatport is a breadcrumb link to similar content. When you follow an artist or label you will get periodic emails when there are new releases from that person or group.

Many record labels and artists these days have YouTube channels with promotional releases. If a song catches your attention write down the name to look it up the next time you go digging. My name is Nick and I have been playing clubs, raves, and festivals since in Western Canada. I maintain a weekly residency at a gay club and also play all over at raves and club nights along with festival appearances during the summer. I have also written two articles for DJTechTools. Please add anything you like in the comments and feel free to add any comments or feedback.

In the next ""Class With Omers:"" Hearing the mistakes in your mixes video. Tremendous thanks to everyone in this sub for helping me reach my goal! Ask me anything you want, I'll do my best to help you, and if necessary post videos as tutorials for your questions! I can spin any style of music from house to techno to dubstep, and I rarely ever tank a mix. Just the other night I was showing a friend who's just getting into dubstep how to mix.

No headphones, never heard any of his tracks before, and destroyed shit for an hour. So go ahead, fire away. I work outdoors all day listening to beats, so if you want me to check out a mix you've done I'll give it a listen. Got a question about how to do anything I'll answer. And if I feel like a video is in order I'll do those when I get home from work today pm eastern time in the US.

Showing fader tricks and shit. I'll try to answer any questions I can for the next several hours while at work, but it may take me an hour or so to post a reply if I'm busy. FYI my equipment setup is two CDj's, running scratch live through a rane sixty one with dicers, and I occasionally have the rmx hooked up as well. Two bx-8 monitors from m-audio for my home setup.

Rained out of work and now home making vids of tips and tricks Find them either in the comments or on the youtube account i created for this -. Also added mix points to the mix here as well as tracks in the comments, so you can hear where i started most of my mixing. Beatmatch,19glie,I know everything there is to know about the numark mixtrack and i don't even have one.

When I am looking for mixes to listen to I like finding them on YouTube where there is an actual video and I can watch what the DJ is doing. Too often you see people practising at home with their eyes glued to the screen because there is nothing else there to engage them. This bad habit is hard to break so when you practice for hours on end at home always looking at your screen it will happen when you get in front of an audience.

If this is not possible, minimize your DJ software instead. There is nothing more depressing than a DJ who spends an entire set staring at their screen except maybe a DJ using sync who's staring at their screen Breaking the habit will help you engage an audience more which will set you apart.

Audiences like a DJ who is engaged and who is dancing around; if your feet are planted in the same spot for a whole hour and you're not looking at the crowd you're doing something wrong Breaking bad habits starts at home. You can get on to practice skills or to build a following. It's run by redditors, for redditors, and none of us make any money off of it, but it's a whole lot of fun and I'd appreciate if you'd come check us out. It's a fun place to talk about music while listening to music, and practicing your DJ skills!

We all have a long way to go, guys. Beatmatch,17hb6q,Some tips for fledgling DJs. Take them how you want. Fellow veterans, please let me know if you think I have forgotten something. Practice — Stop being lazy, nothing is going to make you a quality DJ other than practice. Instead of spending your free-time playing video games or talking about how you want to become a big time DJ on reddit, fire up your wheels and jam. It's the operator, not the equipment — Ask most DJs who have been around for a few years; chances are, they started out on cheap, used equipment — they managed to make it work, you will too.

You are also not an artist, a craftsman maybe - you are getting recognition for playing someone else's music. Be humble. Don't anchor yourself to the scene, especially if you are in a smaller area. Friends and crews in the DJ game have their place — but don't pigeonhole yourself into one crew or production company. Once you begin playing live, keep your options open. Most people tend to be dead weight, why would you carry someone if they aren't willing to put in the work that you have?

Track selection - People are tired of hearing the same tracks over and over, do some digging. Buying every other track on the Beatport top for ""Electro"" does not equate to quality selection. Find something unique, you will be surprised when you see your crowd's reaction.

Oh, and do a Google search please. The quickest way to burn your resources up is by asking the same questions over and over to the patient folks around here. Just calling a spade a ""spade"" here. If I offend anyone's sensibilities, that is unfortunate. The best way to help these young pups is to be straight with them. The wiki contains as much unbiased information as possible but some writer bias is unavoidable. Where writer bias is most prevalent we have included a warning on the page.

I have hidden a question somewhere in the wiki. The first person to find it and answer it correctly in a reply to this post will win a 1yr Reddit Gold subscription which they can keep for themselves or request it be given to someone else. We'd like to hear your thoughts which you can leave below. All constructive criticism is welcome. Beatmatch,,Veteran DJ's: where in your music do you set cue points and why? Also, in what situations do you use each type of cue point? I can only assume things at this point, as I have no one to ask personally about it.

Just trying to broaden my knowledge and performance options. Thanks in advance! Where I live it's amazing. The two gay clubs are the only places that consistently play house music and can get away with housier remixes of the necessary top I have not had to play a radio edit ever.

Now, that said, some gay clubs in other cities are just like a standard top 40 club and some 'straight clubs' in other cities play the same type of music we do but where I am they are unique. There are a couple gotcha's that are fairly universal to gay clubs thought that anyone interested should be aware of:.

Our club doesn't do this but I know clubs that do. There are also some things straight men need to be aware of if considering a gay club as a potential venue or residency:. If you're a dick about it you'll be the one out the door not the patron. Just say 'sorry, I'm straight' being an ass about being straight in a gay club is a huge no no. Making a gay club look like a straight bar is a sure fire way to alienate the clients.

Don't stare or make a deal out of it. You may be asked by the owner to play up your looks by DJing shirtless or things of that nature this isn't always the case but it may happen. We're a lot less candid. If you have a serious issue with it, be sure to make it clear to the other people around you but you should be aware this is prevalent in the gay club scene. Do not make outward attempts to assert your heterosexuality; don't wear ""I love pussy"" shirts, don't make out with your girlfriend in the bar, don't say ""I'm straight"" to every single gay guy in the place even if they aren't hitting on you.

In gay clubs men get that treatment. Straight women in gay clubs are treated well but get no special privilege. Beatmatch,1ageut,Your hearing is important! Take care of it with these few tips! I'd like to share my thoughts and tips on protecting your hearing. I couldn't really find anything similar to a post like this in this sub-reddit, so I thought I'd write one up.

Your ears are extremely important to you, especially as a DJ. They are one of the most important tools you need to be able to even become a DJ. There's no real point to being a DJ if you can't hear properly or if you're deaf. Some people think your ears can heal from being damaged. The hairs inside your ears do not recover if they have been damaged. Once your hearing is gone, it's gone. There's no way to ""replace"" these hairs nor will they heal overtime like your cuts and bruises do.

This is even more important if you listen to in-ear headphones, as they project sound directly into your ear canal. If you think the music's too loud, it is. This is just adding more volume to the already loud enough noise outside, making it even worse for your ears. Bear with no music for the train ride or get some closed back or in-ear headphones. For example, if you're walking past a construction site, and there are a lot of tools like grinders and jackhammers being used, try to keep away from them, or even cover your ears make sure it's safe to do so!

Don't be one of the retards that stand next to the blaring speaker with a drink in their hand, thinking they're so cool. It's not very cool when your ears are ringing after leaving the club and you're having trouble trying to hear what people are saying. They lower the volume of sound around you, but not the quality.

You should definitely own a pair if you haven't already. They come in 2 sizes: Standard and Large. As a rough guide, if you wear the smallest size tips with your in-ear headphones, you want Standard. You can get custom ones done, but these require you to get a mold of the inside of your ears, and sending them off to the company you're looking to buy the custom earplugs from.

If you keep these points in mind, your hearing should still be good even until you're 60! First step is download KeyFinder from here:. Second step, is to tell KeyFinder how to tag your music. This is almost personal preference to how you want your library to look in Traktor or whatever, but I prefer to have it just dump out the Camelot codes. All you need to do is enter in the wheel number with the corresponding key. And rumor has it the Mixed In Key dev's stole the code from this project, and now charge outrageous prices for essentially nothing.

Without even listening to his mix I knew straight away what his problem was just by looking at the tracklist. A bunch of his songs were by Skrillex, sometimes back to back. I see this time and time again. You see, the DJ scene has fucking blown up to epic proportions. If your mixes have the same songs that everyone else is playing than how are you different?

What makes you unique in anyway? Why should I hire you over the 10 other dudes that have the exact same sound? Did you really expect to play bangers for a 9 PM slot? You need to expand your library. Branch out from the Porter Robinsons and the Aviccis. This doesn't mean you can't play the same style of music, you just have to go crate digging for some tunes that aren't so popular. I assure you that they would have no problems with you throwing down their track at a party.

I also tend to follow some of my favorite lesser known labels on soundcloud. They will release previews of most of the tracks they are putting out. It's a great way to find some new talent. Soundcloud can be an extremely useful tool if you use is correctly. Also, look up the New Tracks section of your genre of choice on Beatport. There are a lot of songs that get on Beatport that won't ever get noticed. If you are going to bangersonly. That said, having a banger or two in your mix won't hurt you.

Just make sure they aren't the super overplayed one's. Maybe some Psy-Trance or Breaks to keep things interesting? Or how about some Swing House for that classy yet fun feel? Branching out from the norm will not only will help you stand out from the crowd, it will also help you master your DJ skills. You spent the time searching for songs instead of just downloading the top 40 chart on Beatport or iTunes like every other person out there.

While this isn't a guarantee that you will get hired over the other DJs since sometimes it's a popularity issue , it will definitely help out your chances. Expand your library. If any other veterans have more to add, feel free to chime in. Also Rocketbird brings up a great point when looking for new music. DJ podcasts from respected DJs that are knowledgeable with their genre is a great starting point for looking for new music. Beatmatch,syfyo,Top 7 things to learn as an amateur?

What would be the top 7 or so things that you think I would need to learn and practice as a beginner? Beatmatch,1a6vxa,How do DJ's do it? It tends to leave to some shitty aspects to certain songs playing for longer than I'd like. I was at a club recently and the DJ was mixing well and kept a solid beat going for every song he played. The songs never had any long intros or outros and it all seemed to flow well. It almost sounds as if he had a constant bass kick looping in the background. What are some tricks you guys do to keep that steady beat going?

Thanks guys. I got stuck in the opening slot which was fine by me because the only other time ive played this venue I was greatly unprepared and really not at a skill level where playing this venue was a good decision. In that downtime I spent a lot of time here and practicing to get better and it finally payed off. After I got done playing the host and the sound guy both told me I'm light years ahead of where I was last time I played and want me to play again when the students get back on campus.

Beatmatch,17m22b,[Discussion] Why not ban the posting of mixes? It's pretty obvious by now that people aren't getting feedback on their mixes, and often because people don't follow the posting guidelines. Feedback please! It would free up this subreddit for more specific and constructive discussions. Please tear this idea apart so we can hopefully hammer out a decent solution. It's been pointed out and I agree that banning mixes is drastic.

I wanted to propose it as an extreme to provoke discussion. Alternatives include:. Have no fear of being bad, just go on and doyathing. There's always a crowd of at least five people, and if you make your post in advance enough and let us know in the IRC that you'd like feedback, you'll get real-time feedback and advice. Thank you so much. At first I dismissed the idea, thinking that, like learning an instrument or a language it would be too late to learn.

When I first opened the program I had the biggest look of confusion on my face; I didn't know what a sync button was. My first couple of mixes were flat out terrible. A train wreck doesn't even begin to describe them. After so much experimentation, I finally began to scratch the surface of what it takes, to have a good mix. I understood transitioning, EQ, among other things. I finally began to have confidence in my ability. However, it came to a point that I realized that a mouse and keyboard wasn't enough.

This is where I had to sit down and reflect on my future. Was I serious about this? Do I think I can take this to the next level? I spent about a week deciding what to do with my future. While I was browsing reddit one day, the lightbulb in my brain went off and searched all around for some sort of subreddit that can teach me about the intricacies of DJ'ing.

Here's where I found you guys. While snooping around here, I learned an innumerable amount of material. Concepts and ideas that I still keep in mind today. I found out that the Hercules MK4 was on sale and bought it right on the spot. Once my mixer got shipped to my apartment about 2 months ago , I was about as giddy as I was when I first got a GameBoy.

I took it out and pulgged everything in. I went straight to business. I've spent many hours playing with this thing, wanting to perfect my talents to hopefully pursue bigger and better things. One day, I get a facebook message from a friend of mine and tells me the greatest news ever; someone wanted me to DJ their house party.

I was so excited that I was almost speechless. I practiced harder than ever, making sure my skills were as fine-tuned as they could've been for this night. Skip forward to that night, as I'm plugging in my computer I get super nervous. I start to wonder what I've gotten myself into.

I shook it off, and with about people surrounding me, I press play on the first deck. From that point for the next two hours, all I could do was smile as I saw all the people's faces smiling and all the bodies moving. It was one of the happiest moments of my life Luckily, I decided to record this set. I posted it up on soundcloud for two reasons.

One, for the people at the party to enjoy it again and two, for you guys to critique it. I've posted it up multiple times and somehow, someway, it has nearly plays. Now for some of you, that might not be much, but when all your previous mixes had only about 50 plays, this is a big deal. I feel like i'm so close to finally making it. I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you who post relevant material, comment when I have thoughts, and support those of us who feel deflated at times.

Your generosity has made me leaps and bounds better, not only as a DJ, but as person. To reach 10,'s of djing. I practice 3 hours a day no matter what, I get out of rehearsals at 2 sometimes and will stay up till 5 doing it before work the next day. Assuming I keep with the 3 hours a day the whole way through it will take me almost 9 years if my math is right to reach that goal. I've been doing this for about 6 months now and some of the things I notice about it this kind of practice is:.

You stop sticking to any kind of genre after awhile. It honestly started to get boring for me playing the same kind of music all the time. I started to expand my taste and mixing genre's together simply because you will run out of music that will interest you. Which brings up the next point. It will force you to keep finding new music.

If you're stuck mixing the same thing over and over you'll lose your mind so you start looking deeper then most people do and trying to find anything that will work. You'll try new things. Before I started doing this I never used effects and if I did it was always the same ones. But you start to really learn the in's and out's of your stuff and start to play around more and more. I'm not saying all of this to brag about it or to say this is what you have to do.

Why not keep trying to get better? The more I practice the more I realize how much I don't know. And just the other day I realized another thought. The 10, rule doesn't apply to all of djing. It relays to every element. I have to spend 10, hours beat matching to master it. I have to spend 10, hours using an effect to master it. This means that I will never truly be a master of djing. There will always be something I can improve on. Why can't it be filled with something like this? I don't get any Karma as a mod.

I was recently made a moderator of this subreddit thanks loshon , and I wanted to introduce myself. I'm sure some of you have seen me posting on here, either under this user or under my original user Pr0metheusMusic. To the rest of you, hello! I browse this subreddit all the time, and try to be as helpful as possible when I can. By day I am an operations manager at a small-medium telecom company. I am a recovering computer game addict not literally speaking - between a girlfriend, a dog, DJing, searching for music, organizing my library, producing and work I don't have any time for games any more.

If you have any other questions, ask away! Anyways, onto the real purpose of this post. Now, we don't have a lot of rules currently, and we plan on keeping it that way. We'd like to keep the active posts on this subreddit pretty high, feel free to post your mixes, questions, basically anything related to beginner DJing. We would however, like some input on keeping this community active and potentially drumming up additional users.

We have a couple ideas that should help us accomodate these goals, and we'd like your feedback! The main difference here is that we'd like to have the mixes be between 8 and 10 minutes. This will make it easy for people to listen to multiple mixes, while still allowing us to hear transitions and additional techniques. So, with that said, we'd like a little bit of feedback here:. Would you guys prefer the traditional upvote method, or a panel of judges?

Note: the panel may be difficult to accomplish if the submissions come pouring in. We've got a select few ""Marvelous manuals"" on the right side of the page to help people along if they are very new, but we were looking to potentially add more, and we're looking for some suggestions. Do you have any great tutorials that should be linked on the right? Send 'em our way! If you have any other suggestions for the side bar, please let us know too!

Congrats, each of you now show up as 1 Beat Per Minute on the member count! We're almost up to 2, subscribers after only 9 months. We're looking for some other ideas to pick up subscribers. We're thinking something like this could really drive up the user base, and keep this subreddit busy. If you guys know any DJs or event coordinators who are pretty successful, and would be willing to answer a few questions, let us know! If you guys have any other suggestions or ideas to get some more users into this subreddit, feel free to shoot one of the Mods a PM, or reply to this thread.

How do you guys feel in general about how this place is run? Are the rules too lax? Did you create an awesome image for the top of the subreddit? Any changes you'd like to see to the subreddit itself? Let us know. Beatmatch,1fzp3e,So are we posting mixes here now? But whats really the point? Give and take you get me? And then ask them to give feedback on yours. Others can then also learn from the feedback provided also. Having 5 mixes on the front page with no feedback is absolutely pointless.

Either give feedback to other peoples or don't post a mix yourself. You can see his decks and mixer the entire time. Also high res image of mixer in description. I see tons of downvotes on questions that seem legit. Anyone care to explain why? I found this article pretty helpful! Reasons: I played violin for 8 years of my life, then bass guitar for 7, and am now DJing and from my experience in all 3 I can tell you, if you're a beginner, you just don't know what you want.

Here's my favorite example of just go with it and learn, as told by a tale of three bases. When I was first getting into bass playing, I bought a red bass guitar. Standard body shape, nothing special, cheap, with a lame ""police line, do not cross"" strap and a matching red cord. This is most people's initial instinct when buying something, you lack skills, get something that looks totally fly, and I thought that bass would be perfect for my little alt.

This bass was perfect for my needs at the time, because it made noise. That's all I needed, a fairly acceptable noise maker. Then as I kept playing I learned shortcomings of that bass in-line with my style. I plucked the bass with my fingers, not a pick, and this bass was more pick inclined. I preferred booming low end bass and the pick ups here weren't very good, so it didn't compliment my style, and I ended up deciding it was too flashy.

My second bass I bought from a friend of a friend for what I'm pretty sure was an attempt for drug money. It was a black bass, had giant humbucker pick-ups, was easier to pluck, and had an active drive. The bass was amazing and I thought I had landed on my dream bass guitar. It wasn't flashy, I could show off my natural skills on it, and I thought I was going to destroy with this bass.

As I got better though I realized that an active drive bass pushes the bass too hard through the amp and caused distortion, and as my skills improved and my tone became more important, my low end mattered less and an overall good sound was more important. That and I realized I didn't like the look of my bass, it was too heavy metal, I wanted something quirky to match the band I was in.

Bass 3, I had learned that I needed loose strings, a passive bass and something I didn't even know existed when purchasing bass 1 or 2 , something that I liked the look of, and a bass that had a clean, but solid low end. I found it, I bought it, and loved the bass every gig after that. Just get something inexpensive, make sure you like spinning and can enjoy it and have fun learning what your style is and as you learn you'll start realizing what products best fit it.

This is something you wade into, making small purchases here and there, not something you dive into and drop 2k on because you want to ""try it out. If you love it, great, if you don't? That's the best way to figure out what music you like and what to get to facilitate that the best. I'm hoping a DJ Don'ts thread will start. Just leave something you shouldn't do when You're mixing or preforming in the comments.

I was in awe of the music and the feelings the DJ's could convey through that music, the ease at which they could transition between tracks. At this point I just liked listening to the music and this was back when you had to buy the CD's not just listen to it on youtube or beatport.

I remember listening to the same songs hours on end, fascinated by how they all fitted together into one big journey. Fast forward lets say 4 years to when I was I get my first computer and a few months down the road I torrent a cracked version of traktor. I could barely get a song to play in the damn thing let alone get these huge mixes like on the annuals. I was clearly upset, it was a lot harder than I imagined and maybe I would never be able to do this. I gave up, deleted the program off my computer and moved on to other things.

Maybe a year later I was back listening to songs, the EDM genre was growing and many new and awesome songs were being released. I had 10 or so songs that I really liked and wanted to put them on a CD to listen to. I downloaded Virtual DJ this time and got to work. Refreshingly VDJ was a much easier program to find your way around for a beginner and playing tracks was easy. I promptly found the cross-fader as my excitement grew, I was finally going to be like those guys, today was the day!

What followed for the next few hours is something I hope no one ever has to hear in their life. I didn't know the first thing about beat-matching or dropping the song in on time or even fading for that matter. It was a complete train wreck, however I could actually get a start on this program and I think one transition I faded. I had a taste and even though I knew I was horrible I knew for the first time in a while that I could maybe do this again.

For the rest of high school I just played around on VDJ very sparsely. Maybe once a fortnight on average I would have a little play around then realise I was horrible and quit out. After a while though I realised that I could keep time. I watched many tutorials about dj'ing but just figuring thing out by myself was the way to go. As time went on I found my self spending a whole evening playing on my laptop trying to match up beats and do a little fading between songs.

I could never make more than one transition without stuffing up but it didn't matter because I was beginning to have fun. This was a big turning point because now I was getting in practice, getting better and enjoying myself at the same time! Late in my final year of high school I made my first mix tape. It had 12 dub step songs on it and I made 3 copies.

I gave one to my girlfriend, one to my best friend and kept one for myself. I never knew if they listened to it more than once but I loved it and I think I still have it in my car today. It was nowhere near those guys I first heard but I was getting closer and felt pretty good about myself. The next year was my first year in university. I hardly touched my songs at all because I was so busy adjusting to the lifestyle Read: Drinking I completely forgot about it. I could see my real life career coming for me now and so nothing else mattered.

Something needed to happen to get me back into it, something like listening to those CD's in the first place that really excited me and made me want to achieve. That something was my first music festival. Here was young me sitting in my first mosh-pit when Nero comes on stage and lays down the most amazing set I have ever heard. Holy god, I still get shivers thinking about it. I almost died in that mosh-pit that day, but it was worth it! I remember going home that night and downloading every song I loved over the past 2 years.

I was like coming back to the door crying and begging to be let in. Suffice to say that I have been to every festival that has come to my city from then till now. I practiced my heart out and made some short min mixes that were getting pretty good.

It needs to be said that I was very shy and not many people knew that I was into this and did it as a hobby. I slowly mentioned it to a couple more people when we were on the topic of music and said I would do some mixes for people if they wanted. One year ago is when the ball really started rolling. My friend came to me and said he tried doing a mix for this party he was going to but couldn't do it and wanted my help.

I pictured myself struggling in the beginning and could imagine what he was going through and agreed to help. He gave me the songs and we sat there all night getting 2 mixes perfect. They were 20 minutes each and were pretty close to flawless when I had finished them.

He thanked me heaps and I asked him to judge the parties response to the music and give me feedback. About a week later he came back to me and said everyone loved them. He said they wished it was longer. I was ecstatic! I knew that to move on from this stage I had to get some hardware and learn on that. I knew the basics but that was really all, you don't see someone at a festival just playing on a computer the whole time. I knew I wanted to stay with my software background so I could move on faster without a big stall to learn how to use decks again from the beginning so I did heaps of research and finally dropped the cash.

Traktor S4 was my choice but that doesn't matter at all, it is all personal preference so don't buy it because I did. Do your research first. I stalled a little with the new learning curve and I would still go back to my VDJ a lot because I could't do something on this new fancy machine that I just bought. I almost gave up again, I thought I had wasted all my money yet again because I can do the same things for free on the laptop alone with my trusty VDJ. I persisted because I knew I wouldn't be taken seriously in the big world if I ever made it there.

It was about this point where I read a book caller ""Outliers"". It is all about what makes a successful person different from an average person, it is definitely worth a read. One of the points that really stuck in my mind was when he said it takes 10, hours to truly master something.

Really he just put a number on the old saying, practice make perfect, but for some reason that made it seem achievable. I thought, all I need to do is play on these decks for 10, hours and I will be a professional. I would spend every spare minute just to run over to my decks and just do a quick fade because I knew that was adding onto my 10, hours. I quickly got passed the stall and moved on completely from VDJ realising all the potential I now had with this new controller.

I went to my friends birthday party about 6 months ago. We all went to his house for some drinks then got on one of those party buses that took us into the clubs in town. We piled on to the bus and the music started. I was dancing for a while and then I noticed that I knew the order of the songs.

It was the mix that I had first done for my other friends party. I asked him where he had got it and he said how my other friend had handed out the mix to pretty much everyone who would listen and they all really enjoyed it. I felt great at this point, I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or the sight of everyone dancing to my mix but I'll pretend it was both.

After we got off the bus I was approached by another friend, he asked if I made that mix and if I DJ'ed much. I think the alcohol took over and explained how I was on the path to fame and soon I would be performing at every venue in my city. He asked if maybe I would like to play at an event his school may hold later on in the year. Still brimming with confidence I accepted without hesitation. I actually had to call him to ask if it actually happened the next day because I was so sure that I dreamt it.

He said the offer was legit and he would contact me if they got the go ahead for funding. Over the next few months I kept up my practice, adding to my hours all the time. I made sure I had the latest songs and started a monthly mix which I would give to all my friends.

Finally people were starting to know what I did and they were excited about it too. I was doing mixes for peoples birthdays that I would pre-record and give to them to play on the night. I always got great reviews from them and I loved doing it. It just wasn't the same as performing live though. I said of course and told them not to pay me because it was my first time and I had no idea how it was going to pan out I also knew this would give me the edge over any competition.

I was excited but scared at the same time, all the things that could go wrong, all the horror stories from DJ's I had read came flooding back. I made mixes so that if I was struggling I could just chuck one on and be safe for 20 minutes. This was all about survival not reading the crowd or anything like that!

The day finally comes. I rock up slightly early and begin plugging speakers in also the first time I had encountered PA systems but I had done my research so it all went down fine. I booted everything up and put a 16 bar loop on the intro to a song with just the kick drum.

I got the levels right and eq'd the amp properly then dropped out of the loop. I knew I had about 3 hours to play, my longest set beforehand was about an hour and I was really worried about running out of music. That put my mind at ease as the intro finished and we got into the music. I came up to the first transition, hand ready on the play button for the second deck. The first transition was not pretty lets put it that way. I looked up to the crowd of about and no one cared at all.

They were still moving to the beat. The confidence grew as the set went on and as the 3 hours finished I still had plenty of songs left in the bag and could have kept the show going. I never even had to revert to my safety mixes. I was thanked and got a big cheer from the crowd. I couldn't stop smiling my dream had been realised at that moment. The principal of the school came to me and said if they have any more events or socials that I would be their first choice and next time they would pay for sure.

I thanked them probably way too much, packed all my gear up and drove off still smiling. Hopefully you can take something from this story and apply it to what ever stage you are at. Remember that everyone starts at the first hour of their 10, at some point and you can only move up from there.

If you ever feel like you have stalled then just keep practicing, make a 10 minute mini mix or practice some scratches it all adds up. Sorry it turned into more of a life story but take what you can from it and I would love to hear what stage you are at, or how you got you first gig. I am definitely not a professional but I feel that many struggle to get this step up so I want to share how I did it in the hope you can too. My biggest tip would be to make some mixes and give them to people, get know in your circle of friends for it then you never know who they might mention it to and get you an opportunity.

Beatmatch,1hv86m,Traktor for iOS now free. Great for watching and learning tips and tricks. Beatmatch,p9,How does Porter Robinson do this transition? It starts at but it may be a little earlier than that, feel free to double check. Track listing says that its ""Kick out the Epic Motherfucker Original "" but its obviously different. I've never heard this track brought in this way so I'd love to know how Porter did it, whether it be effects or possibly a remix.

Beatmatch,g15,Fortnightly Challenges! Have you got what it takes? First off, if you think this is a good idea, Up vote it to get exposure I don't get the karma. So I've come up with an idea that will help improve the skills of DJs here new and old and have fun while doing so. The Mix of the month competition is great for getting feedback, but what many people find with listening to many mixes is that it takes a lot of time.

So while the MOTM comp is still run every month, fortnightly I'm going to set a challenge and provide an example to demonstrate what I mean. This however dosent you copy what I've done, instead you should try your own adoption. Challenges will vary from mixing techniques to song selection, to useful effects, 'tricks', shaking things up, etc etc.

To enter, simply attempt the challenge and provide the audio recording Some challenges may require video. The point is to keep it short and sweet though. The judge is you! There will be no winner of the challenges but when you submit, check out a few of your fellow DJs attempts and provide some feedback weather it good or bad, you'll probably learn some cool things in the process. Open to any platform of DJing, even if you just use a Keyboard and mouse. I'm also looking for moderators of this sub to endorse this thread to help get the exposure and promote DJs here to participate.

As well as a section on the side bar. Stay tuned becuase the first challenge will be released soon after Christmas! If you are just starting out, I can't sing enough praise for this book. It's amazing and goes over all the details. These songs were selected to help train yourself to listen to music.

Can anyone else recommend other good 'learning' type songs? Voting will be from August 24th to August 31st. Winners will some awesome flair, and will have their mix posted to the side bar. Beatmatch,1i0vxj,Let's talk about being an opening DJ. Which songs should I play?

Should I play my own music? I have over an hour's worth of my own productions that I could play, but I also know that when people go to the club, they want to hear songs that they've heard and I very much doubt anyone has ever heard of me ahahah. How long of a setlist should I go for and should I plan ahead for it? I know that the club I'm mixing at will have a specific amount of time they want me to shoot for, but I haven't heard what that is yet, son I'm betting it will be over and hour.

Usually when I mix, I have about minutes of the set planned out from the start of the mix, and then I fill in the rest of the hour or so with tracks on the fly. I guess what I'm really wondering is if I should plan out the entire thing, or do what I usually do? Thanks :. EDIT: I've been asked to link some of my music, so here we go. They twist knobs, push some buttons, but are they recreating the song there on the spot?

Or playing it and modifying bits and pieces? The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Silent Souls. Out May 30th in digital formats. May 29 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Maharti.

May 27 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ramsey Neville. May 26 59 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Shyda. Resulting in rave influenced and high-energy journeys throughout her sets. Shyda first made her mark in the Miami scene by being the closing resident of Techno collective Ground Zero as well as being a partner in opening up an underground club that focused on techno playing every weekend as a resident.

She can still be found playing with other collectives throughout the city and abroad and today we are excited to host this great set which puts her diverse sound in the spotlight. May 25 6 mins. Out July 1st in digital formats. Follow theunforgiven3 for more release info! May 24 6 mins. May 24 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Terence Fixmer Feat.

May 24 7 mins. Alderic Records returns with another fiery EP featuring 4 tracks of heavy, grinding techno. The release includes 3 original tracks from label owner Arweenn and a seething remix from Perc Trax boss Perc. May 23 6 mins. Barkosina VEYL May 23 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Supreme Low.

Tcherneyan first saw Sensational in France in while meeting in New York in The two quickly connected and kept in touch throughout the years when they finally got the chance to record material together in London in The result is a powerful fusion of sound and style that shatters all expectations and delivers an audio vehicle bridging past, present and future.

We are thrilled to host this track today by Supreme Low featuring the other half of Years of Denial, Barkosina on vocals. May 21 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Monokrome. Out May 25th in digital formats. May 19 6 mins. Out May 20th in digital formats. May 19 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Wlderz. The following track delivers high quality dark and industrial sounds with acid elements and dramatic melody.

May 19 5 mins. The Norwegian duo has been crafting some of our favorite tracks across techno - industrial - trance and beyond with both raw dance floor and pop sensibilities. We are thrilled to welcome them to the label with "Plz Say Its 4 Real", a five track EP that ranges from high impact rhythms to lush and moody atmospheres which also contains a killer remix by the one and only Lucinee. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Stockholm Syndrome.

Out May 27th. May 19 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Acid Vatican. May 18 5 mins. May 18 66 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Enn Franco. The artist and DJ has become known for her diverse sets and today we host this killer mix that weaves through shades of ravey techno, industrial, body and future sounds ready for the dance floor.

May 17 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from R Gamble. May 16 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere from Korea based producer Comarobot. The track delivers brutal, dark and industrial sounds with heavy and powerful kicks and distrorted vocals. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Idem Nevi. Today we present 'Midnight Shuffle Drive', a dance floor destroyer which carries ghostly pads over a pummeling bass.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Red Deviil. May 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from French based producer La Fraicheur. Out May 16th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Parrish Smith.

Each track on the record is originally based on a solo idea, moulded and fine-tuned in conversation with contributing musicians Sofiane Brahmi and Javier Vivancos, then finalized by the producer. The result is a 11 tracks that weave through a mosh pit of styles and slip through cracks and fall outside the lines of punk, techno, metal, grunge, no wave, industrial and beyond. A true "compilation of imperfect music", be prepared to be entranced, enthralled and maybe even slightly uncomfortable - but in a way that challenges the current musical paradigm and shifts to much broader horizons.

Out May 16th on vinyl and digital. S Music]. May 12 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Noctam. S Music. The name of the track perfectly reflects the composition: deep bass line and groovy rhythmic kicks. Out May 13th in digital formats. May 12 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Dersee. Initiatives Studio returns with another great V. A, featuring 6 tracks with post-punk, EBM, trance and Industrial influences.

Out May 13th on Bandcamp. May 12 54 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Whattis. As a DJ, she likes her dance floors wet and wild, delivering it hard across the board like this great set she prepared for us today.

May 11 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Deep Dimension. Available as a 12" vinyl exhibiting each artist's range of sound. Deep Dimension - Distant Memory B2. Out in digital formats! May 10 4 mins. May 10 7 mins. A must have for this summer of raves! May 09 6 mins. May 09 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zisko. Today we premiere the hot original title track. May 05 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lady Maru.

Out May 6th in digital formats. May 05 6 mins. Out May 6. May 05 91 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Human Experiments. Resident of Berlin party series Stimulation the Human Experiments project was born from the will to share a radical vision of techno and the meeting of two inspirations, cyber-cinematic music and hypnotic groove.

Currently based in Berlin, he tends to refine his style by taking inspiration from the more minimalist aspects of techno. It is under his other alias 'Arc:type' that he intends to fully express this other musical vision, even if the borders between the two projects are thin.

Today we are thrilled to host this massive three-deck sonic adventure that takes you from lethal big room techno to fast-paced grooves and well beyond. May 05 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere another track from Lady Maru. Make sure to get yours on Bandcamp: revokrecords.

May 04 4 mins. May 04 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Chemical Dumpster. Lesser Of - Timeless Ghosts Subverted. May 02 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lesser Of. Today we premiere one of Lesser Of's originals, "Timeless Ghosts". M Tapes]. May 02 3 mins. M Tapes upcoming V.

A 'Unification of Harsh Realities Vol. May 02 6 mins. This track delivers high quality industrial sounds and at the same time sentimental and emotional feelings, which memorize witchcraft in a traditional Korean way. Out now. Apr 28 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Romeo. Out April 29th in digital and vinyl formats.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Keepsakes. Out April 29th in vinyl and digital formats. Out April 29th in digital formats. Apr 28 61 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Lucia Lu. We've been loving her sets as of late and they mix high energy techno with euphoric pop sensibilities, hip hop, industrial, rave and more. Our mix today shows why she's one of the hottest going right now. Apr 27 7 mins. The EP also features3 banging remixes from Myler, E. Out April 28th in digital formats.

Apr 27 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Onleas. Apr 27 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zebar. Against the background of the currently ongoing Russian full-scale war against Ukraine, the label would like to express its solidarity with the Ukrainian people through this release.

In this vein, all proceeds from this release will be donated to Vitsche Berlin. Vitsche Berlin is a young Ukrainian activist organisation based in the German capital. Apr 27 3 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from EiyiE. The track delivers the finest melodic and euphoric sounds, poly-rhythms and emotional vocals. Out April 28th in vinyl and digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Amit Dagim. The album reflects deeply personal tracks, rhythmically vibrant and at times elusive, with spaces inhabited by voices of supposed creatures, perceived as both extremely intimate and familiar, and yet esoteric and obscure.

We chose to support PHR to contribute to humanitarian aid which is needed as an outcome of the ongoing Israeli occupation, apartheid, and violation of Palestinian rights, which the label strongly opposes. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zerotonin.

Apr 26 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Euyinn. For this release, 3X2U delivers a compilation based around the bodies of the solar system. Each artist has been given a gong sample in a frequency that corresponds to the chosen planet and the end result is a powerful, striking array of tracks including this great one today from Euyinn. Celestial Dissolvement is out now. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Leo Bufera. Out May 2nd on Bandcamp.

Apr 25 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Pierre Berge-Cia. Today we present "Candide", which comes off his upcoming release on Paris' Sinister Desires. Out April 28th on Bandcamp. Apr 24 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ukraine based producer Rassver.

Apr 22 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Sanchez Jr. Apr 21 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from French techno producer Electric Rescue. The following track delivers classic high quality industrial techno and dark synth sounds. Out April 22nd in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Daryl. Apr 21 61 mins. Using 4 decks and imitable style, this is a masterful set that showcases the Geneva-born, Berlin-based artist's hard hitting, infectious grooves.

We are thrilled to host this mix by one of today's most talented young artists. Apr 20 7 mins. Out April 21st in digital formats. Apr 20 6 mins. Apr 20 3 mins. On the B-Side, Istigkeit Records label boss reveals a new side of his musical universe with a post-punk version of the song under a new moniker : Velvet Claw. Apr 19 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from K-Ten.

The emerging talent has a passion for timeless, cerebral, and hypnotic strains of electronic music and his productions showcase a focus on both the dance floor and mind. Nostalgia EP will be release on R3volution Records. Apr 19 7 mins. Domenicano, who have previously released on prestigious labels such as Slow Motion Records or Chromatics, among others. The artists bring us three excellent Original Mixes that combine groovy basses, dark and intrepid synth lines and leds that transport you to another dimension.

The release also includes a remix by Indian artist Aaryan. Apr 19 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Dagga X Manao. Two of the hottest names of the Electro spectrum teamed up to deliver their first LP together on the now defunct label No Service. The release also includes 2 remixes from the prolific Belarusian Viikatory and Raw Takes.

Apr 18 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track by MDD. The track comes off 'Resist', a hard techno and industrial compilation in support of Ukraine, out now on NY's Regression Records. The release features artists from across the globe who have come together in support of the wrongful invasion of Ukraine.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to Ukranian aid support groups. Today we present the EP's title track "Trust", a heavy techno cut with slamming kick drums, rattling snares and glitchy synth textures. Out April 29th. Apr 17 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Saint Velez. The following track combines the finest sounds of modern acid techno with emotional vocals.

Out April 18th. Apr 15 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere another track from Odesa based punk Re:Drum. Due to war in Ukraine - all money from this EP will go to Ukrainian defenders. Out today in digital formats! Get yours on Bandcamp and stand with Ukraine! Apr 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from OCD. In addition, all proceeds from this release will go directly to Angels of Kyiv - a non-profit organisation bringing humanitarian aid to the liberated villages around Kyiv.

Apr 14 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Daniella da Silva. Today we are thrilled to bring you da Silva's high intensity track. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Vendex. As expected, Vendex comes forth with a massive track, certain to shred all dance floors.

Apr 14 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from End In Tears. The track delivers melodic, emotional and melancholic moods with groovy kicks, sexy vocals and acid elements. Out April 15th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ly Sas. The result is 5 tracks of menacing and hard hitting techno strains that are perfect for decimating dance floors.

Today we bring you this infectious, menacing work from Georgian artist Ly Sas! Today we are thrilled to kick things off with MOIA's crushing sound. Apr 14 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kimshies. Curses' imprint Ombra International returns with another great V. Kimshies collective burn the floor with an electro swamp stomper, French Live duo, H. Out April 15th on Bandcamp. Apr 14 59 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from ROT. The Budapest-based artist originally comes from a death metal background but has been releasing great material on his Pure Hate imprint as well as tearing up dance floors across the capital and beyond with his harsh, cold and metallic sound that instantly resonated with us.

Today the haunting, raw power sound is in full effect with this set. Crystal Geometry - Night Falls. Apr 13 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere three tracks off the forthcoming full length album from Crystal Geometry. The prolific French artists returns with "I Stare into Darkness", a 13 track release on his own imprint which also reveals strains of a new sonic vision.

Leaning more towards guitars and at a slightly faster pace than his previous records, the thirteen tracks range from trap influenced bangers to black metal rave songs and industrial broken beats. The full metal engraved USBs will also contain bonus material such as instrumental versions of some songs, a digital booklet with lyrics and the thirteen tracks in both compressed and lossless file formats. Crystal Geometry - Ensnare. Apr 13 4 mins. Crystal Geometry - Transcendance.

Apr 13 6 mins. Apr 11 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ghent based producer Ram Godt. The artist proposes a very uplifting track, with an emotional vocal and a powerful sound, he is really inspired by the roots of Belgium in electronic music.

Out April 12th in vinyl and digital formats. Apr 11 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Victor Santana. The Spanish artist's debut full length is an album dedicated to some of humanity's most important space missions. Today we present the driving cosmic techno sound of ''. Out April 21st on Bandcamp. Apr 11 69 mins. The Brvtlaist is proud to present a new mix from Kalte Liebe.

The Berlin-based duo has emerged as one of our favorite projects across EBM, techno and more with their genre shattering productions and sets. Authentically recorded in a 12 square meter room Kalte Liebe started out as an experiment combining diverse influences and have since put out killer material on on labels like Records, Vitus Curse and BFT.

The Brvtalist also recently premiered their single "Dopamin" which remains one of our favorite tracks at the moment. With lots of unreleased in the pipeline we're excited for what's next. Apr 08 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Pierre Berge Cia. The following track delivers dark, industrial and distorted sounds, with deep bass line and emotional vocals.

Out from now on in digital formats. Apr 07 7 mins. The following track delivers dark, industrial and distorted sounds. Out April 8th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from dBL. The following track is a great combination of acid and groovy sounds.

Out April 8 in digital formats. Get yours on Beatport: theaudiobloc. Apr 07 5 mins. Out April 8th in vinyl and digital formats. Apr 07 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from W. Today we present 'Orca', a powerful warehouse-ready bomb with pounding kick drums and an enigmatic atmosphere. Apr 07 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Xul Rether.

The Solidarity VA is composed of twelve tracks produced by artists from all over the world. Curated by Xul Rether, the release showcases the sounds of 12 different artists,. Currently situated on the frontlines of Donetsk and Luhansk, Voices for Children continue their mission to help every child affected by the war in Ukraine. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from San Lopez. He delivers the EP 'Love Story' on his imprint Valhalla, presenting 4 monstrous tracks of atmospheric Industrial Techno with unrelenting energy.

Out April 22nd on Bandcamp. Apr 06 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Bodro. The goal of the album is to raise money to support the Ukrainian army to fight against russian aggression. Out April 7th in digital formats. Apr 06 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kotra.

It is a shamanic ritual for the sorcerers of concrete and asphalt, an ecstatic hymn for the philosopher warriors debating the power over life and death. Out April 7 in CD and digital formats. Apr 06 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Frust. Apr 05 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Anti Reality Technology.

Apr 04 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new music video from SDH. Records with another outstanding EP. Formed by Sergi Algiz and Andrea P. Latorre, there is a strong sense of duality deeply rooted in the soul of their oeuvre - while Sergi is behind the machines crafting infectious beats that range from techno and body music to synthpop and electro, Andrea offsets the night club vibe of the pounding drums with her feverish, romantic vocals.

Apr 01 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from DLV. Formerly of Vienna and now based in Berlin, DLV is in top form on this release, delivering ruthless and driving forces, perfect for any time. Out April 22nd on Vinyl and Digital. Support the label, buy it here: www. Rufmord Dolor Anarchic Revenge Deimos Follow DLV here: dlv www. Mar 31 5 mins. We stand for these values which cannot be afflicted or denied by nobody. Due to the extreme emergency is very important to collect money in the faster way possible; people there urgently need funds to keep defending their country and have a chance to save their lives.

All funds raised will be donated to: Save Life UA - savelife. Mar 30 3 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from New Dawn Fades. The following VA is an experimental compilation, which combines most different sounds, from trap to gabber.

Mar 30 5 mins. The third track "Faith Healer" sets the mood straight up with a blaze of deep kicks and spiked drumming, which has the effect of nudging the listener into a false sense of familiarity. His creativity becomes more apparent with an intriguing synth line built over liquid matter, which elevates the track to a new height that it effortlessly manages to maintain throughout.

Out March 31st in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Swarm Intelligence. Following on from a series of successful releases on labels such as 47, Voitax and Instruments of Disci-pline, Swarm Intelligence takes the next step in his journey with the launch of his own self-titled imprint. Aimed solely at releasing his own material, this label gives the intrepid sonic explorer full control of his artistic vision.

The first EP brilliantly showcases this sound and pushes Swarm Intelligence into ever evolving uncharted waters of crushing techno, industrial and beyond. Mar 29 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Injunction. The following track represents the dark and ravy modern techno with brutal kick and dramatic bass line. Out March 30th. Mar 29 4 mins. The young Argentinian artist, who has been a standout on Buenos Aires underground scene, returns to Of Dolls and murder with a killer EP featuring 6 tracks of scorching body music.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Huma. The album seeks balance between randomness and certainty, between abrasion and delicacy. The result is a mesmerizing work of electronic mutations and powerful mediations. Mar 28 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lebanon based producer S. The following track is groovy, loopy and hypnotic, with nostalgic vibes to the classic techno music of the s. Today we host this killer track from Brvtalist S.

Mar 25 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Germany based Tanznanfall. The following track represents the quality industrial sound with deep and melodic bass line and sexy vocals. Mar 24 5 mins. The track combines euphoric melodies and vocals, which with harder kicks makes it an absolute banger. Out March 25th in vinyl and digital formats. Mar 24 7 mins. Made by processing and editing various recordings of metal plates, hardware working tools, and other iron objects, each cut takes us deep into sophisticated percussive mechanisms.

Alloy-infused rhythms and textures unfold in deliciously subtle industrial breakbeat steppers. Agile acousmatic techno swings that bear the sonic imprint of the metallic bodies recorded and explored by the artist. Out March 25th in digital formats. The following track represents the finest qualities of groovy and loopy techno with a melodic development.

Mar 24 6 mins. Free download! Mar 24 60 mins. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, she has quickly become of the most exciting new voices in techno - from playing some of New York's best clubs and parties to delivering great mixes across the world.

She recently launched RNR Rumble in the Ramble , a new party series which had a door busting launch event. Mar 23 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Vishscale, remixed by Vendex. New Vishscale EP brings us an industrial atmosphere ready to burst the dance floor.

Out March 24th in digital formats. Mar 23 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lee Ann Roberts. After a breakout , she reasserts herself with a big new single on NowNow Records featuring remixes from Frazi. Today we present Frazi. Industrial textures and late-night paranoia all infuse this most peak-time weapon. Out March 25th on Beatport. The rising French cold wave band is ready for the end of the world with remixes by Traumstadt and the prolific Umwelt.

Anti-heroes of the French scene, the Rennes-based duo have been releasing stellar music touching on everything from synth, wave, post-punk and beyond. Today we're thrilled to this electro remix from one of the masters, Umwelt. Out April 6th on Mega.

Mar 22 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Minuit Machine. Today we host this massive "Danger" remix from the one and only Crystal Geometry. Mar 21 5 mins. Today we present "Mauler", a body techno bomb that will make you work up a sweat on the dance floor. Mar 21 51 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to present a new mix from Lesser Of. The London-based artist has been releasing, ruthless, uncompromising tracks which blur the lines between techno and devastating industrial sounds.

Today we are thrilled to bring you this crushing set to our series. Mar 21 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Sylvie Maziarz. With strong, rolling baselines and mesmerizing psy and trance elements, she strikes again with certified dance floor action.

The release is out on digital formats April 11th. Mar 18 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Mython. Mar 18 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Violet Poison. Out March 25th on cassette and digital. Mar 17 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lola Kay.

Its mission is to highlight the talents of this generation who, younger than the existence of techno itself, grew up already surrounded by the diversity of its wide spectrum. Raised in a melting pot of techno, acid, trance, hardstyle, EBM, electro, makina, glitch, breakbeat, gabber or eurodance they spit it back out blurring the lines in a special playful blend of fast-paced neo-rave sound. Out March 18th in digital formats.

Mar 17 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Gauthier. The track presents the finest qualities of rave-ready modern hard techno. Mar 16 3 mins. Out March 17th in vinyl and digital formats. After several years of working as an audio engineer and touring the globe with bands, he has always had a parallel life as a producer with a club affinity.

His inspiration reborn after abandoning all boundaries and giving little care to traditional songwriting structures. The result is a striking mix of post-punk, shoegaze and more all with electronic DNA. The release is out March 18th on cassette and digital. Mar 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Portugal based producer Zxzx.

Out March 16th in digital formats. Mar 15 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Magnum Opus. The V. Mar 15 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kevin Wesp. The artist delivers 10 tracks of crushing hard techno sounds and today we premiere the massive "Sleep Paralysis". Mar 14 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to present a new mix from Gina Demarchi. The Buenos Aires-based producer and DJ has been on the rise the past few years, linking herself to ambient, break and hypnotic sounds - standing out with deep pieces and expanding into new grooves on her latest productions.

With great releases on Xelima Records as well as upcoming tracks for Diffuse Reality, Illegal Aliens and more, we are thrilled to host this killer mix weaving through hypnotic, deep and groovy moods. Mar 14 5 mins. Bilbao's label Eclectic Reaction drops the massive V. Out March 18th on Bandcamp. Mar 14 7 mins. The Brazilian artist returns to Berlin's record label Antime with the strong and versatile three-track EP 'LUIS', diving into the darker realms of his inner self, digging down in a raw path between fear and courage.

Mar 10 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Katran. Darko Kolar is an artist with multiple registers and a great commitment to the transgressive music scene. From Serbia, and for years now, he has been pumping out industrial techno all over Europe that was soon embraced by other producers and other platforms. He did this as a member of Ontal together with Boris Brenecki, and later as Katran and from his record project Jezgro.

However, it is not fair to associate Darko's figure only with industrial techno, as his musical spectrum is much broader, as he demonstrates with Jezgro, a label open to very diverse and extreme proposals, on which big names such as Merzbow or KK Null have been released.

Out March 11th in vinyl and digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Olan!. We present today 'The Big Snap', which throws together snarling low-ends, vivacious claps and dub elements over a relentless beat. Out March 11th on Bandcamp. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Amour Noir. Out March 11th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Furtive. The EP blasts off with explosive energy and today we premiere the thunderous and mesmerizing title track.

Tephra is 4 original and 1 digital bonus out March 17th on Mild Fantasy. Fabio Florido - Luminous [Sxhwarzwild]. Mar 09 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Fabio Florido. The legendary Florido and Mark Houle open the series with some excellent tracks including this rave bomb we premiere today.

The release contains 12 tracks in total from a way array of artists and sounds for the perfect maiden voyage. Mar 08 8 mins. Out March 9th. Mar 08 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Goden. In true WBM fashion, this is a raw, crushing industrialized work and all proceeds to go a good cause.

Ideas, art, and creativity - these are the methods of influence for the 21st century and beyond. In a small way, you can show the world that you support these ideas and all oppressed people across the world. Why this charity? Because no child should have to live through the brutality of war, the insecurities created by the madness of so-called 'adults'. Children should not suffer at the hands of those who foster hatred and instigate tragedy.

The money provided will assist with food, medical assistance, family support, and so much more. Let's rally together to bring some light into their world in these dark times! Mar 07 4 mins. Today we host the A1 track which is a ferocious piece of industrialized rhythms.

Mastered by Dadub Studios. Mar 06 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Mike Nylons. Today we present "Fuckit", a sick work of convulsing electronics with a dark and ominous atmosphere. Out March 7th on Bandcamp. Mar 04 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Adam Nadjar a. The following track is a great combination of dark and industrial sounds with brutal breaks.

Out March 5th in digital formats. The following track represents the finest qualities of modern groovy techno. Out today in vinyl and digital formats! Mar 03 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lesser Of ft. The Punished Suicides.

Out March 4th in digital formats. Pre-order yours on Bandcamp: revokrecords. Mar 03 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Athens based producer Veslemes. Relics of the subculture of the 70s and the 80s are also evident here through his adoration for sci-fi l, obscure lost films and vaporish dance music. Out March 4th. The following track is a great example of how rave techno can be combined with groovy sounds to provide the unique dance experience.

Mar 03 3 mins. Written in homage to multi-instrumentalist composer Nicola Serras' home country of Sardinia. Watch the music video on YouTube! Mar 03 60 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new mix from Alpha Sect. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Alpha Sect is a project of George McCall, which is focused on breaking electro patterns and pumping body music with serious punk influences.

He started his music career as a guitarist in the post-metal band Sleepstream with 2 albums on their track record and he is an active musician with participations in physical theatre performances with his side-project. Today we are thrilled to present this killer mix of his striking sound. Mar 02 6 mins. Out March 3rd in vinyl and digital formats. Mar 01 3 mins. The following track is a great example of the finest sounds of dark synths on mid tempo.

Follow the artist for more info. Feb 28 68 mins. The Netherlands-based duo has been on a tear as of late, releasing high energy and totally fresh techno tracks that have been supported by some of the industry's biggest names. They'v also conjured some huge sets for He. Today we are ecstatic to host this blazing set which put their infectious sound on full display which takes us back to the golden era of techno while also moving us firmly into the future.

Feb 28 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Chemtrailz. Feb 27 5 mins. The track is a great example of modern rave ready techno banger that was made to burn the dance floors. Out February 28th in digital formats. Feb 27 7 mins. The following track is a great example of melodic ravy techno with bouncy and groovy kicks. Feb 25 5 mins. Prepare your ears for a ravy techno banger that is ready to burn the dance floors all over the world! Feb 25 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Beau Wanzer.

Today we are thrilled to host this mutant work of raw, juicy electronics. For the rest of the release, expect a strong and diverse array of sounds from across the subterranean spectrum. Out February 28th. To start the year, the project releases a new EP consisting of 3 tracks which question reality, a very fitting topic. The sound represents the current musical direction of the artist which drives us deep into a hypnotic realm of rhythmic electronics.

Feb 24 5 mins. The following track is a great example of modern EBM with a nostalgic touch to the synths of the s.

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Mark Ambrose - Starship Tatsu - Palma Red Deepkeen Rework Weturntored - Floatation Malik Alston - Rise Up Gavinco - Savoy Tchami - All On Me Instinct - What DJ 19 - Vigilance Nazmuk - Love 4 Junk Rousing House - Look Around Sonic Dust - The Slimy Kamuflars - Guinea Pig Franck Roger - A La Carte Benjamin Long - On Point Spiderthumb - Kashmir Shaun Reeves - Clair De Lune Random Thoughts - Wayward Katal - Diamond Marcus Holder - Knee Deep Ian Sage - I'll Be Waiting Del Fonda - Expansive Wave Raze Of Pleasure - N.

Mills Ave Cymbal - Complex Tom Nikso - Old Age Benne Sa - Delusions Kobes - Panama Extended Mix Eva Gallo - Invisible Moves Instinct - Questions Manucho - The Theft Etari - Plant Talk Henry Bell - Canvas Original Mix Shaun Reeves - Lucy Sky Diamond Uli Poeppelbaum - Follow Me Tony King - Fresh Mind Tchami - Toxic Love Milton Jackson - Miami Voice Reagan Ruler - Amid The Flowers Martin Ruihz - Brownie Buder Prince - I Miss You Color Of Music - The Planets Gary Tuohy - Bringin It Back Itu - Nu-Kwaito Season Instinct - Don't Know Liou - Crystals Beatport Deep House.

Junktion - Tribute. Awsi - Lo Que Faltaba. Efe Goroglu - There For You. Peter Brown - This Feeling. Nacho Bolognani - Sld. Daisuke Kondo - Feelin' Blue. Malik Alston - Linwood. Coral O'connor - Glowing Lights. Gilbert Mest - Morning Light. Reagan Ruler - Moanin'. Simon Tg - Jungle Club. Daniel Ortiz - Gazer. Monteki - Funk U. Housellers - High Spirit. Keecen - Mon Ch? Prodot - Ohmme. Domineeky - Get On Tribal. Arutani - I See The Ghost.

Mepo - Embrace Original Mix. Dysfonik - Testimony. Keecen - Back In The Day. S Rhythms - Good Music. Mauri Fly - I Need Love. Eva Gallo - Suburbia. Dysfonik - Tholoana. Julian Montenegro - Kuark. Henrik Villard - Luv U.

Milton Jackson - Adriatica. Gavinco - Sunrise. Imran Mwangi - So Good. Haffenfold - Walking On Glass. Mark Ambrose - Starship. Tatsu - Palma Red Deepkeen Rework. Weturntored - Floatation. Malik Alston - Rise Up. Gavinco - Savoy. Tchami - All On Me. Instinct - What. DJ 19 - Vigilance. Nazmuk - Love 4 Junk. Rousing House - Look Around. Sonic Dust - The Slimy. Kamuflars - Guinea Pig.

Franck Roger - A La Carte. Benjamin Long - On Point. Spiderthumb - Kashmir. Shaun Reeves - Clair De Lune. Random Thoughts - Wayward. Katal - Diamond. Marcus Holder - Knee Deep. Ian Sage - I'll Be Waiting. Del Fonda - Expansive Wave.

Mills Ave. Cymbal - Complex. Tom Nikso - Old Age. Benne Sa - Delusions. Kobes - Panama Extended Mix. Eva Gallo - Invisible Moves. Instinct - Questions. Manucho - The Theft. Etari - Plant Talk. Henry Bell - Canvas Original Mix. Shaun Reeves - Lucy Sky Diamond. Uli Poeppelbaum - Follow Me. Tony King - Fresh Mind. Tchami - Toxic Love. Milton Jackson - Miami Voice. Reagan Ruler - Amid The Flowers. Martin Ruihz - Brownie. Buder Prince - I Miss You. Color Of Music - The Planets.

Gary Tuohy - Bringin It Back. Itu - Nu-Kwaito Season. Instinct - Don't Know. Liou - Crystals. Leomar - Woodland. Moshiana - Stay With Me. Curtis - Not Ready. Reverbsounds - Far Away Thinking. Gert-Jan Kleyne - Trancelation.

Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up. Cheise - Belinda. Housellers - 3 Am. Lawrence Olridge - That Girl Lauren. Arutani - Hidden Things. Carol Kenzo - Intru. Divorosso - Unkondit. Loy - Whole Again.

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