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A German submarine hunts allied ships during the Second World War, but it soon becomes the hunted. The crew tries to survive below the surface. download Das Boot Movie from hdfriday Movie has genre Drama,Adventure,War,Thriller and Movie star cast is, torentinojum.space Boot released on and movie duration.

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Das boot 1981 kickasstorrents

das boot 1981 kickasstorrents

Das Boot () Adventure movie YTS subtitles. The claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth and sheer terror. [GERMAN] "Das Boot ist voll" or "The Boat Is Full" is a minute film from , so it has its 35th anniversary this year. "Das Boot" is the story of the crew of one such U-Boat, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as. JIM JONES HARLEMS AMERICAN TORRENT It is by mistake or by the number of domains you own, which will be have explanantions of when the risk is at its. Get the details of the network. You can choose an evalution and client to get.

But back to this movie here. It deals with the situation of immigration during World War II. As everybody with basic interest in politics knows, Switzerland was a neutral country all along and they chose the approach of saying that their boat is full which means it did not allow refugees or foreigners in general to enter and stay Switzerland without lots of bureaucracy going along with it.

It was very difficult and this is also depicted in this movie here. The good thing is that it digs kinda deep in working on the Swiss history in the first half of the 20th century and it is not about making Switzerland look goo, but it is about depicting things the way they actually were, even if it may make Switzerland look not so good. All in all, I cannot say I recommend the watch a whole lot. The characters were actually somewhat interesting early on, but the longer the film went the less interesting the characters and everything around them became.

This is always pretty disappointing for me as it is probably my favorite period in history and I find it really interesting to see new aspects about this time, like it is done here about Switzerland. As a whole, I have to say that the film did not bring anything new really to the table that could be interesting to audiences outside of Switzerland too. I give it a thumbs-down. Not recommended. If you still want to see it, make sure you get subtitles.

Even as a German native there are big parts that you won't understand otherwise because of the thick Swiss accent. This is a rather small movie, realistic, concentrating on its people. German and Austrian refugees come to Switzerland, find shelter at a countryhouse and experience that they are not really wanted there because the Swiss have their own problems yet they are not in war.

It's a dense movie, with authentic actors and simple but convincing dialogues. The fact that it ends up not in one big but in some smaller singular tragedies is not particularly stressed; the true story the movie is based upon is told plainly, without cinematic flamboyance and therefore the movie gains a somewhat disturbing, unpleasant touch. Actually, this is the first Swiss World War II movie I've seen and it was interesting to get to know their point of view too.

I recommend this. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Secure VPN. Parental Guide. Markus Imhoof. Tech specs p. BLU p. BLU Swiss German 2. And despite the fact that most of the film takes place inside a crampedsubmarine, Das Boot is never boring to look at; in fact, it's avisually spectacular film given the dated special effects, who hold upreasonably well and add to the old-school charm.

And the freedom ofthe camera in those tight corridors came as an incredibly pleasantsurprise. The color and composition of the shots in those tightquarters -- particularly upon approaching the first destroyer when weget the first real glimpse of the interior prepped for war -- it isboth haunting and beautiful.

Jurgen Prochnow delivers the most believable performance of a shipcaptain I've ever seen on film. All the emotions register on hisface--his concern for his own life, ship, and crew; his hatred for thedecisions he's forced to make; the disbelieving joy of beating theoverwhelming odds--while simultaneously holding it back so the crewsees a strong unmoving man forever in control of the situation.

Hisperformance is, in a word, brilliant. The rest of the cast also delivers amazingly believable performances,and trust me, I could write an entire review on the film's charactersand their portrayals. It's both disappointing and satisfying that I'mnot given enough space to do so I wish I could state that about atenth of the films I've reviewed here on IMDb.

I liked the entire crewof this U-boat, the war correspondent and his character arc as herealizes the truth behind these "heroes", the chief and his longing toreturn to his wife, Johann and the story of his redemption--all wellcast, well acted, and believable. Another aspect I adored about Das Boot - the controversial scenessimply rolled by with no more or less emphasis than any other statementthe film makes.

In fact, I saw the film before really reading anythingor researching it and found myself somewhat shocked to hear about these"talked about" scenes. Granted, the film does pose some moralquestions, but I felt the film handled it with grace and greatsubtlety, showing what it needs to get the point across and not a stepfurther. Maybe I should move to Germany. I can go on for a long while: Over three hours of wonderful visuals andstrong performances, a sparse but great score this film's lack ofmusic is quite appropriate, making the presence of music much moreimpactful in its key places.

Realistic writing from people who livedthe experience first hand. As I said, I can go on for awhile but I'llsum it up and end this review with one statement: Das Boot is thedefinitive submarine movie. While it has been a very long time since I have seen this movie, it isone of the very few that I own. Wolfgang Petersen's magnificentaccomplishment in "Das Boot" is reiterating the dictum that "war ishell", no matter which side you look at it from and no matter where thebattlefield is located.

But my personal observations, as an ex-submarine sailor, arethat Petersen probably portrayed life on board the sub prettyaccurately. I say "probably" because todays subs are hotels comparedwith the German U-boats and American submarines. The commonalitybetween yesterday and today is how the crew deals with being closed upin a "sewer pipe" for weeks at a time. More importantly, you as aviewer become an invisible crew member as the crew lives in verycramped conditions American WW2 subs used to be called "pig boats" ,deals with an unfortunately believable political officer, deals withdrills, actual torpedo firings, actual ships casualties, and deals,most frighteningly, with retribution from the "enemy".

For the rest of you, I feel certain youwill too be dragged in and know what it is like to live on board a WW2U-boat. This movie also shows how leadership is so important in keeping thecrew and ultimately the sub together. Petersen's direction forCaptain Lehmann-Willenbrock was masterful because it didn't portray thecaptain as a god. It showed him as a man who knows how to lead, knowshis submarine as if he were married to it and in many ways he is butisn't perfect at the job. It also shows that even with great leadershipqualities, Captain Lehmann-Willenbrock can not do the job alone: hemust have both officers and enlisted men who have the knowledge andskill to not just do their jobs, but to also advise the captain.

Petersen also managed to give each member of the crew their ownseparate personalities instead of the predictable cookie-cutterpersonalities that Hollywood feels is needed. I could go on and on. So I will close by saying that with the plot,direction, cinematography, acting, sound, music, editing all being topnotch, this is one of the few movies that I can truly rate a 10 out of I also preferred the German version with subtitles.

It was truly amazing for me to see a camerazip its way through a submarine, specifically through the openwatertight doors, without a break in the filming. Up until I heard whatSteadicam was, I was always wondering how Petersen managed to hide thecamera dolly track or the wires the camera hung from.

It turns out I was wrong: "Bound For Glory" was the first. Wikipedia has the following comment on what I thought was Steadicamusage: "Most of the interior shots were filmed using a hand-held Arriflex ofcinematographer Jost Vacano's design to convey the claustrophobicatmosphere of the boat.

It had a gyroscope to provide stability, areinvention of the Steadicam on a smaller scale, so that it could becarried throughout the interior of the mock-up. Vacano wore full-bodypadding to minimize injury as he ran and the mock-up was rocked andshaken. However, a camera that resembled Steadicam in function in the way itgyroscopically leveled the filming platform was used. While the smell of the "pig boats" of WW2was truly atrocious, even with todays ability to clean the atmosphere,you can not escape the fact that any smell that is created, from burnedtoast in the galley, from the smell of the "sanitary gasses" to bekind , to gasified hydraulic oil and diesel fuel, all theseparticulates will eventually become absorbed in your clothing.

You, asa sailor, may get used to it, but when you get home, your wife willmost likely declare that you smell like a submarine and demand thatwhatever you are wearing get thrown in the wash The first time I saw this film I could not take my eyes from it. I wasmesmerized with the transition of a hearty young crew leaving portevolving as the sheer moments of terror deep under water battles andpersonal struggles as well as the final scene lead them all to rethinktheir actual cause, and their very own mortality as well as our own inthe perils of war!

I can't imagine another film actually displayingwhat it must have been like to be on one of Nazi Germany's U-boats -young nationalist boys being plucked from their mother's bosom and castinto the claustrophobic iron wolfs in the heat and height of the secondworld war, who begin to doubt the cause and victory of the fuhrerthey've been taught to love and trust.

Top-notch direction, action, acting and sets. This isperhaps the greatest movie ever made in my opinion. Sorry I couldn't bemore specific with the review, there is just too much to cover withoutspoiling anything for those yet to enjoy it, and thus I just highlyrecommend it to anybody, not just war movie buffs. A masterpiece!

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Das Boot is not just a great war film: it's a great film period.

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Das boot 1981 kickasstorrents Login Email or User Name. Patriotism formy own country would tend to make me hate das boot 1981 kickasstorrents crew on this ship bydefinition especially if portrayed as typical mindless killing machineNazisbut these characters are so well developed and played likehuman-beings facing difficult decisions that I find myself sympathizingwith these guys. Zone VPN. A : Tinggal rename aja gan jadi. In a world where you have no windows, where your ears have to beyour eyes, where a cat and mouse game is played and the looser dies,these young men age 10 to 15 years It makes the viewer realize thehorror of submarine warfare in WWII. The crew tries to survive below the surface, while stretching both the boat and themselves to their limits.
Bullets in illustrator mac torrent A : Silahkan Laporkan pada kolom komentar atau chatbox agar segera kami ganti linknya dengan yang baru. Genre: ComedyDramaHistoryRomance. Jadi agan harus logout dan login ulang kembali di fileskunya. I recommend this. Hisperformance is, in a word, brilliant. So I will close by saying that with the plot,direction, cinematography, acting, sound, music, editing all being topnotch, this is one of the few movies that I can truly rate a 10 out of
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Das boot 1981 kickasstorrents Parental Guide. Register Requests Suggestions. Laying in your bunk in ultra quiet routine with the sweat just dribbling down. Login using:. It's both disappointing and satisfying that I'mnot given enough space to do so I wish I could state that about atenth of the films I've reviewed here on IMDb. Perlu diketahui, film-film yang terdapat pada web ini didapatkan dari web pencarian di internet. Keywords: train boat refugee switzerland.
Hameln rds modra kontakt torrent Realistic writing from people who livedthe experience first hand. Audience reviews No audience reviews available. Shyam Singha Roy. Quality: All p p p 3D. A German submarine hunts allied ships during the Second World War, but it soon becomes the hunted.

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