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CD SET GOOD SET OF 3 PDF CDSV ARRL QST VIEW QST CD SET GOODB |USED BOOK PUB: WRTH WRTH SHORTWAVE GUIDE VOL. In , Donald Richie published his first book, The Japanese Film: Art and Industry, coauthored with Joseph Anderson. In this work, the authors gave Author.

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When necessary, all fifteen vehicles combine to form the mighty Voltron. In the toy line, this Voltron was referred to as Voltron I because it was set closest to Earth. Due to the extreme popularity of the Lion Force Voltron and the lack of popularity of the Vehicle Team Voltron series, World Events Productions eventually elected against another alternate Voltron, and plans to adapt Albegas were aborted.

The special was made for the international market and, as of the middle of September , it had not been released in Japan. The computer-generated series Voltron: The Third Dimension was released in , set five years after the end of the original Lion Voltron series. The series was met with a mixed response, due to various changes, such as the revamped looks of the Lion Voltron, King Zarkon, and Prince Lotor.

The series served as a sequel to the Lion Force Voltron series; among the tools used to bridge the gap between the two series was an official starmap as designed by Shannon Muir and finalized in partnership with World Events Productions. The animated series Voltron Force premiered on Nicktoons in June The fifth season premiered on March 2, , and consists of six episodes.

The seventh season premiered August 10, and consists of 13 episodes. The eighth and final season premiered on December 14, , and consists of 13 episodes. The series' success has spawned several comics, action figures, and other toys. Pharrell Williams was also reported to compose the musical score for the film. Interest in the property heightened after the box office success of Transformers , another film involving shape-changing robots. Max Makowski was slated to direct.

As of the end of August , the title had been set for Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Relativity would have released the film in North America while New Regency's distribution partner, 20th Century Fox , would handle international distribution. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer entered into collaboration on writing the script. On July 30, , Relativity filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York after lawsuits and missing loan payments, [29] [30] [31] [32] and the film rights reverted to Classic Media.

In March , it was announced that the live-action film was officially back in development with Rawson Marshall Thurber directing and co-writing the screenplay with Ellen Shanman, and produced by Todd Lieberman , David Hoberman , and Bob Koplar. The film also incited a bidding war between Warner Bros. Amazon is leading the bid. The original series was released in five volumes between August and July , under the name Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Each box was in the color and style of one of the lions with a metallic glossy inner DVD-case. In addition, a "Best of" 2-DVD set released in November featured five episodes from each series. Prior to the release of the boxed sets, a promotional DVD was released for Voltron. It was packed in a threefold glossy cardboard folder. The folder featured full-color artwork and text about the then-upcoming release of Voltron on DVD. The disk had an image of Voltron, and was labeled for promotional use only.

In Region 1, Voltron was released on DVD in its original broadcast form and remastered, restored, and remixed by New York-based distributor Media Blasters via their AnimeWorks unit in eight volumes between September and July The volumes contain approximately fifteen episodes each, along with special features such as interviews with producer and director Franklin Cofod, and various others involved in the original and current productions.

The first five volumes together contain all the Lion Force episodes, which were broadcast as seasons 1 and 3, while the next three contain the Vehicle Team episodes, broadcast as season 2. Media Blasters released Fleet of Doom on July 28, , as a full retail release. The first volume of the original series was released in the UK in by Manga Entertainment. GoLion was re-released as a complete chronology set with all 52 episodes on April 13, As of July all Lion Force episodes have been released on Hulu.

Minisodes of the first twenty episodes of the first season can be streamed for free online on Crackle. Each episode is introduced by members of the cast and crew of Legendary Defender. The Voltron television franchise has produced soundtracks for three of its series which have been released exclusively on the iTunes and the Google Play stores. The first soundtrack release was on September 27, , for the original Lions series with music composed by John Petersen.

In , Modern Comics, an imprint of Charlton Comics , produced a three-issue mini-series based on the Lion Voltron television show. In , comic book publisher Devil's Due announced that it had acquired the rights to publish Voltron comic books. This was then followed by an ongoing series self-published by Devil's Due, which was placed on hiatus in after the eleventh issue, due to poor sales.

Devil's Due announced in January that the five-issue mini-series, the eleven issues of the ongoing series, and the 0 issue would be collected into a Voltron Omnibus trade paperback that would also include the unpublished twelfth issue of the ongoing series that would wrap up all the storylines. In July , a new five issue mini-series was released by Devil's Due, which picked up where the ongoing series left off. This series further explored the origins of Lion Voltron's creation, from 12, years in the past to the present day.

During its battle with the first Drule Empire, Voltron was tricked by Haggar into landing on a black comet with the gravitational attraction of a singularity. Voltron was then attacked by Haggar, and blown into five pieces.

However, the intervention of a sorcerer resulted in the five pieces becoming the five lions as they descended onto Arus. The original five issue mini-series was adapted as the motion comic Voltron: Defenders of the Universe - Revelations. In , Dynamite Entertainment announced plans to publish Voltron comics, [60] while Viz Media 's young readers imprint, Viz Kids, announced plans to publish a series of graphic novels called Voltron Force , on which Bian Smith would serve as head writer, and Jacob Chabot and Dario Brizuela would serve as lead artists.

The company also released 6-inch figures of the Voltron robots that were more affordable, but lacked the detail level of their larger counterparts and could not separate into their component forms. At the peak of the series' popularity, Panosh Place released new Voltron toys, including action figures of the characters and a larger Voltron toy that could fit them. To coincide with the broadcast of Voltron: The Third Dimension , the now-defunct Trendmasters reissued the Matchbox diecast Lion Force Voltron, with a few changes to the mold and a total of 17 weapons in comparison to the original's sword and shield.

Shortly after the demise of Trendmasters, Toynami acquired the Voltron license and released their Masterpiece Voltron toy in For the 25th anniversary of the cartoon franchise in , the plastic Masterpiece Voltron was reissued in a metallic repaint. In late , Mattel released toys for the new Voltron Force series, while its online collectors' site MattyCollector.

The box was repackaged as Voltron for its American release. In August , Lego announced that a forthcoming Lego Ideas set based upon classic Voltron will be placed into production. Privateer Press released a Voltron: Defender of the Universe expansion set for their Monsterpocalypse battle miniatures game series in The game would have 30 levels and 6 acts, isometric gameplay and gamers will command robot lions to traverse the galaxy and take on King Zarkon's evil droid armies.

Players will be able fight as the individual lions in an overhead shooter style gameplay to then form Voltron to take on Robeasts in a fighter style combat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American science fiction franchise. For other uses, see Voltron disambiguation. Voltron Voltron: Legendary Defender. Main article: Voltron TV series. Main article: Voltron: Fleet of Doom. Main article: Voltron: The Third Dimension. Main article: Voltron Force. Main article: Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Main article: List of Voltron characters. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Main article: Voltron comics. Main article: Voltron: Defender of the Universe video game. Universal Brand Development. The New York Times. Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 27 September We've Got Your Answers! MTV Movie Blog. Leonard Nimoy, ob- viously, just because, as huge sci-fi fans, we wanted to have some link to the stuff we were parodying. S tudio Ghibli, as Western journalists point out, looks rather small for a world-class film studio.

Many employees commute by bicycle. A multitude of win- dows reflect the sunlight and keep the inte- rior bright. This first version, however, was very different from the final product. The former started as a simple fable about the beauty of nature and the horror of war, eventually drawing Miyazaki into deeper and darker waters.

To live is to keep this superficial balance, so I can say we should do such-and-such to keep a bal- ance. When we reached that number, we could no longer hunt, so we in- vented farming. The mo- ment we invented farm- ing. When you search for the reason why hu- mans did such a foolish thing, you arrive at the start of farming.

But the problem is complicated be- cause good people cut trees to survive. But all ecological problems arise because he does so. Revulsed by this act of cowardice, the wolf god Moro raises the child as her own. Years later. San will serve as the forests instru- ment of vengeance against its de- spoilers. A wooden Totoro greets you at the en- trance, in front of a frame saying Baka!

More cuddly Totoro adorn studio shelves and the meeting room-cum- library. Mononoke featured five art directors - an incredible number for an anime film - all respected veterans of the in- dustry. Oga decided the tall watch-tower Ashitaka climbs at the start of the film would be made of this tree, so he used patches of red for the structure, and also for the forest by 27 Ashitaka's village where the tatari-gami crashes through in the opening. When we re- search locations, of course we see the scenery as a whole, but we also need to take shots of details like undergrowth, fallen leaves, the trees you sec behind a larger tree.

Different areas of a forest have differ- ent kinds of undergrowth and so forth. You must see with your own eyes to make a con- vincing picture. Another World Heritage site, Yakushima enjoys a warm, wet climate and is home to a tremendous range of tree species, including the ancient Yakusagis native cedars , which date back millennia and can have diameters of five meters. This incredible setting was also an inspiration for the world-dominating toxic jungle in Miyazaki's epic NAUSICAA, Nizou Yamamoto, like Oga, worked on the forest, including the last poignant image of destruction and hope.

He said the trip to Yakushima gave him much inspiration, causing him to alter the light coming down through the trees — which looks white in photos — to the blue-cast glow it bears in reality. A balance must be sought. After Miyazaki pointed that out, I un- derstood that I have to express backgrounds in their natural state.

A stage set has intro- verted [self- directed] colors. Miyazaki told me to make them extrovert. Draw it as if you have seen it. But when I showed Miyazaki my first pictures, he laughed. But in that time, few people had carts. They and their horses would walk. So I laughed out loud, too. It was beautiful, shining with water drops from rain the day before - and this for one of the most gruesome and bloody sequences in the film!

I n a train station in Japan, a young boy lies dead, clutching a metal candy container full of ashes. As a train pulls away, two ghostly children — the boy and his sister — board an empty car, while fireflies dance in the air around them. In many ways, it does not feel like an ani- mated film at all. The character designs, by Yoshifumi Kondo, are realistic.

The setting — rural, Japan — is presented with a painstaking attention to detail. And the sto- ry, based on a autobiographical novel by Akiyuki Nosaka, is heartbreaking with- out being in the least bit sentimental.

He wrote Grave of the Fireflies as a way of coming to terms with his grief and guilt. This is heavy burden to place on the shoulders of two char- acters whose ages add up to 18, or on an minute animated film. But the beautiful, nuanced anima- tion and excellent voice acting of GRAVE succeed in conveying the many layers of the novel. It is a doomed attempt, and the fact that the viewer knows this from the begin- ning does nothing to lessen the impact. But when their food stores run out, reality sets in, and the chil- dren find that they cannot survive outside the system.

As they sink into hunger and de- spair, the film becomes at times almost too painful to watch. Takahata has been working in animation since his graduation from Tokyo University in By the late eighties, the two were working together at Studio Ghibli. Shinchosha accepted the offer, and the two films were released together in In , Central Park Media re- leased an English-language version of the film, both in dubbed and subtitled formats.

The American critics responded with an en- thusiasm similar to their Japanese counter- parts. Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Miyazaki wanted richness. The riverside scene alone took about half a year. I pre- fer to work from memory, creating the scenery according to my mental image. And there are many kinds of rocks. So I had to consider where to put what. I struggled with the scene for a long time! He mainly worked on Tatara-ba, the for- est-eating fortress of Lady Eboshi.

Its first appearance was especially important. As Ashitaka and his companions emerge from the kodama spirit -haunted forest, they look over a lake at the defiant black settle- ment that shrouds the rock behind it in smoke. The only part of nature where hu- mans live and dig up mountains to make iron. I know how I should draw it. Every day. What do I do? The movie has a hard theme, and Miyazaki felt the pictures should be good enough to go with such a theme.

So 1 picked up the lines and interpret- ed the meanings as best as I could. I could not un- derstand what I was doing wrong. That means that I was misreading the rough drawing. I took this job because I felt that this might be the last time for him to do everything [work as both animator and director]. I real- ly wanted to see it up close. Speculation that Rondo might one day replace Miyazaki as a prime force at Ghibli was cru- elly cut short in January when Rondo, age 47, died from an aneurysm.

Mononoke was his last project. The CGI department on the same floor is much extended, taking over a hall once used for paint bins. The 31 1 basement holds two massive computer-con- trolled multiplane cameras named Yamato and Musashi, after the World War 11 battle- ships. Yet for all the signs of the digital era's influence on the studio, the introduc- tion of electronic filmmaking to the facili- ties was a long and complex process.

In , there was much excitement in the animation world at the inclusion of a couple of minutes of computer effects in the latest Disney cartoon. No computers, no CGI And for many Miyazaki fans, the difference was represen- tative of a director for whom computers were as redundant as song 'n dance rou- tines — an innovation that wasn't needed.

If that's the case, well, video games will win. People who want to use computer graphics should use them, but personally I'm not in- terested. Although the elements were traditionally hand-animated, they were digi- tally combined and entwined by computer. Why the change of heart? At the time, Miyazaki would not even use computers for color designs - which would allow the mix-and-match of color combina- tions without painting - dismissing it as a tool for incompetents.

When a production manager enthused over the increased effi- ciency, Miyazaki retorted he would be the first to be replaced by the machine! T here are some filmmakers who are inextricably linked with the music of a certain composer. For animation, think of the enormous impact Alan Menken has had on post- Eisner Disney. Not that Hisaishi is Miyazaki's full-time associate. I knew what I was in for from the beginning, though. Usually, I con- centrate on work for a certain time, and fin- ish when 1 clear a standard 1 set myself.

I mean, can you imagine the joy of Tatari-gami? And here was Miyazaki asking for a score that covered the whole range of emotions, a symbolic melody that was violent, gentle, and growl- ing at the same time. In the film, the theme also appears as a haunting falsetto melody which plays during Ashitaka's night-talk with Moro, and again over the end credits. Originally, this was not going to be a falsetto song.

Later, Miyazaki happened to be listening to his car radio when he heard Yoshikazu Mera, an award-winning countertenor whose output ranges from spir- ituals to musical numbers. However, Hisaishi found the rest of the al- bum would not work for the actual soundtrack. But when I came to compose music for the film itself, all that power was on screen al- nuance disappears.

But I want to make it not unnat- ural, to construct reality in another sense. This is particularly true of the ten- tative relationship between San and Ashita- ka. At first, this limited my imagination. Miyazaki wanted to change several things after a watching it. So I threw it all out, changed everything. But I could express myself in a new way this time, because of that challenge.

I think that I should consciously understand the movie, seeing the entire process of produc- tion. To understand what Miyazaki wants, I have to truly understand the way of think- ing, the background of Miyazaki. Steve is respon- sible for the final translation. He is fluent in Japanese, and under- stands a great deal about how even the inflection of a line can change the meaning of Japanese — things that I suspected but was never specifically privy to. It was great. So before I even finished read- ing the first page, I got on the phone to one of the [U.

But it seems to me a very accurate metaphor for the differ- ences between the Eastern and Western cultures: if it happens one way in America, you can pretty much depend on the re- verse being true in Japan. Billy Bob Thornton as the disreputable monk. Jiko-Bou left , and Gillian Anderson as the wolf-god,Moro below. I have tremendous respect for Mr. Despite the diversity of these projects, however, Fletcher said that his working methods remain constant.

I try to con- centrate on performance and acting so that the characters are engaging to the ear. So much for the past. The remaining five use various CG tech- niques, such as texture mapping, 3D render- ing, morphing, particles, and digital compo- sition. Computers were also used for filming and digital composition. Toward the end of production, it was found there was insufficient manpower to paint the last 5, cels. To make the deadline, Ghibli drafted animators who had finished their jobs to paint the remainder digitally.

Part of the filming department, Okui worked in tandem with the CG department on computer ef- fects. The filming department saw CG as the next step we had to take, focusing on how we differentiate the uses of digital and analog, and-conversely-how we could merge them.

So it was our pri- ority to match the colors in the same scene. However, the color on the computer monitor looked different from the color on the cel, and different again from the color in the actual film. The solution was to trust neither the monitor nor the cels, but to "fix" the colors by looking at the film output it- self. Screen tests were made to double-check that the color was standardized in practice.

In scenes where the background moves as the camera moves, the convention was to animate backgrounds using cels. Texture map- ping, however, offered another way of mov- ing background pictures. First, a 3D com- puter model was created of the terrain in a particular scene, and animated in the com- puter with parameters such as the undula- tions of the land and the speed with which the camera zooms in.

In this way, the high- quality paintings could be made to move. One scene which uses texture mapping is the dynamic set-piece in which Ashitaka, just starting his journey, happens on a vil- lage being sacked by bandit Samurai. At first, we were going to use background animation [animating back- grounds using cels] for the fields moving from left to right.

But the animator who was responsible for the scene came to us with Miyazaki, and asked if we could do it with CG. In this way, we could animate the backgrounds in the full detail painted by the art depart- ment. In the final film, we used more than two boards, adding the thickness of the rice plants, the unevenness of the ground. The back- ground image of Shishi-gami was a tradi- tional cel. The effect can be seen as analo- gous to the painstaking multiplane camera images of past decades.

The Tatari is a giant boar, but until it dies it's covered with a mass of worm-like feelers, giving it the ap- pearance of a grotesque spider. Most of the Tatari's movement was hand-animated, but for a few shots the feelers were created as a CG wire-frame model, programmed with data on shading, movement, and perspec- tive from all angles. The CG rendering was facilitated by Toonshader, a new software package developed by Ghibli and the com- puter giant Microsoft. The application varied from shot to shot.

In contrast, the dramatic image of the Tatari chasing Ashitaka across open fields a few moments earlier was entirely hand-drawn. We can't simulate at that level. The computer helps to a point: transforming a sphere, putting feelers on it, increasing the number, moving them around, changing the timing of the movement.

But beyond that you have to work manually. So for the transforma- tions and the feelers moving violently around, I animated frame by frame, as if I was drawing in-between animation, though the computer made some movements. I thought I could make it easier. So I showed a sample I made to Momose to get his opin- ion, and then customized it. And when one object is interacting with another, sometimes you want an outline, and sometimes you don't.

But for many viewers. The Didarrabocchi itself was hand-ani- mated. In creating the particles, the animators first planned to draw on a non-CG technique. Normal cels are photographed by reflecting light on the cel, but in these cases the light is pho- tographed through transparent cels. Usually the unnecessary part of the cel is masked by painting it black the lith mask. Eventually, we decided to digitally animate the particles, make lith masks from the printouts, and film them.

In other words, the plan was to make the mate- rials for the lith mask film with the comput- er. But when we started working, it turned out that printing 30 sheets of paper took 18 hours! The resolution needed to be high so that the differences in the size of the parti- cles could be seen. But that took half an hour per sheet. And when we filmed using the lith mask, the particles showed up big- ger than we thought.

So, we decided to use digital composition instead. Light looks like light because the surrounding parts are blurred. More than a year on, that answer holds true. I made the movie for Japanese people. The key to success, he once explained, was getting enough companies interested to generate tons of free publicity.

Suzu- 40 ki's partnership with Miyazaki goes back to his days as founding editor on Animage , the most respected anime magazine in the world. Suzuki was vital in persuading both his publishers Tokuma Shoten and Miyaza- ki himself to animate the Nausicaa strip serialized in Animage.

The success of the film led to Tokuma creating Studio Ghibli, which Suzuki helped launch a year later. If a movie sells well in Japan, and as a bonus, gets to the U. I want Ameri- cans to see that. I don't like that. I want to hear their opinions! A good author needs a good editor to write a good book. In the same way, we need outside opinion in creative work. The Disney mar- keting people respect the product made by creators. I appreciate this attitude. Other companies who contacted Ghibli always wanted to cut the film.

But Disney offered a no-cut deal, saying it was out of respect to the creators. The sto- ry tells of a semi-divine king of Erech now Warka in Iraq who recaptures the city of his father and fells forests to expand his realm. In the process, he incurs the wrath of Humbaba, fire- breathing god of the forest and The gentle, impos- sibly understanding boy who teaches a girl her self-worth is a common motif in shojo man- ga and anime.

Medieval literature is full of stories of heroines sever- ing their hair before becoming Buddhist nuns. Jomon-style marks also appear on the body of the Didaraboc- chi, the night-form of the Shishi-gami god. Historically, the Emishi re- sisted the Japanese Emperors up to their defeat by Kammu who established the shogun for that end around A.

Iron is a requi- site of advanced agriculture: ax- es and spades transform forest into farmland, supporting a higher population which itself means more deforestation and farming. Em- ishi elder Hii-Sama honors the boar-god even after it has at- tacked the village, and San is costumed with similar clay-ear- rings and bone necklace. Miyazki s San above bears the mdomitabiiity and wild-child origins ol Gamax s Nadia below , a heroine who is clearly mod- elled on the mdomitabiiity and mysteri- ous origins of prior Miyazaki protago- nists find her ancestor in TAIYO NO OJ!

But Hil- da has a dark secret — her guardian is an evil ice wizard who wants to destroy humanity. Both Hilda and San arc adopted by supernatural forces, though for very different reasons. A noble, androg- ynous-looking prince Shuna sets out from his famine-strick- en kingdom to find the fabled Golden Wheal.

Again, there are specific points of contact. Again, the psychic vil- lain in the Nausicaa manga manifests himself covered in clammy black tar, which threat- ens to eat its victims. In the film version, Kushana aims to burn down the poisonous jungle that covers the Earth, comparable to Eboshi's project of deforestation. Unlike other Japanese animation studios, which rely mostly on TV series and direct- to-video releases to stay in business, Ghibli has specialized in theatrical films.

Working without the time and budget constraints im- posed by TV production schedules, the Ghi- bli animators led by Hayao Miyazaki and lsao Takahata have produced well-written, visually stunning films that consistently beat Disney releases at the Japanese box of- fice. This is not, technically, a Studio Ghibli film, having been made at Topcraft Studio before Ghibli was established.

Howev- er, it is pretty much impossible to talk about either Ghibli or Miyazaki with- out mentioning this film. Nausicaa is the princess of a small kingdom who starts out fighting to keep her people from being de- stroyed in a conflict between larger nations, and ends up saving the world from ecologi- cal disaster. This was the first official Studio Ghibli release. Pazu, a young boy living and work- ing in a depressed mining town in what ap- pears to be an alternate 19th-century Eu- rope, finds adventure when a mysterious girl named Sheeta literally falls out of the sky and into his arms.

Sheeta has a magic pen- dant that holds the secret to Laputa, a lost kingdom floating in the sky. A motley as- sortment of bad and not-so-bad guys are af- ter the pendant, resulting in wild chases, hair-raising escapes, and surprise! Keep an eye out for the Max Fleischer-style robots, too.

Two girls, Sutsuki and Mei, come to Tokorazawa with their father when their mother is hospitalized nearby. The story manages the difficult task of be- ing cute without being saccha- rin. The animation is not quite as spectacular as in the previous two films, but the backgrounds do capture much of the beauty of the Japanese countryside. Set in Kobe, Japan in , the film fol- lows the efforts of two children, year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister Setsuko, to survive the last days of World War II after their mother is killed in a fire-bombing raid.

Thirteen-year-old Kiki is training to be a witch under the tutelage of her mother. As part of that training, she must leave home and live on her own for a year, using her magic skills to make a living. Unfortunate- ly, Kiki has not been too diligent in her stud- ies, and her only skill is flying on a broom.

When she finds the seaside town of her dreams, she starts a flying delivery service. This is one of the most beautifully animated of the Ghibli films, like an Impressionist painting come to life, with detailed, dynam- ic backgrounds and elaborate, perfectly choreographed crowd scenes. Like TO- TORO, the story is light and episodic, rely- ing on character and atmosphere rather than conflict to sustain audience interest, though an airship crash at the climax docs generate some suspense.

Taeko, a young office worker liv- ing in Tokyo in , goes to spend a vacation with some relatives in the country. The trip makes her feel nostalgic for the small-town life of her childhood, and the rest of the film flips back and forth between and as the adult Taeko sorts through her memories and tries to decide what she wants to do with her life. Miyazaki is a lifelong aviation buff, and it shows in his movies. Airships, planes, gliders, and other flying contraptions show up in film after film, often providing some of the most spectacular scenes.

This film in particular is a fine showcase for his obsession. The hero is an Italian pilot and World War I veteran who quits the Air Force in disgust at the rise of Fas- cism in his country, and becomes a flying bounty hunter. Oh, and he happens to be a talking pig. In folklore, they are shape- changing trick- sters, mischievous but usually harm- less.

In this film they are a vanish- ing folk, pushed toward extinction by the destruction of their habitat. A tribe of Tanuki band together in an attempt to stop a government construction pro- ject. Despite being populated almost exclusively by cute, furry animals, the film is not geared mainly to children. It is witty, visually stunning, sometimes violent, and delivers its ecologi- cal message strongly but with a minimum of preaching.

It has more in common with Wa- tership Down than with the Disney cartoons it inevitably gets compared to. First, he had to find a retail bookstore that was open-mind- ed enough to carry an illustrated, comic book-like magazine noted for its weird, ex- otic storytelling style, its nude renderings of anatomically astounding women, men, and monsters, and, most of all, its raw, graphic portrayal of violence on a mind-bending scale. These attributes kept it out of those bookstores whose owners saw the magazine as "pornographic.

Eastman has come a long way. Now his name appears on the masthead under the ti- tle of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. So what we publish in the magazine is indicative of the trends that are popular in Europe, and that post-apocalyptic theme did very well. It allows us to creatively explore a lot of dif- ferent territories.

Answer: you make a se- quel that measures up, if not surpasses, the original. What does FAKK2 mean? Later in the story, after the heroine embarks on her mission of vengeance against interstellar villain Lord Tyler, she lakes the name of Fakk2 for her- self. Similar to the goddess Shiva of Hindu mythology, she becomes death itself. Some were creat- ed by the studio or artists they had hired. We ended up with seven or eight interconnected stories that orbited around the star of the last story, the warrior woman.

But the other half preferred the Tar- na sequence above and beyond all the oth- ers. The character of Fakk2 never actually appeared in the pages of Heavy Metal. My intent was to present this gross, disgusting creature who's a billion-plus years old and who jour- neys through the cosmos in his Godship.

With that set-up and a prophecy of his return to judge them some day in the future, these multiple species would eventually cre- ate a utopian society. Yet the result is a cata- strophe of epic proportions. Yet, Eastman was even more impressed by her strong personal qualities: her heart; her compassion; and her intelligence.

Taking The Melting Pot and his idea for a Tarna-like superheroine, Eastman began to fuse the two concepts together. Eastman credited director George Unger for his contributions to the final screenplay, bringing together elements that the artist did not originally see. She gave birth to the gods and did X, Y and Z and cre- ated things that change the lives of poor, mortal man.

As the story progresses and Fakk2 journeys throughout space, she dis- covers that her life has been forewritlen and foretold. She knows that she must rise above vengeance and assume the role of a goddess to make a difference in the uni- verse. I loved that aspect of the story, seeing the character grow and having the audience grow with it. We wanted to show a similar kind of pattern there. The exciting part about that is that we should be able to create vast battle scenes of Cecil B.

Demillc, epic propor- tions. All we can hope and know is that it can be done. You'll have blood, stains and dirt, things that were previously impossible to accomplish. Hopefully, this is something that people will want to sec on the big screen. There definitely will be two versions: a hard PG-I3 edition that would be screened in middle America. Then, for direct-video, an additional H minutes will be added that would probably put the movie into an R- rating.

After that, only time and the boxoffice will tell if its another 20 years before FAKK3. She could care less what others think. Her image not only adorns movie screens, but CD-ROMs, books, and innu- merable pieces of merchandise, from Zippo lighters to coffee mugs.

As the main character. Strain will portray Julia, a lone vigilante who takes on the evil Lord Tyler in order to save the universe. According to Strain, the animated science fiction tale will be more than just explosions and visual ef- fects, but will attempt to tackle some weighty issues. She wisely parlayed that title into a movie career, and then into a business, in which the one product sold was herself.

Then, in , while at a signing at a California comic book store, Strain met Eastman. The two fell in love and married shortly thereafter. They became not only a couple, but co-work- ers as well. The book has been a favorite of insatiable devotees, who have also made Julie one of the darlings of the Internet. B attle of the Planets! Watching, warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxies beyond space [sic]. Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy Always five, acting as one.

Dedicated, in- separable, invincible There's nothing radical about weird aliens, ninja- kicking good-guys or spaceships that split into their component parts on command. Most of Zoltar's projects involved giant, robotized monsters whose sole uni- fying feature was they had cool designs: typical examples included outsized ar- madillos, gargantuan Gila monsters and huge flying mummies musta cost a for- tune in gauze. Kids who'd seen Japanese monster matinees had instant deja vu.

Jason reflected viewer consensus by wanting instant, all-out attacks on every new monster, while Mark played cautious strategist. Mediating between the two was the lovely Princess another STAR WARS echo , a guitar-playing beauty with the hots for Mark, and her diminutive friend Keyop, a laboratory-grown creation who spoke gibberish every four words in five.

The team members had their own vehi- cles: a fighter plane for Mark, a racing car for Jason, a motorbike for Princess, and an orange buggy with retro-jets for Keyop. The team's main attack weapons were nifty — but supposedly non-lethal — flying darts; and in a pinch just about every show , G- Force spun on each other's shoulders to cre- ate devastating whirlwinds. Why the Phoenix crew wasn't in- cinerated in the process was never ex- plained. ED's oV buddy Alan Young, who oversaw their adventures and gave running commen- taries for viewers.

His rambling mono- logues, mainly on how he cared for G- Forcc and longed to join them, were either charming or insufferable depending on whether you'd seen the original anime. Zark was later joined by robot dog 1-Rover- 1 and sultry computer Susan. On the other side, Zoltar's mentor was the Great Spirit both baddies seemingly voiced by the same actor , a bird-faced, purple-blue alien with yellow eyes, floating against psyche- delic backdrops.

Anderson, was a long time Hanna-Barbera employee, and directed the cast. Ace Goodheart Whoever that is. The story closed with the Great Spirit escaping and Katse throwing himself to his doom in a lava pit. F ootage. Unlike recent Disney animated features that used quicker cuts and rat-a-tat produc- tion numbers, the animators on TARZAN were given the luxury of time for this latest take on the legendary ape-man.

But we dis- covered that this film is just so much about character. We had to give the characters time to relate to each other. The audience was fascinated as it watched this deer go through this very naturalistic move- ment. I felt that with Tarzan, that kind of action would be fasci- nating.

Tarzan matures into adulthood, adapting the prowess and cun- ning of a jungle animal. Also part of the ex- pedition is Clayton, a big game hunter who befriends Tarzan, but only for insidious reasons. The hunter has plans to capture apes and ship them to Europe for sale.

Clayton's actions set up a conflict within Tarzan, as he is torn be- tween the jungle family he feels he has betrayed and this new hu- man family that has betrayed him. But, I shifted side-to-side and bent down on my knuckles and they started watching me and 1 watched them back. I needed to do that so that I could relate to my character.

For Glen Keane it meant crafting a protagonist who was nei- ther too human nor all animal. No musical numbers about how great life in the jungle is, no ape-man-centered show-stoppers, no love ballads while swinging on the vines. Timid- ity reigns supreme in the marketplace, causing film- makers to shy away from ex- ploring the most extreme, unfettered realms of Dio- nysian, schadeunfreud, ta- boo material.

Conversely, one of the re- freshing things about Japan- ese anime is its tendency to hold nothing back, the re- fusal to cater to occidental notions of pre-merchandised, p. In the last few decades, Japanese anima- tors have treated American cineastes to horrific, hard- core tales of black, beyond- noir anti-heroes and hero- ines, sexually rapacious gods, demons, monsters and aliens — tales with every perversion and misogynistic outrage laid out in exquisite, graphic detail.

Lopped limbs, ruptured hymens, randy ten- tacles, and torrents and tor- rents of fluids of every kind are lovingly limned in the most ravishing Technicolor palette, finding beauty in the Truly Hateful, as it were. However, jaded as many anime buffs may be, there comes the occasional flabber- gasting, outre one-off that makes the reviewer do the proverbial double-take and wonder, who the hell are these things made for, and why am I watching them?

What makes the episode ultra- queasy is its almost wistful attitude toward the imper- manence of femme flesh. Its callous crassness, though, is far more insulting than those films, and far cruder, too. Subti- tled version reviewed. At least, until now. Like many pop stars be- fore her, however, Mima finds it hard to be taken se- riously as an actress. After a couple of walk-on parts in forgettable television shows, she reluctantly agrees to shed her girl-next-door im- age once and for all by ap- pearing in a brutally realis- tic rape scene in a violent exploitation thriller entitled Double Bind.

At the same time, PERFECT BLUE examines the fleeting nature of fame, the manipulation of young entertainers at the hands of their ruthless agents and managers, and the explosion of fan-produced websites for celebrities of all kinds, most of which are unauthorized, few of them legally remov- able.

In fact, the world, what little we see of it, seems fairly settled and gen- erally prosperous — not much farther, one might imagine, from what Japan was like under American occupation. Constable Kazuki Fuse, a member of the Special Unit, finds him- self in a tenuous position both politically and emo- tionally when he hesitates in killing a young girl carry- ing a terrorist bomb.

Grim stuff. The protagonists are charac- terized by their emotional inaccessibility, the settings, even when portrayed in stark daylight, seem shroud- ed by an atmosphere of doom. A vision of a world consumed in duplicity, the film spares neither its char- acters nor its viewers a mo- ment of release. Which may be a problem.

That may be the effect that Okiu ra and Oshii are after, but the auteurs, as unyielding as their driven, politically ambiguous protagonists, may have done their job too well. Whether one can actually pull something of value from it, though, may well depend on what insight emerges up- on repeated viewings. Still, what the movies may lack in visual punch, they more than make up for in the depth of their overall story and the interplay of their characters. Rey himself is something of a prototype for all suc- ceeding Gundam heroes.

It al- so provides Rey with some- thing to angst about for three films. Too we katl to wait twenty years for it. These series did not copy the origi- nal so much as emulate its successful mix of complex storylines, realistic charac- terization, and imaginative mechanical designs. The three theatrical GUNDAM films and two di- rect-to-video features which Bandai released last fall through its AnimeVillage website provide a useful in- troduction to this mother-of- all-mecha shows.

While the three films contain some new animation, they are ac- tually edited-down compila- tions of the original TV se- ries. For this reason, the an- imation — particularly that of the characters — is fre- unique environment and culture, they are still gov- erned by the Earth Federa- tion. This does not sit well with a group of rebels led by the Zabi family on Side 3.

They establish the Duchy of Zeon and launch a war of in- dependence against Earth. New Type pilot Char Aznable. His father, Zeon Daikun, was killed by the Zabi family, who ironically adopted that name for their rebel government. Fighting incognito, Aznable plots re- venge against the Zabis, be- traying and killing his supe- riors whenever possible.

Though he and Rey fight on opposite sides of the war, they are really kindred spir- its. What do you want complex stories, intriguing characters, dazzling action? Adams, having started out a working stifT himself, was re- markably adept at capturing an insider's-eye-view of man- agerial idiocy in all its dis- sembling, evasive, abusive glory, and delivering it with a daily punch line. All that had to be done was to port the atmosphere of despera- tion and futility to the screen and, presto, an edgy, weekly half-hour would be bom.

Or maybe not. It could be that the attempt to generalize the material in or- der to make it more accessi- ble to a mass audience has resulted in a sacrifice of the damning specificity that gave the comic strip its bit- ing humor. Whatever the case, you can recognize the stuff you laughed at when you opened up the daily pa- per, and wonder why it has no impact now.

The show has caught flack from such luminaries as Spike Lee and numerous black groups for what some see as taking too jokey an approach to the very real prob- lems facing black Americans, but with Eddie Murphy backing the project and pro- viding the voice for lead super Thurgood Stubbs , and the pro- ducing slots filled by some of the people pre- viously responsible for IN LIVING COLOR, what were they expect- ing?

I came across your premiere issue of AnimeFantastique today. A magazine devoted to both anime and American animation, while an original idea, is one I expect to fail. But un- fortunately, we are really talking two very different genres, and two very different audiences, I know about a dozen anime fans — not one of whith has the slightest interest in American an- imation, including myself.

I also know two American animation fans — neither which like ani- me. I have never known anyone who likes both. I would love to see a main- stream, widely-availabie anime magazine on the market — but AnimeFantastique is not it. Mark D.

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