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El Tarf , Algeria. Received date: 14 September Published date: 16 October Those compounds have been attributed to a great number of biological activities beneficial for human health as they act as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, etc. Aims: The objective of the current study was to quantify and to identify the PAs and determine the mean degree of polymerization DPm in seeds and skins of the grape cardinal variety cultivated in El-Tarf region, Algeria.

Conclusions: This study showed the richness of skin and grape seeds in polyphenolic compounds PAs. Therefore, these parts of grape can be used as a potential source of bioactive molecules to promote the health of populations in this region in Algeria. Benmeziane, F. Received date: 03 August Accepted date: 27 November Published date: 17 December Background: Ogi constitutes a rich source of lactic acid bacteria LAB with associated health benefits to humans through antimicrobial activities.

Aims: This study was carried out to assess the viability of LAB in various forms of modified and natural Ogi and the antimicrobial properties of Omidun against diarrhoeagenic E coli. Methods and Material: The viability of LAB was assessed in fermented Ogi slurry and Omidun for one month and also freeze-dried Ogi with and without added bacterial strains for two months. A further 10 days viability study of modified Omidun, refrigerated Omidun, and normal Ogi was performed.

The antimicrobial effects of modified Omidun against five selected strains of diarrhoeagenic E. Results: Both drying methods significantly affected carotenoids and phenolic compounds. The Ogi slurry had viable LAB only for 10 days after which, there was a succession of fungi and yeast.

Modified Omidun intervention led to log reduction in diarrhoeagenic E. Conclusions: The consumption of Ogi should be within 10 days of milling using modified Omidun. There are practical potentials of consumption of Omidun in destroying E.

Keywords : Ogi, Omidun, lactic acid bacteria, diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli strains, Viability. Coli ]. Coli H66D productrice de toxine shigella en co-culture. Kwasi, R. Viability of lactic acid bacteria in different components of Ogi with anti diarrhoeagenic E. Development of ready-to-serve pineapple juice with coconut milk Arampath 3. Received date: 01 July Accepted date: 06 December Published date: 20 December Further, ready-to-serve organic fruit drinks are nowadays becoming more popular due to more concern about healthy living.

Aims: To produce a ready-to-serve drink using pineapple juice with coconut milk. Methods and Material: Pineapple Juice Ananas comosus and Coconut milk were optimized to a blended ready to serve beverage which was mixed in four different predetermined ratios and stored for 14 days in glass bottles ml capacity. Physicochemical and sensory analysis were done according to the standards procedures. After 14 days of incubation period, four samples were tested for their sensory properties at CBL Natural foods laboratory.

Conclusions: The formulation of mixed blend Pineapple juice beverage is possible to satisfy consumer tastes and preferences. Kumara, A. Development of ready to serve pineapple juice with coconut milk. Acceptance of salt reduction in bakery bread among Moroccan consumers Joint Research Unit in Nutrition and Food.

Ibn Tofail Univ. Kenitra, Morocco. Direction of the population, Ministry of Health Morocco. Received date: 08 September Accepted date: 21 December Published date: 12 January Background : The use of cooking salt sodium chloride for bread preparation is due to several essential sensory and technological properties.

Even considered as an essential micronutrient and a salty taste stimulus, a significant dietary sodium intake is positively correlated with high blood pressure levels and some heart diseases. Recently, Morocco has adopted a plan to reduce salt consumption aiming to reinforce the prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases NCDs and to contribute to the achievement of global voluntary targets, set by the Second International Conference on Nutrition ICN2.

Aims : The aim of the present study was to determine the acceptance of bakery bread with a different percentage reduction of salt by the Moroccan population. The best average score of purchase intent was obtained for salt content of 1.

Keywords : Sodium chloride, bread, salt reduction, Moroccan population. Acceptance of salt reduction in bakery bread among Moroccan consumers. Original Article. Article Options. Reviewed by: - Dr. Oudir Boussoum - Dr. Samira Meziani - Dr. Mohamed Zairi. Citation Legesse S. Citation Derardja A and Barkat M. Farid Dahmoune - Dr. Makhlouf Chaalal. Reviewed by: - Pr. Mobolaji Omemu - Dr.

Halima Boughellout. Citation Audu, H. Short Communication. Reviewed by: Dr. Citation Benmeziane, F. Citation Kwasi, R. I'm presuming that's what you meant by "dangerous", but that's not exactly the same thing. The default option is indeed "don't run", and you do have to click on the non-obvious "more info" link for the "run" to show up, but this seems like a reasonable trade-off.

Otherwise users might instinctive click "run" and ignore the warning. In other words, "I'm so confident that I'm correct and microsoft is so powerful that I think it's unacceptable for people to present arguments to the contrary? I think you missed the point here. The fact that programs are uncommon isn't a legitimate excuse for Microsoft to falsely flag them as malware and then not fix it.

I'm must be missing some context here. Someone 11 months ago parent prev next [—]. I feel like respondents did a good job in the previous thread explaining what is going on and why. Or to phase this more simply: This isn't constructive. You should assume good faith in the people who respond to you, test your assumptions, rather than simply dismissing any insight as a blanket "defense.

Switching my home computer to Linux has had its problems since I'm an avid gamer, but the more news I read about Windows the less I regret that decision. I set up a LAN box for my parents on a computer that my dad received for free.

It came with Windows 10 on it, but wasn't very powerful - company's old hardware. After several The entire installation process took about 15 minutes because I was explaining it to my dad as I installed it. Zero headache since it was plugged in next to the router and powered on weeks ago, and the performance on the running containers makes it feel like a brand new computer compared to trying to run them in Windows. I run a Windows desktop locally for gaming.

I've heard good things about SteamOS and have been toying with switching, but I'm put off by the idea of trying to re-flash Windows if it doesn't work. Personally, I'll be happy when I no longer need Windows even for gaming. Gaming is my only use case with windows, and I am filled with deep hatred each time I have to boot this OS.

Which games do you play that don't work on Linux? Because I switched to it a long time ago and haven't looked back. The only stuff that is completely broken is Easy Anticheat and BattleEye, but those will supposedly be working when the new Steam Deck starts shipping. The last one that me reinstall windows was disco elysium. I played through that entire game through Wine on Linux last year.

I agree completely. I have Windows at home for gaming, and Windows at work because those are the laptops we get. It's rough. The only thing that makes this bearable is Windows Subsystem for Linux. Side note: if you end up dual booting your gaming PC, please learn from my mistakes and disable Fast Startup before you do.

Otherwise you're going to have a bad time. Popegaf 11 months ago root parent prev next [—]. You can also install Pop! OS which is another Linux distro for gaming or so I've heard. Funny you mention it. This thread actually sparked some digging and I'm currently looking into flashing Pop! OS right now. For anyone interested: From what I've gathered, Pop! OS has a bit more support than the officially released SteamOS Beta version, which is actually someone outdated right now.

So maybe hopefully it will be released along with the deck - couldn't find any info on that though. Valve has stated that their SteamOS 3 will be a freely-available open platform, and that they encourage other device manufacturers to ship it on their hardware. I assume that this means isos will be available. Anydesk : no install, just an exe, have the remote side run it and tell you the ID and you're good at least it didn't fail me once yet.

I don't care how much of a Windows fanatic I was I'd never even try to use the GUI of the client version to configure the a box as a Docker server remotely. I don't know what to expect from that other than frustration. I'd definitely use Linux myself but if someone asked me to use Windows I'd still just enable the OpenSSH service instead of RDP and use the Server version if possible and if not at least set up the auto update schedule to the early morning like I would on the Linux box.

I ditched in the middle of Windows 7, with absolutely no regrets. Valve has made tremendous inroads in gaming with Proton, along with developers releasing for Linux, there really isn't a good excuse to stay with Microsoft. Sure their is: Windows is a better fit for the things I do with a computer. Edit: I know right? How dare I express a preference for Windows. Downvote me to hell because I don't like using your favored OS. I used to think that too before I made the switch to macOS. Yes it was a learning curve initially, but it wasn't unmanageable, and you start to uncover Windows annoyances that you never knew existed because you were used to them and conditioned into thinking they were normal for so long.

You'd be surprised how flexible your needs are when you aren't pigeonholing yourself. If there truly is not a setting for this then it makes finder unusable as a file explorer and arguably the entire OS. Recursive merge is one of the most fundamental things a personal computer does.

I hate being the kind of internet guy who's like "X sucks" about something a lot of people have worked on, but I really, really, really dislike Finder. It fails as a file explorer on several fundamental levels. For example network shares in Finder feel so tenuous and like they could break any instant. Sometimes after you sleep your Mac and wake it up, you have to reboot to be able to reconnect to a network share.

Well, at least Finder used to be good There is in fact a workaround, hold down option while copying the folder. Note that there needs to be at least one subitem in common. Unless the window manager goes out of its way to override it, mv'ing a folder to a place where one already exists will replace the old folder with the new one.

You can go out of your way to do it manually with rsync and similar tools, of course, but by default you're moving directory pointers around, not merging trees. How many Unix graphical OS distributions are there even, let alone how many are installed? This isn't an issue on Linux.

It's obviously bad design to have something as high level as a file manager be a glorified 2D wrapper of 2 command line tools. CyberShadow 11 months ago root parent prev next [—]. The window manager manages windows. It has nothing to do with the filesystem or how it's presented to the user. Arnavion 11 months ago root parent next [—]. They meant "window file manager", ie graphical file manager. Some years ago the Apple GUI was looking good. Then the replaced the window buttons with coloured circles.

Guess which one is which? And windows handles it just fine. Clicking X on one window doesn't close the entire app. I never understood the rational behind the second one Sure I get that's how directories probably work underneath the hood but in a GUI I guess I expected a bit more "magic". I have to use macos for work. I don't think it's very good. Mostly just different and less untuitive for me - ymmv.

I started by being annoyed about the UI, then the cli differences it's not linux then I got annoyed by the terrible finder, then I got annoyed by frequent beachballs, then Some people just don't like it. That goes for any software and it'd be really nice if we could grow beyond our childish tribalism and accept that "I don't like the way your favorite software works" is not a personal attack.

Your frequent beachballs might be caused by your work installing an antivirus on the mac, such as carbon black or crowdstrike. Honestly, I feel like Apple should just throw away Unix compliance at this point. The average Mac is less POSIX-derived than most unlicensed Linux distros or BSD derivatives, for that matter , and it only serves to further ostracize people like me, who just want to develop and not wait on my computer.

Most Mac owners I know wouldn't care at this point, since they're either completely used to this kind of treatment or quit programming altogether. AnIdiotOnTheNet 11 months ago root parent prev next [—]. I have used other operating systems, including Linux and MacOS. While I am fond of MacOS Application Bundles, I do not like many other things, like single-button mice, limited choice in hardware, and relative lack of gaming.

Apple's mice haven't been single button since ages ago. Right click works out of the box, and all of their own mice also supports right clicking in various ways. Yet they still build the Magic mouse as though it was a single button mouse so it doesn't actually have 2 separate switches, just 1 in the middle. This annoyingly means that clicks don't always click if you're too far from the center. Apple has never actually built a mouse with 2 distinct switches for left and right click.

It's like they are too proud or something and "right" click needs to be faked for some reason. Sure, but to be fair, most laptops these days does the same. You know you can connect any USB mice you want, right? Right now, I'm using a Steelseries one with a Mac. All six buttons and the scroll-wheel work fine. Yes, I'm aware of that. Anyway, compared to other complaints that's a minor gripe of mine. I don't quite think this is true. I'm pretty certain that MacOS 9 had a right click menu if you plugged in a two button mouse; I've used MacOS since version 6 and I recall distinctly right click being a novelty in OS 8.

Apple's philosophy always was that context menus could aid other workflows in the program, but couldn't replace them -- the functionality had to be accessible in some other way. Could this be what you're thinking of?

GeekyBear 11 months ago root parent prev next [—]. Plug in a two button USB mouse and it just worked. Side-note: I really, really, really wish MacOS had mouse acceleration control in the settings menu. It's the first frustrating roadblock I hit whenever I set up a Mac, and it makes me just want to flash it with something else.

I am guessing down votes are not for expressing your opinion but rather for not providing context. Why is Windows better option for you? Why would it matter? So they could try and change my mind? Why is not really relevant. No thanks. If you swear by windows, you probably have good reasons. People who like windows would love to hear them. Otherwise, why partake in a conversation that frustrates you at all if you don't want to argue in support of your opinion? So Windows works best here. Other than that, I have found that some variant of linux or macOS outperforms windows in every way for my needs insert obligatory, YMMV , and I am happy to list those out if anyone is interested or needs help deciding which OS suits their needs best.

My point needed no elaboration to be valid. Because in my experience said "conversations" always devolve into the same useless arguments, which are entirely irrelevant to the point that people have good reasons they use Windows because anyone else's opinion of their reasons is irrelevant.

Because you want upvotes, so you gotta give people things to agree with. If I just say "Linux Sucks" I'm not giving people much to agree with, except naked tribalism. Alternatively, don't they run in Wine? Fortunately there are armies of third party package maintainers dedicated to keeping software up to date for you and updating is easy and painless. This is exactly how it goes every damned time. No matter what you say, someone will come out of the woodwork to argue that your opinion is wrong, you chose the wrong hardware, or even, bizarrely, that normal people don't need that, like that has anything at all to do with why you need it.

Well, if you're going to post arguing against your own point every time It just shows that it's not a universal true for everyone and that Linux could work for other people reading this. But the whole point of what I'm saying is that I personally use Windows for my own personal reasons. Why is it my job to provide a platform for some Linux Desktop evangelist to promote their favorite OS by arguing against my reasoning?

Nobody cares that you run Windows for "your personal" reasons. People are actually interested in the reasons. This all started because someone posted "[ That's it. I would say it is at least as good as this post: "You actually can directly listen to many scientists on social media.

Well you know what? I'm sick of their bullshit arguments designed to promote their favorite OS by telling me all my personal decisions are bad just because I don't like the same things they do. It's just tribalism. Of course, there are still reasons to stay with Microsoft, so that argument is far from perfect too.

It's an actionable suggestion with reasoning unlike yours. People are just discussing the reasons to choose one system of the other. Bystanders read that and decide for themselves. That's it, that's all I'm saying. I didn't even say Windows was good. I certainly didn't say I love Windows, because I really don't and you will find many posts by me to back that up.

With evangelists it isn't about discussion, or understanding, it's about performing a fucking sales pitch and I'm goddamned sick of it. You did exactly this. Edit: changed to the relevant statement. People really latched on to that "single button mouse" thing, completely ignoring the other 2 reasons I listed that I don't like MacOS. Not to mention that I wasn't telling people they should use Windows or criticising their reasoning for using MacOS. To be fair to you, there is not a lot that can be done about the other two things that you don't like.

Everyone knows that gaming on the Mac is limited, as is hardware choice. The reason that most people latch on the mouse comment is because it hasn't been true since the last century in all reality. Which I'll accept is a problem of my last real attempt to use a Mac being well over a decade ago. I guess I just don't get why people keep harping on it, like correcting me on MacOS's 2-button mouse support is going to convert me or something. It is dumb af since according to a lot of the users on here, linux is gods gift to humanity.

The difference between Linux and Windows is that in Linux I have never encountered any problem that I could not solve, in the worst case, when all else failed, by reading many source files of the offending programs, while on Windows I have encountered many cases of unsolvable problems, for which not only I was unable to find a solution even if I have a lot of professional experience with all Windows versions since 3. Just to give a recent example, 3 different IT support people, from 3 different countries, have worked one day each, trying to discover why MS Teams does not work on a certain new Dell laptop, while it works fine if you move the Ethernet cable to the old laptop.

After many efforts, nobody has any clue. Such things cannot happen on Linux. Yeah, but the difference is that Linux is MY dumpster fire, not Microsoft's! This is a false equivalence. Is Windows the better fit or is it the software that runs on it that doesn't have linux support? It's the OS. I don't have to recompile old software to keep using it 2 years later or 10 for that matter , I can place applications on different disks than the OS resides on, I can keep multiple versions of the same application, etc.

Is there a difference really? Microsoft spent years and literally billions to get developers on their OS see Balmer's "developers developers developers" speech in the nineties. Of course some people consider this evil. No and no. Windows is "the better fit" because: 1 AD. Myself I think Windows is fine I work in finance. I use Fedora at home as my daily driver but lots of things on Windows are just as easy or as tricky to get running as they are anywhere else.

I was hyped that driver would fix wayland in nvidia the only half decent way to fix mixed DPIs on Linux. Maybe on I will be able to use Linux on this laptop, likely never. Zambyte 11 months ago root parent next [—]. My displays do have different refresh rates and Wayland handles that better in my experience. After that I had no problems, but the external monitor had the same resolution with the laptop display, so I have never tried mixed DPI with Optimus.

In any case, after that I have avoided Optimus and there are enough alternatives. So don't do that, then. I switched to Linux with the release of XP. Later versions of XP SP2 and 3 were better with their service packs offering new features that really should have been in vanilla XP. But the original release of XP was slower than Windows , uglier than Windows and required twice as much system resources as Windows while offering literally nothing in return aside a little more compatibility for gaming.

So I switched to Linux instead. So it's been nearly 20 years running Linux and honestly I've never once missed Windows. I've never got people who said "I can't run x" because everything I've needed to work has worked or there has been some open source alternative that has worked equally well. And if I really needed a corporate platform there was always OSX. Unfortunately macOS these days is becoming a similar cesspool as Windows.

Before long the only good operating systems left will ironically be the free ones. Valve has made it so Linux is finally back to the point "Linux has games it can run that I can play" but it's still a far cry from reaching "Games that I play I can run on Linux". For some it's not a problem but for those that play games from developers which use kernel level anti-cheat Proton isn't a be-all-end-all that Linux is now ready to migrate to.

My father now runs it on his laptop. For the average user who does not game, windows is not recommended by me. Linux has stopped me in my tracks a few times, but I fiddle with things. My grandmother and father haven't had any issues in the years they have had it installed. Can you watch youtube videos with hardware acceleration yet? Facetious question but for a genuine response: Firefox yes, your distro's Chromium package yes, but Chrome proper is still refusing to enable it though they allowed you to toggle it for a bit after 88 the retracted that in Not being facetious at all.

I'm replying to "there really isn't a good excuse to stay with Microsoft. I'd love to use linux but It's hard to say everyone should use linux when in not everyone even has proper video acceleration. Download them with youtube-dl and use whatever hardware-accelerated video player you like.

Bonus: Youtube can no longer steal them out from under you at the behest of copyright trolls, because they're on your harddrive. Really impressed how everything kinda just worked out the box. I'm very excited to see if Valve's proton will push more people to Linux and in general, improve the desktop experience.

The far-field microphone even works. Whatever runtime Steam bundles with its games will soon grow almost as many irritating warts. Valve is apparently getting anticheat to work, which under Windows involves basically voluntarily installing a kernel-level rootkit so the game publisher can fully monitor your PC.

Ultimately the ideal setup will probably involve keeping a Windows machine around for gaming and using Linux for serious work. I've had the opposite experience - Proton has been getting better and better - even more so if you like to play around with the Glorious Eggroll fork. Then again, I mostly play single player games that don't have anti-cheat. Once Valve gets anticheat working though, which they are actively working on, it's basically game over. Unfortunately my favorite game right now, Vermintide 2, uses Easy Anti Cheat which does not work with Proton.

I've had to set up a VM with pass-through to play it. I have a computer that runs Windows, exclusively for playing video games, and I have another computer for doing work, that will never run Windows outside of a VM. How do you avoid malware on Linux? MeinBlutIstBlau 11 months ago parent prev next [—]. I love Linux, but it's still like a glass house. One simple terminal command out of curiosity will basically force you to reinstall the OS. If you're response to that is "well you should know what you're doing before you run as sudo," all I can say is no.

There is no reason why changing a DE, or installing certain software should make it nigh impossible to revert to previous changes short of being an expert or full reinstall. Plus minor quirks with every single one. It gets tedious fast to the point that I just want to develop. I don't want to mess around with why I can't use this piece of software because of some configuration issue related to Linux. I just want it to work.

When I'm on Linux, more often then not I'd rather just not have complicated software as I'm used to on Windows or Mac. Linux is where you go when you borderline have to expect something isn't going to work or you'll need to do a reinstall at some point. I've never felt that way about Windows or Mac unless my root drive felt bloated and it was entirely optional. Makes it hard to mess up your system to the point where it doesn't work.

Would an equivalent command run by an admin on Windows not cause the same types of issues? Sure, there might be some files that can't be deleted while the system is running like kernel Front end web development? Something else? Because life as a developer on unix is much much nicer than it is on Windows for most types of work. It'll be better for your job prospects and sanity in the long run.

MeinBlutIstBlau 11 months ago root parent next [—]. I just reinstalled gnome manjaro. Not even an hour in and there is a major issue. I right clicked on the dock to get to Dash To Dock. I hit the super key at the same time an while that menu was up, I hit the settings button for the dash to dock.

It just opens up an error that is very long and I'm not willing to resolve. This is why Linux desktop will never be taken seriously. Because you personally don't know how to use it, the Linux desktop will never be taken seriously? Imagine if a tech-illiterate person was using Windows, and then they accidentally enabled the option to hide the taskbar. If they were to throw their hands up and complain about how this shit doesn't work, you would probably think they were overreacting.

And if you send them some instructions on how to restore the task bar, and they reply with "instructions too long; I'm not willing to read all that, I'll just reinstall the operating system", you would probably think they were being ignorant and lazy. I think the problem is that not everyone reacts differently to being made to feel stupid which software frequently does to us : some people approach the situation with humility, other people get defensive and angry.

I see this a lot with programmers, where someone inherits another person's code and rather than attempt to understand it, they proclaim that it's shit and decide to rewrite it. That's the only explanation I have for why so many tech literate people incl' engineers seem to completely shutdown when confronted with seemingly trivial issues. It has to be something emotional like that, because doesn't take much time or effort to look up how to fix whatever problem you're having.

Sure, you might not need to "look up" how to do something on Windows, but you've also probably been using Windows for a very long time. Aside: Idk why people keep recommending Gnome to Linux newcomers. KDE Plasma is an actually usable and mature desktop, and it should be much more familiar to people coming from Windows which is probably the vast majority of people.

My last Linux kill was mixing up command that adds group to a user with one replacing whole user groups list. Has been true on every os since the beginning. I recommend Ubuntu Mate as something that works well for dev work with a minimum of tweaking needed. Also, I always keep my data files on another partition so OS installs are not a worrisome operation.

I like how defender has been a daily thing on HN for the last week. If you want to turn this shit completely off or actually remove it , you just need to find a way to elevate a prompt as TrustedInstaller. This is the magic spell required to carry out extremely dangerous actions, such as 'net stop windefend', or otherwise adjusting permissions so the local administrator is allowed to do administrative things again.

I hesitate to share the actual mechanisms for elevating TI at this point. God forbid Microsoft plugs all those little holes and I have literally no choice but to move everything to Linux. Ideally, I wouldn't have to jump through these hoops and could just pay for a properly-licensed copy of Windows that I actually own.

I don't think those controls will ever go away, because Windows is mostly just gamers and corporate IT installations, and IT people will need full control over that kind of stuff until the end of time, due to law. This is the other edge of the sword when dealing with leviathans like Microsoft. If some arbitrary megacorps need a way around this, it would be economically infeasible for Microsoft to develop special custom code piles for every one of them in addition to the builds that the general public use, and also ensure the corporate builds don't magically leak out somehow at that scale.

I use that and another setting to disable automatic sample submitting after catching Defender uploading sensitive files from my Firefox profile directory like places. I don't know how the new Defender quarantine works, but it's not just a folder on the system anymore. Often you just can't get your files back and Microsoft's answer is "well, they're dangerous". MomoXenosaga 11 months ago parent prev next [—]. Win10 home doesn't have that.

And I speak from experience that defender likes to magic away files to quarantine without any user interaction. Yes I didn't believe it either but it does. While Windows 10 Home doesn't have a UI for manipulating the local group policy settings you might have luck just setting the registry key directly.

This is how you end up with people degrading their system's security overall, which is what you really don't want. DrBazza 11 months ago prev next [—]. And from just the other day: Windows Defender blocks decss. I think agreements like: "We'll only make it legal to run our streaming service on your OS if you can prevent these specific set of software from running". I think this already happens with TV's but anyone knows if there is already pressure in this direction in the software world?

If I can't stream i pirate and I do it on linux. No Loki in my region? Didn't stop me. I basically do the same thing. But we are not the ones that will be hit by this. It's the normies and computer illiterates that will have to deal with the issue. And god save us from the politicians that will make OSes that can pirate content just plain illegal. You want to support people making the things you enjoy.

You want Netflix and other streaming companies to see that Linux users matter. What if you pay for Netflix — because you want to support creators, — but you actually download stuff — because you also want to be able to watch it without hustle? Like Netflix 4K is not working on Linux. I dont have to do that with music spotify works on linux and my phone so its fine or with games steam works with linux and valve makes linux gaming better every single day.

Netflix here in Germany has a pathetic libary and i dont want to subscribe to 5 services to watch the 5 or 6 TV shows i want to see. Thats neither fair nor convenient. Piracy is mostly a distribution problem and to a much lesser degree a pricing problem. Yeah, no. I don't have to prove to a company that i am worthy to use their service without selling my soul and privacy to shaddowy entities.

It's their job to sell a service that i would want to use to me. What if the vendor just says "no"? Who's going to win in the court of public opinion when this hits the press? Besides, they don't seem to care that much, considering that very few people actually watch videos on their computers anymore.

In case they do, it's through a browser which sandbox at least on firefox the decryption modules to prevent them from scanning the operating system. The "court of public opinion" didn't prevented walled gardens on the mobile world.

People wouldn't stop watching BigStudio if they didn't offer their service for a TV vendor, people would just buy from the vendor who bowed to the imposed conditions. You can find it on cheap digital decoders which have no support for streaming or apps. I don't think this is mere coincidence, I think streaming services and content producers already pressure TV vendors to not support "unwanted features"; in exchange, they gain the right to include some apps out-of-the-box.

Trying to force vendors to remove piracy apps would be closer to the latter. As a concrete example, apple's app tracking transparency seem so be doing pretty well. So how to you explain the complete lack of recording features on TV sets that support streaming services? The complete lack of recording features? I can't comment about brazil because I don't like there, but in the US they're pretty popular, to the point that cable providers even advertise it as a feature, eg.

Actually I don't think I made myself clear enough. When I said "record" I meant "unencrypted record to external media". Sure I could see something like this happen on a mobile device or even MacOS but with Windows I feel like it's far too open ended for MS to do something like this without screwing their enterprise customers. And even if they did do something like this, most pirates will just pirate the enterprise version of Windows and run that.

It's not only feasible but it's basically reality. Anti-cheat systems for online games can literally ban you if they detect that you run a blacklisted program in the background or use a modified graphics driver. And you won't even know why you were banned, and lose access to all games you bought with that account. Everyone would just add a "streaming" user account, and run all the prohibited software under another user.

AnIdiotOnTheNet 11 months ago prev next [—]. Just another way in which the cure anti-malware software is worse than the disease the malware. Slows down every file access and program launch, high false positive rate, is itself a vector for exploitation Anti malware software is worse than malware in itself. By the way the reason we have malware in Windows is for how Windows works: unlike Linux distributions Windows doesn't have a package manager yes, now there is the Windows store, but practically no one uses it, even Microsoft itself since you don't find Office on it!

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Fresh bread qbittorrent The complaints in GitHub started rolling fresh bread qbittorrent on March 4. What is anti-virus software in general but "censorship" of people's abilities to distribute viruses to whoever they want? Other than that, I have found that some variant of linux or macOS outperforms windows in every way for my needs insert obligatory, YMMVand I am happy to list those out if anyone is interested or needs help deciding which OS suits their needs best. Follow step 2. Providing all of the necessary files leads to fresh bread qbittorrent similar to assembling a virtual machine, Pasztor said, and that not an easy thing to do. Posted in News Roundup at pm by Dr.
Fresh bread qbittorrent Of course some people consider this evil. He also missed the human interaction he had previously with his probation officer, since everything was conducted through an anonymous chatbot system. You can feel His embrace from first contact with the language. The way these organizations apply open principles to developing their internal talent—that is, how they facilitate and encourage talented employees to develop and advance in all layers of the organization—is a critical component of their sustainability and success. What is an adblocker but software that "censors" someone's ability to advertise in the most effective way possible? Last week saw several patches for working fresh bread qbittorrent tune the Znver3 Read article 11 support with correct latencies for more instructions and other optimizing.
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