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once upon a time 1x19 online subtitulado torrent

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Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold as her attorney when Emma is forced to arrest her for the suspected murder of David's wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming sets out to stop a determined and unhinged Snow White, whose memory is still clouded by Rumplestiltskin's potion, from assassinating the Evil Queen. Hat Trick.

Emma continues to search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret's innocence. Regina has to decide between true love or living a loveless life marrying royalty. What happened to Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin's son, after he ran away is revealed, on the day his father became The Dark One. August's past is revealed, meanwhile Regina tries to seduce David. The Evil Queen convinces Snow White to eat her apple. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, she finds a way to retrieve the fruit to get rid of Emma who is ready to make a deal with Regina to leave town while maintaining visitation rights with Henry.

Regina and Emma must work together to save Henry, meanwhile in the Enchanted Forest, Charming must find Snow before it is too late. The curse is broken and the people of Storybrooke remember their past. Emma is reunited with her parents.

Though Mr. Gold has unleashed magic, Regina finds herself unable to use it as he unleashes a dark creature on her. Meanwhile, the Seven Dwarves discover that if anyone leaves Storybrooke, they will lose the memory of their true identity. Emma, Snow White, Mulan and Aurora head for Snow White's castle to find the wardrobe that sent Emma to earth as a baby hoping they can use it to get back to Storybrooke.

In the past, Snow finds out what the gender of her first born will be. Belle and Rumpelstiltskin's relationship takes a sudden turn when someone from her past suddenly reappears in her life. Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin's wife is kidnapped by a band of pirates.

The true identity of one of Storybrooke's residents is revealed to be Dr. As Emma and Hook climb a beanstalk in search of a magic bean, Emma thinks about her past and how she met Henry's father. Child of the Moon. Into the Deep. Queen of Hearts. The Cricket Game. The Outsider. In the Name of the Brother. While Emma, Gold, and Henry chase after Baelfire, Regina, Cora, and Hook search the town for Rumpelstiltskin's sword in an attempt to destroy his power. Back in fairy tale land, a valiant Rumpelstiltskin is called to war but encounters dark forces along the way.

The Queen Is Dead. The Miller's Daughter. Emma and David enlist Gold's help to protect Mary Margaret from a vengeful Regina while Henry searches for a way to destroy magic in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, back when the spell was originally cast, Regina seeks the company of a father and son who stumble into Storybrooke. Mary Margaret begins to deal with her guilt concerning the death of Regina's mother when Neil's girlfriend arrives in Storybrooke.

When she finds out that David and Mary Margaret plan to return to the Enchanted Forest, Regina searches for the fail-safe key that will destroy Storybrooke. In the fairy-tale world, Queen Regina continues her search for the bandit Snow White.

Emma begins to suspect Tamara's motives. When Regina goes missing, Emma immediately suspects Tamara. After Bae leaves the magical world, he lands in London, England and stumbles upon the Darling house where he meets Wendy and her brothers. Meanwhile, Gold shows Lacey his magical powers. And Straight on Till Morning.

The Heart of the Truest Believer. In Neverland, Peter Pan gives Emma a map that will reveal Henry's whereabouts as soon as she accepts her true identity, while Gold receives some unexpected advice. Back in fairy tale land, the Evil Queen presents Snow with an offer, which Charming does not want her to take. Quite a Common Fairy. Gold makes a decision to confront Pan, while Neal finds himself back in Neverland and in the custody of one of Pan's most loyal Lost Boys.

Back in fairy tale land, Rumplestiltskin goes in search of a missing Baelfire, who has followed a mysterious figure who steals away children with his music. Hook brings the ailing David along on a quest. Gold and Regina begrudgingly agree to work together to take down Pan. Gold and Regina send Ariel to Storybrooke with an item that will help Belle locate an artifact that could help take down Pan, while Emma, Neal and Hook attempt to find Dark Hollow in order to capture Pan's shadow.

Think Lovely Thoughts. Emma gets the Lost Boys to tell her where Pan is. Henry is saved and all prepare to leave Neverland and go back to Storybrook. Everyone appears to have found their happy ending now that Pan is gone. Or is he? The residents of Storybrooke are overjoyed upon the return of Henry and our heroes from Neverland. But unbeknownst to them, a plan is secretly being put into place by a well-hidden Pan that will shake up the very lives of the townspeople.

Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Snow White and Prince Charming's honeymoon turns out to be anything but romantic when they go in search of a mythical being that could stop Regina cold in her tracks. The residents of Storybrooke race to stop Pan from placing another curse on the town.

Everyone returns to the Enchanted Forest, except for Emma and Henry who now live in New York and remember nothing of their time spent in Storybrooke. Hook will try to get Emma to remember who she and Henry really are. Emma arrives in Storybrooke with Henry and reunites with her friends and family, only to discover that no one remembers how they were transported back—or the past year they had spent back in Fairy Tale Land.

But Emma is sure that someone in town is responsible for this new curse and teams up with Regina in an attempt to uncover their identity. Meanwhile, in Fairy Tale Land during the past year, Regina, with the aid of Robin Hood, attempts to break into her castle, which has been overtaken by the Wicked Witch. The hunt for the Wicked Witch continues. Meanwhile, Zelena has an ominous plan for David; Prince Charming encounters Rapunzel and assists her in facing her fears.

Neal finds himself back in Storybrooke and yearns for a way to reconnect with his son Henry, whose memories of his father are gone, while also trying to find his own father, Rumplestiltskin, whom he has just learned is alive but missing, and Regina discovers a possible connection with Robin Hood. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was over the past year, agonizing over the death of his father, Neal—with the help of Belle and enchanted candelabra Lumiere—attempts to find a magical solution to bring back Rumplestiltskin from the dead.

With Rumplestiltskin as her slave, Zelena challenges Regina to a fight to the death and shocks the Evil Queen with the reveal of their familial connection, and the town lays Neal to rest. Meanwhile, back in the past in the land of Oz, a jealous Zelena asks the Wizard to send her to Fairy Tale Land after discovering that she has a sister, Regina, and that Rumplestiltskin is training her to become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Regina instructs Emma in magic. After Zelena steals Regina's heart, Regina casts a spell so that she can speak across the realms to her dead mother, Cora, to discover the truth about why she abandoned Zelena, and Belle stumbles across what Zelena's ultimate end game is. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, young Cora is duped by a man claiming to be a prince and finds herself alone and pregnant.

But a chance meeting with a real prince could lead Cora to the royal life she's always craved, but she must keep her pregnancy a secret or risk losing everything. Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook—whose lips have been cursed by the Wicked Witch—doesn't proceed with kissing Emma, which will drain all of her magical powers away, and things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was during the past year, Snow and Charming go in search of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, to see if she can help them defeat Zelena, and the curse that will ultimately send the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke is cast—but from an unlikely source.

With Mary Margaret in labor and due to give birth at any moment, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn't try to steal her newborn baby for use in her ultimate game plan. Meanwhile, in the land of Oz , Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz.

But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing. In this the first part of a double episode, everyone in Storybrooke joins Mary Margaret and David as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Emma's brother but the time traveling portal that Zelena created before her demise comes to life, and takes Emma and Hook back to the Enchanted Forest before the events of the original curse. Emma and Regina are about to find out that the portal has open for a last time only to bring out a frozen evil in Storybrook.

When Emma finds Elsa in an ice cave she triggered, her life is in danger when Elsa traps her in with her. When an icy spell is cast on Marian, the residents of Storybrooke place the blame on Elsa, unaware the mysterious woman who runs the town's ice cream parlor has the same powers as Elsa and is trying to frame her. Hook asks Gold for his hand to be reattached for a first date with Emma.

Henry and Mary Margaret try to help Regina when she becomes frustrated over not being able to find a cure for a frozen Marian. Back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Rumplestiltskin uses Anna to acquire a magical box from the Sorcerer's apprentice. Regina reluctantly teams up with Emma to search for the Snow Queen after Sidney, who is once again Regina's prisoner in the mirror, discovers her whereabouts and agrees to lead her to the location.

With Belle babysitting baby Neal, a nervous Mary Margaret and David prepare for their first date night away from their child and find themselves on a mission to track down Will Scarlet, who has escaped from the town jail, and Elsa sees Anna in the Storybrooke woods. Meanwhile, back in the past, young Emma finds herself a kindred spirit when she befriends a girl who, like …. Belle attempts to use Rumplestiltskins dagger to find out where the Snow Queen is hiding. Hook and Emma search for answers about the snow queen.

Back in fairytale land of the past Anna returns home from her time in the enchanted forest but doesn't know what to tell her sister about what she found out. Emma's powers are getting stronger and she finally captures the snow queen but with one bit of doubt she could ruin everything.

In Arendelle, when the Snow Queen tries to pit Elsa and Anna against each other and when it proves more difficult than she anticipates, she takes drastic measures. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke Emma's powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about. In her confusion, Emma turns to Gold for help getting her powers under control.

Gold tells her about a way to get rid of her powers altogether and Hook tries to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her plan to find the author of the storybook until her …. Smash the Mirror: Part 2. As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa search for Anna, Belle and the fairies work on an antidote, and Gold, with a reluctant Hook as his servant, works on an exit strategy. In the aftermath of the Snow Queen's curse; Emma looks for a portal so Elsa, Anna and Kristoff can return to Arendelle, Regina makes a difficult choice, and Gold's quest for power reaches a dramatic conclusion.

Hook and Belle search for a way to release the fairies from the Sorcerer's hat, Emma, Regina and Henry continue to look for clues that could lead them to the Author, and Gold and Ursula enlist Cruella to join their cause, as flashbacks show their first meeting. Regina's getting desperate. She knows that the only way to get answers about this mysterious author is to go undercover. Emma is determined to use her special skills to help Regina but is constantly denied the chance.

Meanwhile Rumplestiltskin's heart shatters as he watches his wife fall for somebody else. Back in the enchanted forest we see young Regina seek the help of a powerful witch; Maleficent. This exciting episode reveals that even the heroes have to break the rules …. Enter the Dragon. Hook tries to make a deal with Ursula as flashbacks show their complicated past, while Regina struggles to maintain her cover with Gold, Cruella and Maleficent. Maleficent puts the town under a sleeping curse.

The Charmings past with Maleficent is revealed. Emma and Regina try to free the author. Emma is still reeling after learning the truth of her parents' history with Maleficent, but she must focus on finding the Author, who is running loose in Storybrooke, before Gold does. When Gold's quest for his happy ending grows more urgent, he blackmails Regina into helping him. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Robin Hood learns what it means to be an honorable thief when he accepts a proposition by Rumpelstiltskin to travel to Oz to steal a valuable magic elixir from the Wicked Witch.

Cruella's backstory is revealed through flashbacks involving her and the author; Regina plans on saving Robin Hood from Zelena, but Cruella has other plans. Lily, Emma's old friend is back. Only this time she's looking for revenge. Will they become friends again or will they still have a strained friendship? Emma introduces Lily to Maleficent. Lily plans on seeking revenge on Prince Charming and Snow.

Gold continues to search for a happy ending for villains, as well as Regina. The Author proves to be a formidable wild card and forges an alliance with Gold. Emma, her parents, Hook and Regina scramble to stop them, but when Gold and the Author turn the tables on heroes and villains alike, the prospect of any happy outcome appears worlds away.

Henry discovers he has big shoes to fill as he steps up to save his family before the story's final page is turned. It's a race to the finish, and everything culminates with a shocking twist that will leave the residents of Storybrooke reeling. With Emma now facing the nature of the Darkness in herself, she encounters Merida. Her family and friends go to extreme measurements to find Emma and bring her home safely. While Prince Arthur organizes a ball in Camelot, darkness rises in Storybrooke, to the search of a savior.

A royal ball is held in Camelot, but a dark turn of events forces David and Robin to take action. Meanwhile, Regina's fortitude is tested as she tries to safeguard Emma; and back in Storybrooke, Hook attempts to bring Emma back to the light. In Rumplestiltskin return, Emma takes her chance at the taking of Excalibur, while King Arthur's real identity is revealed. Emma and Regina devise a plan to free Merlin, but they lack a pivotal ingredient. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David seek an important dagger; Henry asks Violet to go on a date; and Merida attempts to carry out a covert mission Emma has assigned her.

Gold and Merida are tested to their limits, can they be the heroes they need to be? King Arthur's help is needed to contact Merlin but can he be trusted. The history of Excalibur is revealed. Hook risks everything to uncover the truth about what Emma did in Camelot.

Red and Mulan return to help Merida uncover the truth about her father's death. Hook's centuries old lust for revenge against Rumpelstiltskin is reignited. Destiny collides as the forces of light and dark are on a charged confrontation. The dark siege of Storybrooke is underway as all of the resurrected Dark Ones target a living soul for sacrifice so that they can return to the realm of the living.

The mission to rescue Hook from the Underworld turns out to be more difficult than expected as the heroes encounter souls with unfinished business. In the Underworld, an escapee from Hades' prison informs the heroes that Hook is being held captive. Welcome to Storybrooke. Selfless, Brave and True. The Evil Queen. Second Star to the Right. And Straight on 'til Morning. Season 3. The Heart of the Truest Believer.

Lost Girl. Quite a Common Fairy. Nasty Habits. Good Form. Dark Hollow. Think Lovely Thoughts. Save Henry. The New Neverland. Going Home. New York City Serenade. Witch Hunt. The Tower. Quiet Minds. It's Not Easy Being Green. The Jolly Roger. Bleeding Through.

A Curious Thing. Snow Drifts. There's No Place Like Home. Season 4. A Tale of Two Sisters. White Out. Rocky Road. The Apprentice. Breaking Glass. Family Business. The Snow Queen. Smash the Mirror: Part 1. Smash the Mirror: Part 2. Shattered Sight. Heroes and Villains. Darkness on the Edge of Town. Enter the Dragon. Poor Unfortunate Soul. Best Laid Plans. Heart of Gold. Sympathy for the De Vil.

Operation Mongoose: Part 1. Operation Mongoose: Part 2. Season 5. The Dark Swan. The Price. Siege Perilous. The Broken Kingdom. The Bear and the Bow. The Bear King. Broken Heart. Swan Song. Souls of the Departed. Labor of Love.

Devil's Due. The Brothers Jones. Our Decay. Her Handsome Hero. Ruby Slippers. Last Rites. Only You. An Untold Story. Season 6. The Savior. A Bitter Draught. The Other Shoe. Strange Case. Street Rats. Dark Waters. I'll Be Your Mirror. Wish You Were Here. Tougher Than the Rest. Murder Most Foul. Ill-Boding Patterns. Page A Wondrous Place. Mother's Little Helper. Where Bluebirds Fly.

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