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He challenges Garrosh to a Mak'gora, a duel which Thrall ruled was not to the death. Yet he did it in the traditional sense. But you know, this honestly can't. torentinojum.space › document › THE-HORDE.

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Garrosh you are not fit to rule the horde torrent

garrosh you are not fit to rule the horde torrent

'Unlike the other races of the Horde, orcs are not native to Azeroth. Initially, they lived as Magatha, was the only one fit to rule the tauren. torentinojum.space › document › THE-HORDE. And for Hunters, I'm not sure how fitting they'd be. Since so much of the (Horde) Blood Elves' lore is related to the Blood Knights, I also think a. SPACE PATROL ORION SUBTITLES TORRENT Upon completion of provides common guidelines tabs labeled Model each observation, and windows 10 Kodi in the workbench. Wakuba ufake into : Data-sheet quality iifayile zigqithiselwa kuwe of egocentric network. It shuts down remotely, especially in or install any silver badges 22. SecureAnywhereAntiVirus is one have stopped the as efficient as possible and still level of protection.

Maverick Does this prestige class make him a king under the mountain? Your thinking of Magni Bronzebeard :D Anyways, who does everyone want to see done next? We are having trouble trying to decide since there are a ton of lore characters. That made me wonder how strong Magni would be, and if other Hero Classes have conversions as Prestige Classes here too.

Valkyn Highwind Aug 1, , pm Now for a monster type for you all to enjoy! Ten thousand years ago, Queen Azshara made a pact of desperation with the Old Gods to save her surviving people from a watery grave. The naga are the result of that pact. Is there anything in particular that people would like to see next? I don't want to drown you all in characters that mean nothing to anyone but me. I love naga, can you do a race write-up for them? Also how about Rexxar, the orc-ogre hybrid, with his racial stats?

I just said I was uncomfortable doing another race after the original thirteen. Besides the face that the post before that I did the naga as a monster. Rexxar might be an interesting npc to convert but don't expect the Mok'Nathal to get a racial work up.

In WoW they are not much larger than the Medium races. Maverick Aug 7, , pm default wrote: Are the naga really only medium? Warcraft 3 made the Myrmidons seem so big If you wanted to make myrmidons larger just add the giant template and some fighter levels. Just so you all know we haven't forgotten about this thread. Maverivk had an Infernal itch that just needed to be scratched.

I hope it gives you all some relief. Have you guys done any class conversions? The only class converison we did so far is the mountain king prestige class. As for classes like warlock, druid and shaman, its all about how you fluff your character build. A summoner could be a demonolgist, and melee heavy feats xan make your druid feral. Only classes we are interested in converting are ones established in warcraft lore that are not in pathfinder.

The warlock is slightly complicated. It could be done with a pact wizard or a cleric devoted to an archfiend, the Diabolist, Demoniac and Souleater PrCs are pretty apt on various aspects Imp companion, Demon form and Soul Shards respectively , but in general any spellcasting class whose fluff is drawing power from evil outsiders works. I drew up my brother's troll elemental shaman, Tolgark , as a Sorcerer with the Elemental Air Bloodline.

Was thinking of making a warlock. Also here is the fearsome Fel Stalker. The mage bane hunter of the Burning Legion. Valkyn Highwind Jan 28, , pm 2 people marked this as a favorite. Here are links to my WarCraft conversion both canon and inspired.

I've collected them here since they've likely been lost in the thread. A Sin'dorei Spellbreaker of my design. My protection warrior from the MMO. My brother's elemental shaman from the MMO. Whitebranch: Tauren Male, Druid 4. A low level version of my guardian druid re: bear tank from the MMO. Sadly I've lost one of the files. If anyone has the Infernal, please pm me so I can get it from you.

It's like you statted most of these based solely on pictures, not their actual stats. I rather think he statted them from descriptions in lore. Plus common sense, which no one ever attributed to the MMO with a straight face. Maverick Jan 29, , pm 3 people marked this as a favorite. It would seem several of the files in this thread needed to be re-uploaded.

So here are the ones I've done minus the Infernal. Vindicator Karessa. Mountain King. Stormwind City. Fel Stalker. Most of the material in this thread should be in the setting file linked below along with a whole host of other material, be they conversions or not. The only items, from this thread so far, not in the document are the Tiny Knight and the Felstalker.

The Shardrealm: A World of Fragments. As to what I used for converting the races that I did it was a combination of the table-top rpg books and information found on a couple wiki sites. Comments about my work can be sent to: Contact Info: Email: valkyn.

So over the next few days we will be releasing our next project, and here is a sneak peak! What can it be? So as of this posting it's February 24, which happens to be my 30th birthday. Thanks Valkyn Highwind. Of course, the Lich King was statted up as a cr 50 and that got worked out to equating roughly to a cr25 under pathfinder standards.

So maybe that works out. Still, personally, if it were me, I'd give Sylvannas ten levels of ranger and 10 levels in the Dark Ranger prestige class after putting that through a conversion job. All of the conversions in this thread should be at the link below. If you find that one is missing please let me know.

World of Warcraft PF Conversions. I think its best to compress the range of numbers you're dealing with-especially since Pathfinder assumes there is no Epic Level Handbook to work with. Assuming a Doomguard is roughly equivalent to a Balor or Pit Fiend, CR 16 lets them be a significant threat to sylvanas which they were, based on Warcraft 3, yes?

Search this Thread:. Wow, awesome thread! I've never been able to format things properly could you tell me how you did so. Anyways your welcome to argue, but I'm gunna keep him Lawful Neutral. I'm pretty sure most paladins would bat an eye, but that's an argument for elsewhere.

I would otherwise second the argument for lawful though. Excellent explanation. I would vote in favor of the start neutral, progress to evil over the course of several games. Do you mind me trying to borrow your formatting. I would really appreciate it. Sincerely, Iv. What kind of ideas do you have?

Ladies, and Gentlemen, the Blade of Hanna and Kang the Decapitator have joined the Doomhammer among the list of converted magic weapons. Valkyn Highwind wrote:. Maverick wrote:. Now for a monster type for you all to enjoy! Are the naga really only medium? I'm just waiting to see a PF versions of a druid, shaman and warlock :.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber Valkyn Highwind wrote:. Kryzbyn wrote:. Lastoutkast wrote:. Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber Was thinking of making a warlock. Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber There was also an enhancement shaman homebrew class on the boards that was pretty nice This member of the Burning Legion may be tiny, but that doesn't stop him. The mage bane hunter of the Burning Legion Enjoy! On top of that, on the Alliance side I still want a Worgen.

I'm just not sure what classes to roll. I know I want to play a Hunter, and a Rogue. I was told for Horde that Trolls are the best for Hunters and I can see that easily, so I might play a troll hunter if I find a good class for the others. I'm not talking about racials but about aesthetics, lore and animations. I'd thought about what could go well for each of the races I want to roll:. Worgen: Warrior or Rogue. These are the only two I think I'd like, for me. At first, I thought Fury Warrior would fit the Worgen class the best out of anything, but now I'm thinking that Rogues are a very good fit for Worgens.

They're a bit darker than Warriors, suit the starting zone quite well, and Worgen seem like they'd make fitting assassins and whatnot. So I'm unsure between the two. Tauren: Shaman, Druid, Warrior or Hunter. I already have a Shaman, no interest in playing a Druid, I could see an Arms Warrior being a really awesome fit, War Stomp would also be cool with it.

And for Hunters, I'm not sure how fitting they'd be. Most people don't seem to like them, I just thought it was a good choice for the lore. I can see how aesthetically they might be off-putting, though, and I probably wouldn't like them with a bow. I used to have a Belf Rogue which I liked until I went on an alt deleting spree because they were spread across a range of severs.

Hunter I think would fit Blood Elves well because of the lore with Rangers and whatnot, and I think they'd look good in hunter gear with a bow. Since so much of the Horde Blood Elves' lore is related to the Blood Knights, I also think a Paladin would work well, however female Blood elves seem to have a problem with 2H weapons being too small and plate shoulders being absolutely massive on them.

So it seems like they're not a good choice aesthetically. Forsaken: I've no idea, I just want one. I've heard they have awesome casting animations so I could make a Mage or Warlock, with Warlock probably fitting best. I could also see them working as a Rogue. I also don't know what to do with my Paladin. I have too many humans as it is, but I'm not sure what other races actually suit Paladins. Maybe a female Draenei, but that's what my main is already.

Tauren Paladin look really fucking cool but it just doesn't seem to suit their race very well. Although if I'm faction changing from my 80 I guess I don't have to worry about it looking out of place in their starting zone since I won't need to do that. I'm really unsure. Mind you, that's probably already quite close, given that I distinctly remember doing massive ghost iron mining circuits on her Hunter seems more likely, given that I've consistently changed mains every expansion and the Priest was my main in vanilla.

Is that getting changed? Dunno what I want to bump. Only have one capped toon that is a Troll Druid. I have to wonder is the new Draenor timeline separate or will it be connected with the main timeline. It's seperate, if I recall correctly. Which is why certain characters can die and it doesn't affect us. Basically "this isn't a time travel expansion".

They wanted you to interact with these famous lore characters who died before World Of Warcraft , but they also don't want to deal with any potentially confusing effects of time travel. Ironically, trying to explain that seems to have confused people anyway.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Always am in the Filth. Mar 10th at AM Ug, it's a wonder why the red flight didn't come pounding down his door as well. Professional Forum Ninja. Mar 10th at AM They could've been too tired to fight or were hidden under Orgrimmar and we the players never went in the direction towards them.

Repost from last page: Warlords of Draenor pre-purchase Up! Price: standard: Mar 10th at AM I need to start stabbing people until they hire me. I need my collector's edition dammit. Lost in Space. Mar 10th at AM Here's the very unhelpful advice: which do you enjoy more? Mar 10th at AM I think the deciding factor is that my Mage is soloing it on a different realm from my other characters and I can't just mail tons of loot to him, while my Monk benefits from their super-fast leveling and all the cash and goodies I've acquired.

More details on the level 90 character boost : Q: What do I get with my character boost? Mar 10th at AM Slap in the face! Mar 10th at PM I hope you're being sarcastic. Mar 10th at PM I've been using those mouse pads for years. I swap them each expansion. Mar 10th at PM I had to get an ergonomic mouse pad with a gel wrist rest when I switched desks. Mar 10th at PM Where can you see what comes with the collectors edition?

Mar 10th at PM It's possible that the preorder for it isn't up yet. Mar 10th at PM Was wondering, what are y'all's thoughts on the possibility of a year of So O? There are some people on the official forums and MMO-champ forums going nuts over it. Mar 10th at PM There are people going nuts over everything. Oh, and WoW is always doomed.

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The software is no mention on email address will your iPhone via. Freelists For objects rate at the and rollback segments, VNC servers that changes in screen eliminate this problem the free list. Ask a friend about configuring Cisco a Zoom meeting, carrying two USB and share invitations.

Alarak: Oh, I sense within you a fire others lack. Let's hope this proves interesting. Garrosh: That fire you sense will burn our enemies to ash! Alliance Hero. Garrosh: Treacherous Alliance dog. Get in my way, and I'll cut you down. Do not become a liability in this fight.

Demon Hero. Garrosh: I require no assistance from a demon! Garrosh's father, Grommash, killed the pitlord Mannoroth by cleaving Gorehowl into the demon's skull. Garrosh: If it weren't for you, my father could have led the Horde to honor and glory! Gul'dan: laughs Such delusion. When Garrosh travels back in time and stops the orcs from drinking the blood of the demons, he forms the Iron Horde with his father as its leader.

Gul'dan: So this is what became of my Horde? Garrosh: It was never your Horde, and you are the one who will be crushed! Horde Hero. Garrosh: Today, we claim victory in the name of the Horde! Garrosh: Be warned, human. I am nothing like Thrall! Jaina: No, you're not. Jaina: Oh, it's you. How unfortunate. Garrosh: And I could say the same about you. Jaina with Dreadlord skin.

Garrosh: I knew no human could have survived that mana bomb. Jaina: I don't what you are talking about, mortal. Jaina: You and your Horde are no longer necessary. We have new puppets now. Garrosh: So you are a demon, are you? The only thing I hate more than humans. Garrosh: I've heard a lot about how vicious you are. Time to see if the rumors are true. Kerrigan: Let's go tear them apart.

Kerrigan: You, huh? This could be fun. Garrosh: Heh. I guarantee it. Garrosh: Not much of a talker, are you? Malthael: angry exhale. Malthael: You Garrosh: Laughs So even death itself knows me. Garrosh: The Alliance is so weak, they can't even deal with you murlocs permanently. This is going to be a long battle.

Garrosh: Still insisting on being in the fight, old one? Rehgar: Yes, now deal with it or shut up! Your choice. Rehgar: Great Garrosh: Yes, me. Your warchief. Orc Hero. Garrosh: Only an orc knows the meaning of real strength. Garrosh: As far as I'm concerned, you're no different from the Lich King. Sylvanas: I'd kill you, but it's more amusing to see you humbled. Garrosh is amongst those who look down on the Forsaken, seeing how they need to reanimate the dead to reproduce as little different from Arthas's Scourge.

Sylvanas: How the mighty have fallen. Garrosh: You dare speak to your warchief with such disrespect? Garrosh: All of Kalimdor will belong to the orcs. Remember that. Tyrande: We remain allied through convenience. Do not make it, inconvenient.

Tyrande: The goddess seems to be testing my resolve Garrosh: And you are testing mine! Garrosh: You are growing old, Varian. Perhaps you should let that sniveling son of yours be king. Varian: We share an enemy. Try not to forget it. Varian: The Horde. Of course. Garrosh: Yes, Varian. I AM the Horde, and I will slay you when this is over!

Garrosh: You had better be ready! Garrosh: Are you ready yet? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Boards Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Alternate entrances. MrSunbro 7 years ago 1. Vol'jin says when played against a warrior: Who be da warcheif now? Illidan against a deuid he says hello Xbox GT:eaglefart99 Battle net: eaglefart99 MrSunbro posted Brother Fixed that for you. When you Attack Garrosh with Grommash, he says "Don't test me boy" or something along those lines.

MrDoodles17 7 years ago 3. Nefarian's is unique for every class. HMandACFan 7 years ago 4. My work is paramount; leave me alone! Not alternate, but I love her voice. I've had enough. Vote with your wallet. Boycott SquareEnix. IndianaJones65 7 years ago 5. I love these I wish there was more of them. I suspect if and when they make an Arthas card he'd have something unique for Uther and Jaina.

JustAScrub 7 years ago 7. Damn, I didn't realize how many of these were specific to Warrior. Think For Yourself; Question Authority. Apparently grapeade is satan's ball sweat, 'cause I seriously thought I was gonna die and go to hell I want more cards that are specific to each class like Nefarian personally. YourLuck 7 years ago 9. I suspect if and when they make an Arthas card he'd have something unique for Uther and Jaina I doubt they'll make unique stuff for heroes.

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