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download do filme sid e nancy legendado torrent

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Photos Top cast Edit. David Hayman Malcolm as Malcolm. Debby Bishop Phoebe as Phoebe. Andrew Schofield John as John. Perry Benson Paul as Paul. Tony London Steve as Steve. Sandy Baron Hotelier - U. Edward Tudor-Pole Hotelier - U. Biff Yeager Detective as Detective. Courtney Love Gretchen as Gretchen. Rusty Blitz Reporter as Reporter.

Ed Pansullo Detective as Detective. Vincent J. Isaac Detective as Detective. Alex Cox. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Gary Oldman wore Sid's real chain necklace in the movie. When doing his research, Sid's mom gave him the necklace to wear during filming. In real life, Poly Marion Eliott is of Anglo-Somali parentage; and in she was not model thin, plus she had short curly hair and braces.

This is because the group was originally meant to be Siouxsie and the Banshees , but they wouldn't give permission for the use of their songs. Quotes [getting off the phone with her parents] Nancy : I fucking hate them! Sid : We would! User reviews Review.

Top review. Not Romeo and Juliet. I wasn't expecting much when settling down to watch the DVD. I was pleasantly surprised to find a coherent, energetic but ultimately melancholy study of co-dependency, with two terrific central performances.

Not the actors' fault. In fact it's not a fault at all. There is something inexplicable there. Whatever forces were at play in forming the young man who became Sid Vicious, it's to the credit of Alex Cox and his team that they don't waste time speculating upon them or trying to analyse them.

Instead, the film lives up to its title, starting just before the relationship starts and ending just after Nancy's death. The era in which the film was made is a significant factor in appreciating it. It was, in the UK at any rate, a time when the welfare state that had been so painstakingly put into place began to be systematically unravelled, a land where the notion of Society was belittled, in which hyper-individualism was lauded, where any sense of community was being abandoned, and the search for it becoming a joke.

I remember all that only too well. And of course it's not over yet: the unravelling continues. Sid and Nancy meet in a frenzy and finish in a fog. Estilo Punk Rock. Mode Punk. Look Dark. Sid Vicious and Nancy.

Punk Rock Quotes. Inspirational Paragraphs. Sid The Sloth. I Fall To Pieces. Bonnie N Clyde. Gary Oldman. Film Quotes. Andrada Boldis. Rock N Roll. Angsty Teen. Johnny Rotten. Much Music. Celebrity Skin. One Wave. Old Love. Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. James Allen. New Wave Music. Foo Fighters. Rock And Roll. These guys would have been awesome parents.

Grunge Outfits. Punk Outfits. Sid Und Nancy. Rock Fashion. Sid and Nancy, Johnny Cash. Anna Nicole Smith. Brittany Murphy. Barbara Bush. Carrie Fisher. Kate Moss. Famous Groupies. Sid and Nancy. K Dick. Jim Morrison. Sound Of Music. New Wave. Sid Vicious tabloid paper. That is right,Sid was never the murder of Nancy Spungen!!! Disfraz Rock And Roll. Movie Blog. Punk Rock Fashion. David Bowie. Kurt Cobain. Punks Not Dead. Up Book.

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