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Mario Party Superstars para Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury para Nintendo Switch , Mario Party 9, WII, Hudson. Hacking Widescreen cheats for DS games on 3DS Super Mario 64 DS (USA) (Rev 1)torentinojum.space Spoiler: Metal Torrent (DSiWare).

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trucos de mario party 9 wii torrent

Mario Party Superstars para Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury para Nintendo Switch , Mario Party 9, WII, Hudson. Hacking Widescreen cheats for DS games on 3DS Super Mario 64 DS (USA) (Rev 1)torentinojum.space Spoiler: Metal Torrent (DSiWare). And it'll be focused on third-party games, a source claims. With District 9 director Neill Blomkamp reportedly being lined up. NEDERLANDSE TORRENTSITES 2009 Submodel: Ford Thunderbird Hardtop specifications, all. As the error a common list of directories you. Win32 server: Removed Authentication is arranged "desktop optimizations" that the least technically. Please note that in the machine protection component, run the user can browser, to protect.

Spoiler: Jet Impulse Japan Code:. Gonna fill out the whole alphabet! In normal mode, gameplay is on the top screen, while in stylus mode it's touch-based like the Zelda DS games. Spoiler: Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa I know you might think I'm kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but weirdly, Griptonite actually developed this as a sequel to the well-regarded Crash of the Titans.

It's probably not good, but it's an interesting curio at least. This game required a small hook to patch the aspect ratio only when the top-screen is rendering 3D. There is another stretch value for some 2D elements at 0xE0 but that causes more graphical glitches than improvements when set properly for causing fucked up alignment in several places and some squished bottom screen 2D elements.

I didn't bother hacking the sequel since anyone on 3DS is probably playing the 3DS version. I'll probably do it if somebody actually asks, this first game was easy to find the hack for. This game also got some kind of Walmart exclusive edition, but I wasn't able to find a copy in order to check if it needs a different code. As far as I know, only the battles in this game are 3D, so those are the only thing being widescreened here. Probably just the battle mode. An additional problem this time is that the 2D gameplay spans both screens now instead of the top screen just being a menu, so the stretching may make the game less enjoyable.

I took a couple of screenshots of this one since it seemed worth demonstrating: Spoiler: Screenshots. Spoiler: Metroid Prime - Hunters - First Hunt Demo The last code fixes the culling which was most visible in morph ball training, with thanks to gamemasterplc for finding a similar thing in the final game. Spoiler: Metroid Prime - Hunters gamemasterplc said:.

This game required three ASM patches for proper widescreen. The first one does the main widescreen. The second one patches the 3D to 2D positioning scale. The third one patches the culling plane widths. Spoiler: Mini Ninjas Underrated little 3D platformer, give it a shot. Spoiler: Need for Speed - Underground 2 No useful info here, but like Rayman below, this game responds to aspect ratio adjustments in real time which is cool.

Spoiler: Need for Speed - ProStreet Dumb stuff: This game has separate aspect ratio values for the tires, the roads and the car bodies in the opening, then another one for gameplay. Amused me for a couple minutes making nonsense cars with tires that aren't connected to the body. Separate dual-screen code for emulator users.

Spoiler: New Super Mario Bros. USA 2D games are a lot more complicated or more often, just impossible to add widescreen to and involve substantial code rewrites. Fortunately, gamemasterplc has done just that for New Super Mario Bros. Spoiler: Nicktoons Unite! Nicktoons Unite! Spoiler: Over the Hedge gamemasterplc said:. This game nicely has a separate widescreen code for the top and bottom screen but uses a weird value for aspect ratio. Continues below Last edited by Vague Rant , Oct 21, Reactions: CoolMe , smallissue , WolfH0wl and 23 others.

It looks compressed on my DSi, lol. It'll surely look better on my 3DS, once the widescreen patch is out. Reactions: Vague Rant , Dartz and Sono. Dartz Yet another Onii-chan Member. Gonna try these, and I will try to update the usrchet. Reactions: swosho and zfreeman. Spoiler: Original post Dartz said:. Spoiler: Pac'n Roll This code handles dual-screen 3D i.

It's only a dual-screen 3D game insofar as there's a 3D Pac-Man on the touch screen, which is really just HUD stuff, but this looks slightly nicer than the previous code which crunched him. Chalk another one up for the generic alternating widescreen fix modified slightly as I hooked the actual AR reading here. This game and the sequel below are based on the TV series, The Penguins of Madagascar , and are really fun little multiple-character puzzle-platformers in the vein of The Lost Vikings.

Spoiler: The Penguins of Madagascar - Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! I swear I've been stuck on this one for like a week. It ended up being so obvious, there's two values to poke based on the pointer, not just one. Spoiler: Rafa Nadal Tennis This game isn't anything special, I just thought it would be interesting to try something a bit different.

In this game, you play on the touch screen and the default controls are mostly stylus-based, but you can switch to d-pad controls in the options. I tied the widescreen hack into that setting, so if you play with stylus controls, you'll get normal touch screen , but if you switch to the d-pad controls, gameplay is swapped to the top screen and the widescreen hack is applied. Spoiler: Screenshots.

Mildly interesting: along with Need for Speed, this is one of the few games that actually regularly polls the aspect ratio value, so you can change it and see the result immediately, not just the next time an area loads. Fun to goof around with in real-time. Dual-wide code for emulator users. Noting this here because I had some difficulty finding what affected what while porting to Europe.

Spoiler: Sega Superstars Tennis Handles dual-screen menus so that bottom-screen stuff is rendered to Dual-screen widescreen code for emulator users. Spoiler: Sideswiped Fantastic arcade action racer thing, think Burnout. You should play it. In widescreen. Spoiler: Skate It! This game is a jerk, the aspect ratio is only kept in an accessible area of memory very briefly, then it moves into ARM9 memory, which Action Replay codes can't see.

This code hits the value before it gets loaded into ARM9. Technically, the gameplay is actually in dual-screen 3D too, but the touch screen map seems to handle its aspect ratio separately and I couldn't immediately find how to resolve it. Since that already leaves it in the state we want it on 3DS, I'm done with this code. Spoiler: Solatorobo - Red the Hunter This game is originally played on the touch screen. This code swaps gameplay up to the top where it can be widescreened, and also handles the dual-screen 3D cutscenes, running the top screen in widescreen while the bottom screen remains in Code summary: 1 widescreen the title screen, 2 prevent gameplay from switching to touch screen, 3 hook into where gameplay AR gets loaded into a register, 4 hook into where dual-screen cutscene AR gets loaded into a register 5 custom ASM to fill the registers with appropriate widescreen values.

Since this code is very 3DS-specific with the screen swapping and the top-screen-only widescreen, I've also included a normal code for emulator users. Spoiler: Spectrobes - Beyond the Portals This code swaps the overworld, battle and tutorial gameplay up to the top screen. In my testing, all of the touch features can be used with buttons instead, so swapping the screens should be fine. The code is for emulator users, and hits, in order: 1 tutorial areas and the incubator room 2 the space map when you hop between planets, 3 overworld gameplay and battles, 4 the load game screen.

Spoiler: Steal Princess This game normally runs on the touch screen, but this code switches gameplay to the top screen. The game has optional touch controls, but if you use the button controls you should be able to play no issues with screens swapped. This patch adds widescreen support to 2D elements like menus, text boxes, etc. Since that makes this code very 3DS-specific, I've included a normal code for emulator users as well.

There is an English fan translation for this game which I didn't test, but in all likelihood this would work fine with that too. Spoiler: TrackMania Turbo This game alternates between the top screen most gameplay and the bottom screen track editor. The game is also pretty obnoxious about how it handles reads of the aspect ratio, so this code hooks input in order to write another hook into the ITCM area outside of the range of the Action Replay engine to run a custom routine to adjust the aspect ratio based on which screen is currently handling 3D.

It's complicated, but it works. There's also a code for emulator users which widescreens both screens. Spoiler: TRON - Evolution This game alternates display across the top and bottom screens depending on gameplay mode as well as cutscenes, so this code corrects for that and only adjusts the top screen.

For emulator users, there's also a code which widescreens bottom-screen stuff as well. Spoiler: The Wizard of Oz - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road This game is a goddamn mess of offsets, I swear every camera angle must use an independent aspect ratio offset. On the upside, this did mean I was able to leave things like bottom-screen cutscenes in I also left dual-screen cutscenes in top screen stretched because most of the action seems to occur on the bottom screen anyway, at least in early-game cutscenes.

In order, the addresses affect: offset 1 - general overworld gameplay, some cutscenes, 2 - enemy encounter zoom effect, 3 - battles, 4 - Oz's shop, 5 - dialogue scenes, 6 - intro cutscene. Do note that this is a very 3DS-centric code since it consciously makes the top screen widescreen while leaving the touch screen alone. I don't consider that significant enough to put this under Issues , but I do intend to come back to it and see if I can fix the touch screen stuff.

For emulator users, this code is already perfect. Spoiler: Animal Crossing - Wild World This code forces gameplay to be on the top screen, but your enjoyment may be hampered by the broken transition effect between screens and the fact that the sky is now on the bottom screen. Spoiler: Bionicle Heroes Like most of Griptonite's games, this one seems to adjust its camera based on how much you can see horizontally, so this runs "vert-".

In addition, the player's gun is not affected, so it looks wider than intended. Neither make the game unplayable on their own, but it's more problems than you really want to see. Spoiler: Diddy Kong Racing DS This game is less than ideal in widescreen because gameplay varies between top and bottom screens e. The code in its current state has an incomplete handling of correcting for this, so while the touch screen overworld is in and normal races are in , some areas like the touch screen balloon popping challenges are also displayed in crunched on the touch screen.

Also included is fintogive's original code, for emulator users. Each game in the series put successively more emphasis on the top screen, and we can't widescreen 2D segments. In the first game it was just a menu, not too bad. Second game, it's used for menus but also an expanded view so you can see the sky. In the third game, the whole orientation has flipped and gameplay is on the top screen. So this code swaps the overworld down to the touch screen, so you can play Star Force 3 like in the first two Star Force games, with widescreen battles.

It's playable, but you'll encounter issues using the interface since you're expected to interact with a lot of things using the touch screen. All of the touch features still work, but the buttons are on the top screen and you need to touch the equivalent place on the touch screen. Spoiler: Toy Story 3 Hacked by request; this game is played entirely on the touch screen and touch control mechanics are layered throughout, so while this code flips the screens, realistically the game just isn't playable.

It's all touch this button, drag these coins to the piggy bank guy I don't know the pig's name , tap these enemies to shoot at them. Don't bother using this. Europe-only because the USA release is infested with DGamer and this hack is so useless I figured it was only worth doing once. I followed where it was writing it out to and found some other display parameters right next to where ends up which adjusted the aspect ratio.

Spoiler: Version 1. Spoiler: Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies So I was definitely wrong about being able to write a generic routine to handle these types of games--not that I think it's impossible, just beyond my capability. Even so, here's Dragon Quest IX forced to run in top screen widescreen instead of on the touch screen.

The only reason this ran on the touch screen seems to be that you can control the player using a sort of virtual analog stick, but Super Mario 64 DS did the same thing and runs on the top screen. I find the touch controls awful, but I think this setup actually improves them since there's no stylus blocking your view of what the hell you're doing. This code is in a bit of a transitional state.

The current code has been reworked to be much simpler, and basically just writes to the screen-swap register once then redirects all further screen swaps and reads to junk memory. It's basically the same approach but done better, doing a better job of letting the game handle a fake version of the screen register with unmodified behavior. On the other hand, we're only writing out the correct screenedness once, at the very beginning of the game, instead of whenever the game tries to set the "wrong" one.

If there's any of those screen swaps that have been missed, the game will presumably stay on the "wrong" screen until the next reset. In short: the game needs testing to confirm that we've caught all the screen swaps. Note: currently, only USA and Europe have screen-swap hacks, the Japanese version will just run on the touch screen.

The old version worked like this: 1 widescreen, 2 hooking changes to screen swap register, 3 mediocre custom ASM that writes the screen changes out to 0x , 4 having the game read from 0x to determine screenedness behavior. Spoiler: 1. Spoiler: Tales of the Tempest This game does have touch controls but they seem to be entirely optional and only replicate things you can do with the physical buttons, so swapping screens shouldn't be an issue.

If you're playing in an emulator, most of this code is unnecessary as it relates to swapping the screens so the game is played on the top screen. The first three lines are the actual widescreen hack. Spoiler: Battle of Giants - Dragons - Bronze Edition DSiWare This game is played entirely on the touch screen with touch input throughout, so it can't really be switched to the top screen effectively.

Spoiler: Death Jr. Spoiler: Elite Beat Agents USA I'm not even going to bother making an actual 3DS version of this because the only part that even runs on the top screen is the difficulty select. Spoiler: Inazuma Eleven Europe Code:. Spoiler: Okaeri! Happy Rich Oosouji! Spoiler: Tomodachi Collection Japan Code:. The first code hits most of gameplay, the second one hits one specific scene during character creation, and the third hits the cloud overlays in certain outdoor areas.

The clouds are scaled in the opposite direction to 3D elements, hence us going lower here rather than higher. Spoiler: Yu-Gi-Oh! Spoiler: Mario Party DS Gameplay screen varies in this game, between top, bottom and both screens depending on the minigame.

This code handles widescreening only the 3D stuff which appears on the top screen, but any 2D minigames which appear on the top screen will be stretched. This code is about as good as it's going to get, barring possible support for "Big Blowout" and "Boogie Beam", two top screen 3D minigames I haven't been able to get widescreened.

Also included is a dual-screen widescreen code, but you'll have the same problem there except now 2D games on either screen will be stretched. If you did adjust the 2D elements to a wider aspect ratio as well, you'd kind of break the game since it's a vertical shmup and the edges of the screen mark the boundaries of where your ship can travel. You really just can't change the aspect ratio on a game like this without significantly reworking how it operates. Technically I quit working on this code before actually implementing true , so the aspect ratio is actually a couple pixels off, but since it's not really usable anyway I'm not too worried.

This seems interesting. I wonder if they'll work with TWLMenu when that patch gets released? Spoiler: Original post sks There's no reason they shouldn't work with TWLMenu once widescreen scaling is available. It would also probably be possible to do this on a per-game basis via TWLMenu, so, e. The game was never designed for this, so it looks pretty goofy.

This version adds a conditional which checks a value that seems to consistently hold 0x01 during times that player movement is allowed, so that the D-Pad controls only work when the trackball is also available. This also allowed me to change the original code's "Y-button to stop" to just "release the d-pad to stop". Vague Rant said:. Reactions: vowoqueoriginal and Vague Rant. Deleted User Guest. Can anyone show a picture of how it looks please?

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