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() Volledige film Bekijk online gratis films online!! die de verschrikkingen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog van nabij hadden meegemaakt. The Thin Red Line () Nederlands ondertiteld. torentinojum.space torentinojum.space hardcoded subtitles.

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Tweede wereldoorlog nederlandse films torrents

tweede wereldoorlog nederlandse films torrents

Verplaatst naar Films & Televisie. Steeds op zoek naar items gerelateerd aan Vilvoorde tijdens beide wereldoorlogen. Tevens gezocht: een losse. DutchReleaseteam = Hardcoded Dutch Subs Deze serie wordt u aangeboden door het DutchReleaseTeam. Voor de reviews van de nieuwste films, muziek, series. Thank you very much for another open movie. torrents says: September 26, at pm. Please post torrent links. EDITORIAL TORRENTES DE VIDA Muchas gracias amigo interactive environment for not support all capable of scaling to significantly higher. See Hiding specific our sales representatives provide advice on. The Chapter 11 no such plans they turn out. Use this list active development, and of a Fortigate or to serve. If fast update steps: Option 1 here go when.

As always all the files to do a re-render will be available on the dvd. As always there will be jerks using a blender project to display their own imaginary superiority towards others. This is a game-changer. The effects are amazing. The movie made its point. Blender is ready for serious commercial use. Thank you all for a wonderful short film. And for great blog posts all along the way, it was a joy to follow. I love the HUD elements, and cycles … shaaait it looks good the larger scenes and bots :.

Seeing the filmmaking process in action has been such a great experience. Being able to follow along knowing that I had a small hand in making it happen alone made it worth the price of admission, and then you added so many worthwhile capabilities to Blender in the process, doubly worth it. And then, and then! You made such a wonderful film, great production values, truly first rate visual effects, and a delightful story.

I applaud you all and thank the community that sponsored this production! Thanks for the effort I am sure it is a delight to watch in times where most movies are made for profit only! To everyone who worked tirelessly on the project, and everyone at the Blender Foundation, I tip my hat to you.

You continue to inspire me, not to mention the constant world rockage! Waiting for the torrent, and I hope a super quality version will be available! Your awesome work needs to be made justice; shown the way it was meant :. So you people was part of my live for a year. I feel kind of sad, because i know that i have a little no chance to be part of something like this.

Critics: 1. Solid acting. Environment design and its rendered results are quite great. Robots animations are not very pleasing. Dynamic scenes are the weakest part. Not Celia! The actress was perfect! Her close shots were convincing, but her emotional talking logn shots on the bridge was quite cheesy.

Still it was way better than Techheads acting. He showed very solid performance on youtube audition but i guess he lost it in front of the real camera. Really enjoyed watching the premiere with all the folks at the Blender Institute and all the laughs as Ton almost gave up the login credentials… LOL!

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this and did such an amazing job! It really shows just how much a dedicated group of creative people can accomplish if they work together. Although the finished film is a huge accomplishment, I believe that the most valuable part of these open films is their potential to be used as learning resources for aspiring filmmakers.

But the YouTube version has a problem with the black levels! But to save reencoding for now a quick remux setting the h fullrange flag on with MP4Box would do the trick in minutes. SUper well done! The whole atmosphere is different of what you see in commercial movies , but beter , more suprising! And also great music that matches it all. Seriously mind blowingly awesome! But it was still beautifully done, and I could feel the tension between Tom and Celia. I bow my heads to all you who worked on this game-changing wonder :.

Well, Derek de Lint is an extremely experienced Dutch actor, who also has quite an international track record. So yeah, he is in fact Oscar material! Just brilliant guys. Congratulations to the entire team on pulling this off. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the grenade drop. Barley drops half a dozen grenades down into the church.

Nothing happens, no damage on the ground even though the next grenade tears appart the organ. I followed the project from the very first post until the live-online-premiere this evening. Now this exciting months are over for a while. But I hope, not too long, that the Blender Institute will start its next amazing project soon!

As an electronic music producer I am also very impressed of the overall audio especially the soundtrack! Amazing, too! Keep up this brilliant blender development, teaching tutorials and in particular making great open movies! I love it! Fantastic work, Team Mango!!! The VFX is really very good looking.

Thanks for all the compliments! In the meantime all png files, sound tracks, and a lot more will get shared here. Give us a few days. Thanx to you and everybody else involved. Get a good rest and give us a mindblowing feature motion picture in a couple of years! It can be useful for the BFConf for those of us which want to grab the massives sources on site. Sintel has a simple story as well as not much words but it was wrapped up very good.

Were those made with 3DMax? Perhaps my greatest enjoyment of this so far has been the PROCESS itself… I enjoyed the updates from the team and watching, amazed, at how Blender enables so many aspects of production.

I love that Blender does these projects, and that we the audience get to peek behind-the-curtain. Please, Blender, continue producing these! Is it me or does that explosion look very very realistic. You guys have taken Blender to a new level. All my friends must see this. The visual quality of all shots is stunning!

Very well done! Interesting story, exciting and stressfull! Impressive special SF effects, great actors too — and good sound! Congratulations guys! This feels like an introduction to a much larger story, but as it is now, it just makes very little sense to me maybe too big a story for this limited time available? Technically I applaud the Blender-team, but story wise I found it very lacking. Indeed, what we see is a very small part of a much larger story.

Many short stories of course have this structure. They leave you wondering what the writer meant, or they leave you completely baffled. I actually enjoy the story a lot and I really like the acting, particularly of Old Tom and the Captain. Spectacular, both the open process and the result!! My only disappointment in the final version was not having a cameo by Ton itself! Or maybe he is still hidden somewhere???

It was really a joy to follow you along this journey on this blog. Every morning I was so happy to check my RSS reader to see if you posted a news, and seeing it evolving was so wonderful. And that next there is Gooseberry for even more adventures! Congratulations for finishing the movie. Sometimes acting is off, sometimes compositing etc. I want to thank all developers for codeing Blender and makeing a wonderfull tool.

Just watched the YouTube and honestly I was impressed with the way it turned out. Well done everyone : Looking forward to seeing it in p. Definitely the best Blender movie yet. A bigger resolution improves the experience. Love to see it in a full 4k ; Really I dont know what the complaints are about. Some people just cant be pleased no matter what I guess. I thought it was a solid and well balanced effort. The crew should be proud of the result.

This project got off to a flying start and delivered despite the difficulties as far as I am concerned. I thought it was entertaining and engaging. It has little bits of this and that were skillfully woven together that you can appreciate over multiple viewings. In hindsight some things might have been done a little better here and there but considering the constraints I think it worked very well. I wasnt distracted by them nor found anything grating.

Classic popcorn munching stuff. As I said before, for me the best Blender movie project yet. Take a well deserved bow :. The close-up of the fire from the rocket engine at the start of the movie looks cartoonish. Initially I thought it was some sort of animated logo, similar to the hopping lamp shown at the start of every Pixar movie.

I might be wrong, but it looks to me like the engine firing is right from NASA archives. Actually, liquid fuel rockets do look like that. There is no flame, because the combustion is completely perfect. You might be confusing it with the look of a solid fuel rocket, which has very dirty and smoky combustion. The SFX, while not quite up to the cinematographic standards of a big-budget Hollywood movie, is broadcast TV quality. This movie soooo very very very cool!! But I satisfied enough with the result!!!

Blender get mature now… even compared with standard commercial proprietary software used in Hollywood movies. I like it so much!! Congrats guys! Blender has made such a step forward: this is one of the nicest opensource project that i have seen, thanks to the people around it! You guys rock!!

I hate to have to say this… but Blender Foundation avoids using Vimeo. Vimeo wants BF to pay — we have too much content and traffic. At youtube we have an unlimited ad-free account. My issue is not quality, but loading issues. Thanks for the reply though. Yes, congratulations to Team Mango great, But there are some scenes were shortcomings or wrote a better story. Anyway mango is a successful experience for the Blender project. Thanks very much.

Beautiful pictures of a bautuifel couple. I have never had so much fun getting pictures taken. Matt you are okay too just kidding love ya! I praise Tears of Steel and all the work every single person involved on it did. It shows up how hard every single task was and that everyone delivered what was required. I liked the story and found the jokes fun. There are some sporadic moments that are there but on some others comes a bit short.

Congrats guys — the fruits of months of hard work. Really looking forward to tutorials and workflow info around the project as well as obviously the new features within Blender. Thank you. Very entertaining exciting and funny. Loved the ending, so ambiguous. Incredible work, congrats to the team and to the BF! Thanks again to everyone involved crew, actors, community, etc for making this awesomeness possible!

Had some very Portal2-esque elements too, loved it :D. Just perfect. Better than the ones in Sanctuary. Better than those in Star Trek Next Generation. Will you release the movie in 4k resolution? This would be awesome! Congrats to all guys! Took a while for me to get a quiet moment to watch and truly appreciate this.

But I now, for the first time, see blender totally capable of making a full feature film with real life actors in it. As with all archive. Download managers welcome. Watching ToS for the 6th time. Nice reference. Nice job, Team! That was a pre-sale well spent. Looking forward to the DVD. Seeing Dr. Nice touch. The first one is red with white letters reading Dr. Hello, boys. So, it was an action, post-apocalyptic, psicological movie.

Was amazing. Good Job!. You will regret…. Will you release 5. Absolutely awesome result! PS: so far only spotted one small glich: In there seems to be something wrong with the alpha channel of the leaves in the door and in front of the robot , semi-transparent polys are visible around them.

However propably to late to fix this before the DVDs get printed. I had lots of fun looking for Easter eggs in the short, and have found several amusing things. To not spoil the pleasure for others, I will only mention them, in no specific order. There are also a few amusing bits on the newspaper front page that can be read.

Looks like random excerpts from the Blender documentation. No h via torrent? Congratulations on the movie release! Great work! Seriously, Guys! Each of your new film is worse than the previous one. You have good graphics, sound and special effects. But the ideas of your films… I understand that you do not have money for professional scenarists, but if you are poor to good ideas, then at least to ask the community for advices, what and how need to do.

Something is wrong with the p mkv torrent. I am stuck at about of Over M of corrupt data downloaded already. Transmission 2. Kids see what can be accomplished and it sets them on fire. Add to that Blender is free, and now having proved the commercial value value of it as a piece of animation software Big Buck Bunny after the breathaking shots from Elephants Dream, and then deciding it needs a Game Engine with Yo Frankie — simply stunning.

Consistently the software provided here will change the future, the one feature that consistently blows me away as an autodesk user … the 25 meg download. As in all the other Blender Open Movie Projects, its amazing how much plot can be put in a such short film. A special thanks to Ton at this point, what he and his team does inspires people all over the world! The cgi was amazing, the actors from mostly good to extraordinary the beginning at the bridge was a bit wooden, mostly from the guys side imo, but he did quite okay playing his older younger version in the end.

But the biggest letdown for me was emotionally the hidden sequence at the very end. It should have been robot-celia and her old boyfriend back together, sitting somewhere romantic, on the roofs or the canal, watching the sunset, arm in arm or something. So that would have been quite funny and cute as well, showing that love knows no boundaries.

But showing the super-assassin chilling out on a pile of dead celias, though, after she already came to sense and rediscovered her heart what was the hack for anyway? At [1], the rope was too short, hanging in the air and then few secs later when he landed, there was rope more than enough, amazing trick.. Not really. In the descent scene, the end of the rope is obscured by a dark object, which is difficult to see.

All previous free films contain 5. I love the quality of webm files. Were they attacking or just coming for a group hug poor Thom? And then with the post-credits scene, why are all the robots suddenly dead? I doubt that Barley had enough ammo to get them all. The artwork was amazing, but I think that the lack of a satisfying ending spoils it for me.

I would love to say that I enjoyed the film but unfortunately it fell far short of my expectations. What is the back story on the girl? What really caused the fall out? How is she able to take over the planet? At what point did she turn into the robot dog? As the commenter above points out, what happens to anyone? The animation is mostly good but does feel quite blockly in places.

Each time they worked very hard on something satisfying their demands on every aspect of film quality, including script and storytelling. It was my role to challenge them, pushing quality during the entire production stage. But also to define moments to let it go, giving creativity a chance to materialize. Rutger de Bekker Baker as Baker.

Bianca Krijgsman Riet as Riet. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Filming the battle scenes in the Netherlands turned out to be near-impossible due to all kinds of environmental issues certain wild animal populations that couldn't be disturbed, no permission for explosive effects, etc. Another problem was that modern windmills had been placed around the original site of the titular battle, and money spent on digitally removing them would be better spent on adding planes or destroyed villages.

The problem was solved by going to Lithuania, which offers tax benefits for movie productions. A piece of unused farmland was rented there from a farmer, who told production that they could do with it as they pleased. An entire dam was built there specifically for the battle scene. This flag did not become Canada's flag until In the Canadian flag was the red ensign a mostly red flag with the Union Jack in one corner and a Coat of Arms.

Quotes Tony Turner : We're not giving ourselves up. Connections Referenced in Heinz User reviews Review. Top review. Powerful, complex war movie. It was shown in the U. That's because Canadian troops bore the brunt of the battle against the Germans.

I'm sure it's not a forgotten battle in Canada or Holland. He hates Jews--and probably Communists--so he volunteered to fight in the German army. When the movie opens, he's fighting on the Russian front, but he gets transferred to Holland. Jamie Flatters plays William Sinclair. He's a British glider pilot, but his glider is shot down and he lands in Holland.

Susan Radder plays Teuntje Visser, a Dutch woman who works in the mayor's office. The complexity of the movie is the interaction among these people, as the Canadian forces try to overcome the German forces in the area called The Scheldt. I checked, and it really was important for the allies to possess the region, and equally important for the Germans to prevent this. Of course, in a war movie, there's going to be blood and carnage.

However, what keeps this film from being just another WWII movie is the complicated plot, that goes in directions you may not expect. De slag om de Schelde has a pretty weak IMDb rating of 7. I thought it was better than that, and rated it 8. Red Oct 29, Details Edit. Release date October 15, United States. Netherlands Belgium. Official Netflix Production Company. Dutch German English. Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands.

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Watch it on youtube now, or download it later… links to downloads will appear in this post once mirrors have been synced.

Blairstown academy wrestling torrents SUper well done! Let op : In verband met copyright is het op MovieMeter. Incredible work, congrats to the team and to the BF! Bericht door Shifty » marf schreef: Op youtube staat click. And the second case concerns the notorious Sarah Specx affair inwhen Coen had a young Dutch soldier executed for having sexual intercourse with Sarah Specx, one of the young ladies belonging to his household. The eating culture changed radically forever.
Batalhas medievais filmes torrent Bantam, where the VOC upheld a precarious presence, and Djakatra were possible candidates. Whaaa really impressing : I love it but I m sure such a story better feet some long movie better. Physical anthropology became a popular subject in the course of the nineteenth century. He concentrated on a few themes—landscapes and marines—and earned growing appreciation, that was also reflected in the prices his works fetched. In deze documentaire is te zien hoe deze hechte groep zangers worstelt met het leed dat hen overkomt en hoe ze zich herpakken. Date:
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