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Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. IMnrry showers should become confined to tne north and east on Wednesday but It will stay cold everywhere. Major roadworks on now Mil Ink road. Unffl 3 th Dacembar. Major Roadworits on feomwsi Bridge. Unsaw Roadworks; contraflow end a 50mph 'meed fcmt attttf ekte oi Chamsck flfchartfefvfcas. Urrti 1 Sill February. Greater KsmcteflUr; A Gloucestershire: MO Lanodown Rd.

Cheltenham, dosed due to roadworks Hxamd. Oiwratans In place. Urti Is June. Sotater The AutomobSe Association. Calls charged at 50p per min fine VAT]. The region's 12 million people were told 10 take public transport and fit snow chains if they had to drive. There was outrage on 12 January when snow precipi- tated traffic snarls that left thousands stranded in their cars overnight. Leeds T. Q1 6 46 Oxford 0. Shrewsbury 0 0. Matbanme f I 46 Main Qra V? Mi MI«m « W 5»» Mom '.

They argue thathcconfrontatiocal style in- volves so much stick and so lit- tle carrot that he will never improve schools. His admirers include politi- cians of every party who believe that he is a courageous cru- sader for parents and children who, for too long, have had to put up with an inadequate ed- ucation system. Fbr some com- mentators and newspapers he is a hero whose every word is revered.

He has reportedly dined with Prince Charles at Highgrove and he and his part- ner have taken tea with the Prime Minis ter It is true that he is unpopu- lar with teachers partly be- cause of the body he heads: the Office for Standards in Educa- tion Ofsted has brought a new system of regular inspection to schools; the bottom line for a bad inspection report is failure and sometimes closure.

And in- dividual teachers are graded. In Whies, for instance, where a similar regime has been brought in, there has been no outcry from teachers. One Labour politician, a Woodhead fan. But there are some question marks over the rest. He also enjoys his combative role. When he is at- tacked. The education system has been immune to any kind uf threat for too long. The chief inspector began his career teaching English in several schools Latec he provoked an outcry by spying that there were 15, bad teachers who should be sacked and more recently he ar- gued, to the embarrassment of ministers, that national tests were unreliable and that, anyway some schools were cheating.

He has lambasted primary schools which are still making models out of egg boxes instead of instilling the three Rs in pupils and pronounced the money spent educational re- search a waste. But his personality is more complicated than at first ap- pears. The word I would use more than any other would be ideal- istic. We considered ourselves years older than him When he was a lecturer in Oxford University's depart- ment of education, he handed round a box of apples to the stu- dents in the hope that they would inspire creative writing.

Mr Woodhead is tall, lean, mildly self-deprecating and looks younger than 52, per- haps because of his enthusiasm for rock-climbing and hill-walk- ing. He has an enviable grasp of the English language: one of the keys to his influence is that he never uses educational jar- gon. He is divorced and has one daughter: His present partner is Ruth Mislrin, head of a suc- cessful primary school in the London borough of Tower Haml ets. His way to the top has taken him through the heart of the ed- ucational establishment which is the subject of so many of his criticisms.

When he left Oxford in , he becam e an En glish adviser and later deputy chief education officer in Cornwall and Demo. Ironically he is now questioning whether local authorities have a fofureapamphleton the subject from the right-wing think-tank. Pohteia, is expected shortly. I suppose I have seized the moment" There lias been more fuss about Mr Woodhead 's latest foray into controversy than on any previous occasion.

But he will keep his job and most teachers, reluctantly, will ac- knowledge the justice in that They want him to be judged not on his views about relationships between teachers and pupils, but as history will judge him, on his effect on schools and on his success in raising standards. Thus far, many teachers have shown themselves resistant to change. Good schools recognise their weaknesses and act upon them.

Poor schools and poor teachers drift from year to year, repeating the mistakes of the past. That agreement must now be translated into management action. But 1 don't think necessarily that a teacher should be automatically drummed out of the profession. I think human beings can get chemselves into messes and I chink those messes can sometimes be experiential and educative on both sides.

Ic is nor my true stance. I was 14 :utd precocious. There was a chemistn between us and within months we were hmkigu relationship. But look- ing back on my affair with my teacher. When a harmless pupd teacher crush becomes a sexual relationship it exceeds the boundaries of ucceptehili- ly. Mike would offer lifts to pupils.

He was a real laid back by Jane Rvan Sixties type. He smoked in class, rarely wore a suit, kept his hair long and treated piqais like equals. He managed to combine an easy-going defi- ance with a serious commit- ment to bis profession. He was liked and respected by his colleagues and the kids. I knew it was wrong but l was flat- tered. The attentions of an older man appealed tomy van- ity and the iilidtness was ad- dictive. Soon afterwards, we wen t for a drive in thecounhy, md he kissed me.

The rela- tionship continued for two vears before I had sex him. He was worried about having sex with me before I was 16, Once it became a bit more serious, be left bis wife and moved into a fiat Td go there after school and at weekends, haring concocted some lie.

At school, we took crazy r isks. He bad a storeroom at the back of his classroom, con- taining a few desks. It be- came the perfect place ferns to snatch a few moments whDe he dodged in and out of the class, teaching I loved the suited be taught and wanted to do wefl. Then there was the trip to France for a handful of stu- dents. Another teacher naug ht us in bed together; but he had his own reasons for not teffing. Eventually my parents fid find out Td always pretended 1 was going out with other boys.

I was forced to tell them some- thing of the truth. Although my parents never confronted Mike, he derided to leave the school and go and work abroad. I was heartbroken and I needed to share my feelings with some- one. I derided to tell my best friend. I was shattered to dis- cover he bad dept with ha- and that sha too, was full of guilt and confusion. It took me a tang time to get over the affair I felt he'd abused the power he held.

But perhaps a more d aprming legary of the affair is that I had to bury my feelings to make all that deception and betrayal bearable. The affair coloured the rest of my life and my relationships. I lost my heart to someone in a position of authority ver y early fo my Efel sameonewho betrayed his po- sition, and then betrayed me. Names in this article including the author's, hare been changed New Internet Lite. No monthly fees, no ties, no hassle. Use the Internet as little or as much as you like, just paying for calls — now at local type rates.

Call now, quoting ref. The internal Labour Party document, which The Inde- pendent has obtained, will also infuriate Liberal Democrats by emphasising the Govern- ment will not be rushed into holding a referendum on pro- portional representation for Westminster elections.

The memorandum says the system proposed by the Jenk- ins commission cannot be im- plemented before the next election because of the need for a boundary review. Social justice is a division between the parties. We peed to fight ever Liberal too because we know the Liberal game. Labour is a national party, a party of prindple. At today's meeting of finance ministers in Brussels the re- bate is likely to be raised as part of a more general discussions. At earlier meetings British ministers dismissed reports of pressure, arguing that other member-states do not really ex- pect the UK to relent The Government concedes the rebate wifi be hotly debat- ed, although Gordon Brown, the Chanceflon is showing no sign tfawfilingness to renegotiate, aware that no change could be agreed without British agree- ment The Government is re- jecting one compromise idea, which would prevent the rebate applying to areas of spending connected with proposed EU enlargement Ministers argue that even after the EU enlarges to the East Britain wifi end up as a bigger net contributor than several richer countries.

The Government also says reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, which will ultimately benefit the UK, will increase costs in foe short term. A source argued: "There is no shift in the UK position It is non-negotiable. Swe- den and Austria are also press- ing for cuts in their bills. Commission officials say the outline of a settlement made up of several elements is becom- ing dear. A central feature is likely to be plans to freeze EU spending in real terms for the years The se- rial motoring offender of the fu- ture will be arrested by their own can according to a vision of how scientific innovation could change the way we drive.

Microprocessors installed in cars will be able to prevent accidents by advising drivers about road conditions and warning of approaching dan- gers. More alarmingly, tbey would act as a policeman by keeping a record of the driver's actions and even fining or in se- rious cases, imprisoning them in their car. Professor Wright, who out- lines Ms views in a public lec- ture at Gresham College in the City of London today said this development was many years away as the device would have to be able to process the image, interpret the road situ- ation, make a judgement and in- form the driver at a speed to keep up with the movement of the traffic.

Demon Internet www. Labour ministers used the gift to attack the Ibries, who have spent weeks hounding by Colin Brown C hief Political Correspondent them over their use of private jets and Concorde. He will visit Toronto as part of a five-day tour to hear how Ca- nadian Conservatives made a comeback after an election dis- aster. Mr Morgan also got the backing of Unison union members by almost three to one.

Jessica Brooks, from Aby Lincolnshire, was said to be an inspiration to others. Bloncfie top of pops after 17 years THE POP group Blondie yesterday took the number one slot in the charts after an absence of nearly 17 years. Their single Maria became their sixth number one, more than a decade after their original dominance of the charts.

The bonus number was Though there seems to be room for another title, there is some doubt whether the seven- section Sunday Herald is the paper to do it Edited by Andrew Jaspan, a former Observer editor; it is backed by the Glasgow-based Scottish Media Group, which owns the STV and Grampian television companies and pub- lishes the Herald daily. Scots already have 12 Sun- day titles, six broadsheet Around three-quarters of Scots read Sundays compared with less than two-thirds in England.

It looks better than it really is. The paper is going to have to fight hard i fit is to create a gap for itself Even the shade of blue on the front page looks like Scotland on Sunday" Although ail the London- produced Sundays will be ranged against it The Sunday Herald's principal rival is Scot- land on Sunday, published in Edinburgh and which sells , copies.

Rob Brown, deputy editor of The Sunday Herald, insisted that the new paper was for the whole of Scotland. This is Scotland's only quality Sun- day newspaper now that Scot- land on Sunday has dumbed down the way it has. The winning numbers: 2, 3. Bonus number; 3. Ptnyere inusl ba Jfi or aver. Maybe, Just maybe. The surgeons are carriers of a low-risk form of hepatitis B and had been thought to be incapable of trans mitting the infection.

Two of the patients died. Pressure is growing on the Government to ban all sur- geons infected with hepatitis B as a result of the cases. Under current health department guidelines issued in , sur- geons have to be tested for he- patitis B and those found to be high risk are banned from op- erating. However; those at low risk, based on the presence of antibodies to the virus in their blood, are permitted to contin- ue operating. In , a woman of 83 died after becoming infected with hepatitis B during a hip re- placement operation at a hos- pital in north Wales.

Last June, her surgeon, Sanjay Ingley, 32, was found guilty of serious pro- fessional misconduct by the General Medical Council and banned from operating for three years. In Her surgeon, an orthopaedic registrar, was also found to have been low risk. Fbars are growing among NHS trusts in the wake of the six cases that the guidelines are not tough enough and that they may be in breach of their duty' of rare for patients if they allow hepatitis B surgeons to operate.

Dr Roger Cooke, a specialist in By Jeremy Laueance Health Editor occupational medicine who ad- vises several trusts in the Mid- lands, said: "I am aware of trusts turning applicants down for surgery posts Aether they are high or low risk.

We have to take this seriously but we can onfy do so if there is some action we can take. The risks are low and ban- ning all surgeons with hepati- tis could result in more deaths if it led to an increase in wait- ing lists. One solution would be to introduce universal vac- cination against B to protect the population against the virus.

Almost countries now practice routine vaccina- tion, including all of Western Europe except the UK the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The current guidelines are under review. The trial in San Diego, will enable 2, specially-selected Internet surfers to place orders for albums and download then direct to their computers via a cable modem in six minutes. The result will be CD quality sound via a secure Internet fink.

The move is being pioneered by EMI Sony. Their aim is to counter the growing problem of music piracy on the Internet from where people can down- load songs for free using a for- mat called MP3. The problems has been com- pounded by the launch of an MP3 player, railed Diamond mo, which can play up to an hour of digital recordings »sing no fisc or tape. Though the record compa- nies say they hope to work with the retailers to provide the service, it is understood that some of the Big Five are keen to bypass the high street alto- gether.

We want to find out how the technology works and what the customer reaction is. Mr Whitehom says even the most optimistic forecasts show that the Internet will account for just 9 per cent of US music sales by ZOOM and the same fig- ure in Europe by Traditional retailers are already being attacked by on- line music stores such as CDNow and Music Boulevard, which can offer lower prices, and new competition is arriving all the time.

It will undercut the tradi- tional retailers on price but has not yet disclosed by how much. The rpyal warrant was the ultimate product endorsement and its retraction was long overdue, said Clive Bates, di- rector of Action on Smoking and Health.

An estimat- ed 12 million Britons smoke, amounting to 28 percent of the population. Quitline can be contacted on He has already won a Golden Globe for his perfor- mance as a sleazy agent in the current release Little Voice. The director John Boorman collected the best film award for The General which he also wrote.

The two British triumphs of tltis yeas Shakespeare in Love and Hilary and Jackie were released too late to be eligible for the awards. Met seeks fresh Lawrence leads. Where Stephen Vas attacked in Hr walked around the mur- der scene and some of the sur- rounding streets. Mr Grieve, who took charge of the murder squad 10 days am. But according to the reports, the police have received legal advice that they could prose- cute members of the gang and assault, if they gather new evidence.

After a long period when we have been forced by terrorism to with- draw from society, we want to make ourselves part of society again. MO rpambJy patneou of net of tax. The original I5XCX must be repaid n the cud of the mortgage term. Trtil aiMekit pisabfe El The raerreucm charge is notv- refundable and vou must pay laic hoc you apply tor your mongage to reserve the funds.

At the end oi die iM-me perad the tmerest rate ciicpd will he our standard variable mortgage rate. Please usd von would hLra nriBeti qtaocarion. Before agreeing a loan wewdlrmuuiidrocncha jbowdK uiubiiity of Soar appScdioo. This wiB tndudeassening vour ahifey to new he repay menu and, normanr. I N't XH OKR. The Commission for Racial Equality which has produced the report called for detailed government research into the nature of racist attacks on white people.

Race experts believe that many of the white victims could be Jewish, Irish or from other European minorities. Other incidents result from tensions between the English. Welsh and Scottish, which are increasingly seen as rariaL It also believed that some white victims of crimes such as street-robberies, where a dis- proportionate number of of- fenders are black, are reporting the inddents as race attacks.

Bradford Metropolitan Dis- trict Council reported last month that police records of racial attacks showed that 52 per cent of victims were white, 9 per cent black and 35 per cent Asian. Suspects were described as 50 percent Asian, 37 per cent white, 2 per cent black and 11 per cent unknown. The CRE report paints out that, because of their smaller numbers, members of minori- ty ethnic groups are still far more likely to be victims of racial attacks than whites.

Some 8 per cent of Pakista- nis reported being victims in a yean compared to 5 per cent of Indians, 4 per cent of Caxib- beans and l per cent of whites. The CRE report coincides with fi nrimgg p nhEnhpri tod a y by the Institute for Public Policy Research showing that, as Britain has become more mul- tiracial, parts of the white pop- ulation have grown defensive a n d insecure. Five said they had attacked white boys and would do so again. Partly as a result of this, some whites now say they have been victims of racial offences.

But other white victims will be Irish, Jewish, gypsies and travellers. English settlers in Scotland, and Scottish settlers in England. A report next week by the Refugee Council will show that the latest people to be targeted by racists in Britain are newly- arrived Kosovan refugees. Rachel Rees, of the Refugee Council, said many Kosovans in Dover are too frightened to speak publicly in their native - language to case tiwy we at-, tacked by racists.

One elderly couple were forced to flee their home after a brick was thrown through their window. The research indicates that Britain is following America's path towards a more segment- ed society. Ms Alibhai-Brown said rears of government inac- tion had inhibited integration axl called for a national strategy of mulliculturalism to bring the British public closer together. Leading article Review, page 3 The Jewish footballer The Eastender in what she describes as a racially motivated attack.

Rose Wbolf, 75, was mugged nine months ago near her home in Stepney Green, east London. Suddenly they stopped as if they were picking something up and then spun around, grabbed my bag and ran off. I lost some money, a purse, an umbrella and a rail tick- et.

If I had been an Asian woman of my age I don't think they would have done It. There is quite a lot of racial tension around here. I'm not a racist and I know white boys also do bad things but most of the things [attacks] you read about in the Past London Advertiser every week seem to be by black people and Asians. I heard the same thing happened to air older lady who broke her collar bone, in see a few boys around I get a bit ner- vous.

Even the ocher day there was an Asian boy in front of me who kept turn- ing around and looking at me. I wondered if he was waiting for me so he could take my bag. The year-old widower, who worked as a housing caretaker in the inner-city Manchester district of Hulme, returned to Ireland last year to protect his son Kieron, aged eight.

The attitude towards Irish people changed even when you just went shopping. Researchers have found that most Irish people surveyed could identify instances of behaviour which they Found insulting, hurtful or intimidating. Old stereotypes remain. Depictions of an Irish family in the television soap opera Brookside - of having IRA links and of grazing horses in their garden - prompted Martin Brady, deputy leader of the Fianna Fail party in Ireland, co complain of "pure racism".

Although anti-semitism has been in steady decline in Britain for many years and physical attacks are now rare, there has been a no- table rise in incidents of abusive behaviour. Although each inci- dent may be fairly small it builds up to something fairly substantial.

Rabbi Menachem Junik of Richmond Syna- gogue was attacked by a gang of up to 1 5 youths as he walked home in July 1 We don't need you here. English couple Frank right and Sandra Walters took legal action Following events which they claim drove them out of Scotland.

They said that rubbish was dumped outside the door of tha'r Galloway home and placards were put up say- ing: "English Out". The couple took action against a local pub after they received a legal letter saying they were barred. Last November, the Com- mission for Racial Equality asked the Scottish Office to set up a register of radst in- cidents after a series of at- tacks on English children in playgrounds north of the border. Reports linked a rise in at- tacks on English people to the success of Braveheart.

But some Scots feel chat discrimination also flows in the opposite direction. Computer expert Murray In- gram. With our cop value account you could save money on a whole range of services. Whether you want to scop a cheque or order an extra statement, you can do so absolutely free. Instead we can pass the benefit back to you, in the form of better value, year after year.

Simnlv , H , , 30 20 11, quoting ref FP5fi t , XT. Nnanwnt Home, Ptpco StVr. Now a new phenomenon is n paring completion: a city wetland. A aere watery wilderness is being created in west London that Includes a marsh, a large reed bed, a series of lakes and an extensive network of ponds.

Birds that normally steer well dear of cities. Sir Peter, whose wildfowl sanctuary at Slirabridge on the Severn became world- renowned, believed that a sim- ilar reserve could be set up in London, where it could serve as a powerful tool for environ- mental education. Shortly before his death in He painted his impression of what they might become in his final painting uncompleted on his death and finished by the artist Keith Shaddeton. On the leeward side of a small island a dozen herons bundled in shelter from the wind Many wintering ducks, such as pochard and shoveller; are currently occupying foe lakes: in January, 50 spedes of birds were recorded Out on the reserve, two main hides overtook a mosaic of habi- tats designed to bring in as great a variety of birds and other wildlife as posable.

One of the hides is three storeys tall and is believed to be foe only one in foe world with a lift, which is to be used for disabled access. Closed-circuit televi- sion will be installed through- out foe sit e. The study. Liberating Lead- t-nshtp IW9. Not if they want toremain at the tep. Call us for an essential guide. You mist be aged 18 or over, life insurance fas required. Your Virgin One account must be repaid bf tire time you retire.

The rate at interest depends or the amount borrowed compared to the value of your home. Nat eunentfy available in Northern tretaod. Virgin Direct Personal Finance Ltd. Discovery House. Whiting Road. Source: Maneyfects, January S'. And their chances of getting back to work are diminishing with every suc- cessive generation of middle- aged men.

The dramatic findings about the disappearance of work for middle-aged and older males imply that since about , men over the age of 50 have vanished from the work- By diane Coyle Economics Editor force. And two-fifths of men be- tween 55 and 65 no longer work. They are either low earners who lose their jobs, or high earners given early retirement as a form of redundancy. The report, published today by the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the Loudon School of Economics, finds that the trend has been getting worse.

Each successive generation of men is more disadvantaged, and economic recovery has not halted the trend. Employers want to escape the cost of making their re- maining pension contributions, while employees might not realise how inadequate their existing pension is likely to prove, the report says. The people least likely to lose their jobs are those with above average wages but no occupa- tional pension scheme.

Older men who have been made redundant are unlikely to return to work unless they can find a new job straight away. The longer they spend away from employment the less likely it is wil1 return to wort The report also shows that a fall in male employment is accompanied by an de- crease in economic activity among the age group as older men dedde to retire rather than spend time looking for new jobs or claiming unem- ployment benefit. The other category of older men likely to have dropped out consists of those with very few wages, often in declining fa.

Females in their thirties are much mure likely to be in work than they used to be, it reveals. Marconi is to go on display for the first time. The material, including mes- sages transmitted during the. Two years ago, GEC sparked an outcry when it said it planned to sell the collection but after Princess Elettra Mar- coni-GiovaneUi, the inventor's daughter intervened, it can- celled the sale. A charitable trust set up by the company will search for premises to display the archive in Chelmsford.

In , he made a transmission from by Kate Watson-Smyth Cornwall to Newfoundland and long-distance communication was bom. Two years later wire- less recaved official recognition as a world force when the Mar- coni system was adopted by the Royal Navy. Among the highlights of the collection are approximately 2, wireless messages from the Titanic and other ships in- volved in the rescue, including the Carpathia. Marconi had been invited to sail on the Titanic's maiden voyage with his wife, Beatrice, and their two young children hut h usiness rnmmitm pnfc pm- vented it Beatrice had still in- tended travelling but their baby fell 01 on the morning they were due to sail and none of the family went on board.

Gordon Bussey, the GEC archivist said that each time a telegram was sent it was writ- ten before transmission by the operator who gave a copy to the captain. It is timed at 12J? That was the very moment that the Titanic went down. In a fit- ting tribute, the announcement of his death was made on the wireless.

The following day, radio transmissions around the world were silenced for two minutes as a reminder of what it had been like before Marooni. In time far ydendhe's Day an your betaif an a nonymous cardtrSkig the recfrtait to took far. Caring is of course personal but the Government does have a record of supporting carers and admowiedgfag tbeir caring role. The idea wffl be open to con- sultation, but it is likely to be warmly welcomed by carers groups.

It is estimated that there are more than 35 million carers in Britain looking after someone with a disability while millions of others look after an elderly relative; over Maqy carers do their work day in, day out without seeking help or rewards. A new grant could be introduced to help carers take a break from their daily routine of caringat home. There may also be council-tax reduc- tions for disabled people and their carers when their houses are adapted for disability.

The Government is also looking at ways of extending the New Deal to help carers return to work after caring for an elderly relative or handicapped person. Local authorities, health and other services will be told by the Government to take carers into account A commitment to do more was given by Mr Blair when he invited a group of car- ers to Downing Street soon after he took office.

That was followed up in June. The Burmese military junta has been widely criticised for appalling human rights abuses, and there is a European visa ban on its senior officials and ministers. A Foreign Office spokes- woman said that while it would accept the presence of junior Burmese officials as observers, ministers would not take part in the meeting with their coun- terparts from the country un- Robin Cook: Determined to take a strong line less genuine concessions were made on human rights.

Because there must be una- nimity on the presence of Burma for the meeting to go ahead. Mr Cook IS supported by other nations in- cluding Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, but FVance is believed to support 3 stronger lino. The other Asean member states. Brunei, Indonesia. Malaysia, tile Philippines. Burma was admitted to Asean in amid claims that its numan rights record would improve through links with other countries.

But with- out any move by the Provi- sionals cm decommissioning, Mr Trimble, the First Minister and leader of the Ulster Union- ist Party, wffi oppose the setting up of a ruling executive which would include two Sinn Fein representatives. Dr Mowlam insisted yester- day that the peace process was not unravelling, but admitted it was at a difficult stage which needed everyone to keep their nerve and for unionists and republicans to reach a compromise on guns.

Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, decommis- sioning was not a precondition but an obligation. Senior republicans however have ruled out aiy dunce of IRA dis- armament at this stage and with Mr Trimble warned by by Colin Brown Chief Political Correspondent ins own party that this is the me major issue on which he cannot, and must not give way the peare process is edging into a critical phase! The Prime Minister is des- perate to negotiate a resolution ahead of another loyalist marching season, the forth- coming European elections and the publication of a report by an independent commission, headed by the former Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten on the future of the RUC and long- term policing arrangements.

An 18 -year-oki girl needed treatment for cuts and bruises to her arms, legs and head when she was attacked with a baseball bat by armed men who broke into a house in a loy- alist area of Belfast Earlier a year-old man was beaten with a baseball bat and sticks when masked men forced their way into a house in Newtown- abbey, another loyalist area. Stop- ping prisoner releases would achieve very little Ke« Zinc Defence's advonced fonifote lwlpf support your immune system's resWmretoinffcfieft.

A court ruled teat Trudy could be returned to the form at a later date because her owners, Mary Chipperfield Promotions, had not been im- plicated in the investigation. They echoed the concern expressed by Jim and Alison Cronin, the founders of Monkey World, about four chimpanzees still thought to be at the farm where Trudy was abused and called for tough legislation over inspection and licensing for private owners of wild an- imals.

If you want an individually tailored rcsrtgsge, loan or savings accoont. Egg is a division of Prudential Banking pic. Cafe bEuidte orate! AM talas camel as ftoni 1st febnmiy IMS and am sstjed to oriafim. Rqpsteied namber M2. Today the group publishes a league table of the firms it says are toe worst offenders, claim- ing that one plant- Associated Octel at Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, which produces lead additives for motor fuel - was alone responsible for emit- ting over 5, tons of carcino- gens, nearly half the total The nearijy ICI plant at Run- corn, which produces chlorine and related chemicals, was the second worst emitter of car- cinogens, with over 2, tons, toe group says.

Glaxo Well- come'g drugs plantal inversion in Cumbria was the third worst, with over tons. In each case, the group refers to the international sd- entific literature to categorise the discharged chemicals con- cerned as carcinogenic.

All three companies yester- day disputed the allegations, which emerge from a remark- able attempt by FbE to draw up. It gives foil particulars of all the declared rhwmrfli emis- sions from all the L large factories in En gland am] Wales which are regulated by the Environment Agency.

There is no information for Scotland and Northern Ireland. The group lists the 97 facto- ries, from Exeter in Devon to Crazolington in Northumber- land, which, according to gov- ernment figures, each emitted more than a ton of known can- cer-causing chemicals in It must now deliver on its election pledge, and publish compre- hensive pollution inventories.

But they disagree that some of the chemicals are carcinogenic. Associated Octel accepts that in its plant at Ellesmere Fort emitted to the air 66 tons of lead, 5, tons of chloroethane and 8 tons of vinyi bromide. It is a factory manufacturing tertraethyl lead, the petrol additive that is now being phased out in Europe because of health risks, but is still in use in many countries, especially in the developing world. These consisted of 5, tons of chloroethane; 66 cons of lead compounds; 5 1 tons of lead; 8 tons of vinyl bromide: and 1 2 tons of 1.

All the processes on site are covered by licences issued by the Environment Agency and the company operates in compliance with those licences. The company added: "Friends of the Earth should have made it clear that the concentrations of the substances emitted are so low as to present no health hazard either to the workforce or the local population, based on standards sec by the Health and Safety Commission.

On lead, the EPA says: "Human studies are inconclusive regarding lead exposure and cancer while animal studies have seen an increase in kidney cancer from lead exposure by the oral route. EPA has classified lead as a probable human carcinogen. Therefore we have to rely on data that does exist, often data on animal tests. Where a chem- ical has been shown to cause cancer in animals, then the prudent thing to do is to treat it as though it could cause can- cers in humans. The agency said improvements were In hand at the 1C!

The FbE iceb site address is 7 nrw. Today, Che destination is Holland. The scenery is gencle and easy and a seif-drive short break allows you to set the tone and pace of your holiday. Cultural, vibrant, curious and charming - Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures, canals and coffee shops with a nightlife as respectable or outrageous as you want to make it.

Choose your hotel The Thomson Breakaway Cities, offer is available at a selection of 1 2 Amsterdam city centre hotels ranging from simple IT to comfortable AT accommodation. Delft and Haarlem. Unique Thomson T-ratings enable you to compare hotels in different countries and cities. A II accommodation has been carefully selected and graded according to.

The reservation lines will be open from 9am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, arid between 8am and 9pm on all ocher days. Then send in four tokens from the nine that will appear in The independent and The Independent on Sundoy between the 6 and 1 A of February inclusive.

To validate your offer, please send the tokens with the completed application form, that wiU appear from Tuesday-9 -. PO Box 2 1 London, N 1 8WY. Taxes and. Offers are per person, based on flights from London Gatwick. Other durations may be available at a supplement.

A supplement may. Applicants must be over 1 8. All offers must. Thomson Breakaway. Voters in Hesse, a large, prosperous state in central Germany flocked to the Chris- tian Democrats, who had been out of the regional government since According to early projections, the Christian De- mocrats were heading for some 43 per cent of the vote, while the Social Democrats were scoring just below 40 per cent Upon the final outcome hangs the national govern- ment's ability - to push new laws through parliament Early last night it looked as though the Christian Democrats might be able to form the regional gov- ernment with the help of the Free Democrats.

Such a result would rob Mr Schroder of his majority in the upper federal chamber, the Bundesrat pro- ducing the sort of legislative im- passe that paralysed Helmut Kohl's administration in its final years. Although Social Democrat leaders sought to present the debade as a little local difficulty there is little doubt Hesse's 4.

The current regional government of Hans Eiehel, a veteran Social Democrat, is popular. Like Mr Schroder's admin- istration. The region has a strong Green party that grew out of the Six- ties revolt and subsequent anti- nuclear protests. It was in Hesse that Germany's Greens first entered office, in Byimre Karacs in Bonn when a Frankfurt activist named Joschka Fischer took the oath as environment min- is ter wearing a sports jacket and trainers.

The most important issue, though, had nothing to do with the performance of Greens, local or otherwise. Two-thirds of those polled said they were opposed to to the new nation- ality law the Bonn government was proposing to ease the in- tegration of foreigners. Breaking with their middle- of-the-road traditions, the Christian Democrats took their protest against the new law into the streets. Their petition, launched in Hesse, netted more than half a millio n si gna tures in recent weeks.

The CD IPs allies, the Free Democ- rats, had expressed their dis- gust at the petition and nearly lost their seats in the regional assembly as a result Despite the outay, right- wing Christian Democrats felt vindicated. But for all the bitterness bom of a savage year-long war which has taken 2, lives, the two sides have accepted the 10 principles on which the six-na- tion Contact Group of leading powers virtually ordered them.

This means, Western diplomats said, that Belgrade acknowl- edges that the province, now part of Serbia, must be granted Ear greater autonomy. But it also implies that- in contrast to the demands chant- ed by odd demonstrators carrying red and black Alban- ian flags through the streets of Rambouillet - the Kosovo Al- banians accept they will not ob- tain the independence from Yugoslavia they are seeking at leak during the three years the proposed agreement will run.

The target completion date is 21 February, after which up to 30, Nato troops, 8, of them British, will be de- ployed to keep the peace. The outward mood at least seems to have changed since Saturday when the formal opening of proceedings by the French President. Never before have Serbs and ethnic Alb anians manage d to find such a common voice.

But the outstanding points at issue are crucial. They include the exact status of a more autonomous Kosovo, what say - if any - Bel- grade will retain over its affairs, and the scope of the Nato peacekeeping operation. But this was a different Monica from the exuberant woman who was filmed em- bracing President Bill Clinton. The Senator's new misgiv- ings appeared not to be shared by his fellow Democrats, who looked certain to vote en bloc to have the charges dismissed at the end of the week.

Within nine months, and under strict international supervision, elections will be held for a new Kosovo assem- bly. However; vast power will be vested in the head of the in- ternational monitoring force, meaning that like Bosnia, Koso- vo will become a Western pro- tectorate in all but name.

Up to 5, people marched behind the coffins. Jaturun Kripougs, a Thai na- tional was convicted of robbing a shop and murdering two of its employees in L Champ i- oned by civil rights activists, the famili es of his victims and the Thai g o ver n ment as well as em- ployees of San Quentin prison, he could have been an ideal candidate for clemency if the Democratic governor wanted to reverse the hardline pro-death BY ANDREW GUMBEL in Los Angeles penalty stance of his two Re- publican predecessors.

Call us Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm or drop into your local branch. Abbey Hoose. Satunfey 9am - 5pm Sumtay. The UN, the United States and the Organisation of African Unity have tried but failed to resolve the conflict despite shuttle diplomacy between As- mara and Addis Ababa in re- rent weeks.

Eritrean officials said hun- dreds of Ethiopian soldiers were killed and taken pris- oner as two brigades were put out of action and two others were heavily battered. Badme is a rocky triangle of land at the western end of the border and was occupied by Eritrea during a war be- tween the two countries last May and June. Hundreds of soldiers and dozens of civilians were killed after fighting broke out along three fronts. The two sides agreed to a moratorium on cross-border air raids in June but have since reinforced their positions along the mile border and all efforts to ne- gotiate a peaceful settlement have foiled.

Britain and Germany on Saturday advised their nation- als to leave Eritrea as the gov- ernment told people to stay indoors because of possible Ethiopian air raids against As- mara. But the capital appeared calm yesterday. M The man whom January led the French cavalry's last charge on horseback has died, aged Lt-Col Jean Ballarin was a non-commissioned officer in a Spahis French North African Arab light cavalry unit fighting alongside British forces in Eritrea when he led the charge, sabre drawn, against Italian troops at Um- berga.

It went down as the last flourish of a romantic though bloody tradition. The Spring Fair, Birmingham. Bigger than the Great Exhibition of There's only one venue big enough. The NEC, Birmingham. South African police said. He will appear in court today on charges of their illegal posses- sion. It contained AK47S, 22 sniper ri-. He refused to spec- ulate as to why the pretender- king was allegedly storing so much weaponry, including 14, rounds of ammunition.

Mr Zogu and the three men arrested with him will appear at Randburg magistrates' court today on charges related to being in possessions of firearms, explosives, automatic firearms and ammunition with- out licences or permits. A South African foreign af- fairs spokesman said that after the foil of tiie Berlin Wall Mr Zogu was granted certain diplo- matic privileges, protecting his archives and possessions but he did not have full diplomatic immunity.

According to unconfirmed reports, his father, who died in He travelled there again in to campaign, wearing military fatigues, for the return of the monarchy But he lost a referendum on the issue and has lived ever since in Fourways with his Australian wife, known as Queen Susan. Mr Zogu whose profession is listed as "commodity broker" wants an "ethnic Albania" and the restoration of his father's constitution.

He has promised to return to the coun- try once the 2 million Albanians in Kosovo gain autonomy with- in Yugoslavia. Last June in Tirana. Mr Zogu was found guilty in absentia of staging an armed rebellion in which one man died. The killing happened at a demonstration after the July referendum. Free- town. Britain sent the Norfolk to its former colony in what it called a precautionary move after rebels invaded Freetown on 6 January.

A Nigerian-led West African force has largely retaken control of Freetown but is still grappling with rebel infiltrators on the fringes of the city. Below it, on the ground floor is a shoe shop; opposite, a row of cheap restaurants.

But mount the narrow stairs, step through the frosted glass door, and you find yourself in a different world, a world in which Mac- beth's witches would not feel out of place. By the door hangs a paper chart bearing ink-drawn images of men and women, their aches and pains indicat- ed in red - this belongs to Mrs Shinano who works as an acupuncturist alongside her husband On a broad table, leaves, grasses and shards of bark in various colours are in the process of being ground up and labelled.

But it is to die contents of the thick glass jars that the eye is drawn - a long, yeDow bone, disturbingly human-looking, and three dark, shrivelled tubers floating in fluid They come from across the sea; between them they must be worth several thousands of pounds.

They are the femur and penis of the Chinese tiger, and it is men like friendly, red- faced Mr Shinano who have brought it to its present plight, with as few as 20 animals sur- viving in the wild. In pharmacies in other parts of Tokyo are found rhino horn, monkey head, narwhal tusks, whale foetus and the penis es of seals, wolfs and sea lions. But the tiger as everyone knows, is a gravely endan- gered species.

Since How can the apothecaries of Tbkyo getaway with such open flaunting of international rules? Japanese law fails to ban the trade in tiger parts which are not "readily recognisable". In other words - unless they have whiskers, stripes and big teeth -it is legal to buy sell and possess tiger bits in Japan.

Remarkably, Japan's own trade statistics show the vigorous trade in tiger parts: between and , according to official statistics gathered by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency EIA , 70 tons of tiger- based products were imported into Japan. Final responsibility for the gun battles Forget for a moment that China has still not lifted its threat to use force should Tai- wan press for independence; or that Taipei still bans almost all direct transport mail and tele- phone links with the mainland, because Professor Wu is a man with a vision.

The paper said that Profes- sor Wu's "bold conception has found favour with scholars in the last three years". To encourage research. Apart from the huge political and financial assumptions involved in arguing for such a venture, there are the techni- cal considerations. Professor Wu admitted that any tunnel would have to be built on a stable stratum "avoid- ing seismic belts and fault zones".

He said it would take 16 years of research and feasibil- ity studies and a further 16 years of construction. The past 30 years has seen a political stand- off between the mainland and Taiwan, which Peking persists in viewing as a renegade province. Professor Wu does not ex- plain how the assumed political breakthrough will occur, or whether Taiwan will be reuni- fied with the motherland, but forecasts that by , annual passenger traffic across the Taiwan Strait will reach mil- lion while freight will be mil- lion tons.

Professor Wu. BTs discounts work for you around the clock, seven days a week — not just on selected calls at selected times. Well look at the type of calls you make, then recommend the appropriate business discount plan. To find out if your business is making the most of BTs savings and discounts, call us we're open 24 hours a day on Freefone , or visit our website at www.

EMI was responding to newspaper reports at the weekend which suggested that Mr Murdoch is planning an offer for EMI at around p per share. Mr Murdoch has admitted interest in EMI in the recent past but has said prices are too high. B0 Trade unions took heart from the news but warned that the troubled factory's future was far from secure. BMW is valued at around filltan but the Quandt family controls. Earnings growth at risk from a slow economy Littlewoods to launch banking THE LATEST pay deals suggest that the slowdown in the econ- omy is starting to trim earnings growth, according to the latest assessment from the consul- tancy Incomes Data Services.

But the study adds that settle- ments for low-paid workers in anticipation of the minimum wage and the new working time regulations are adding to employers' pay bills. Figures due today are ex- by Diane Coyle E conomics Editor pected to confirm the weak state of the manufacturing in- dustry, and the absence of any inflation at the factory gate. The report concludes that the economic slowdown is hav- ing a dear impact in some sec- tors, such as engineering and electronics.

However to sectors like in- formation technology and con- struetkm pay pressures remain strong because of skill short- ages. In addition there were high- er increases for groups of low- paid employees as pay rates are adjusted ahead of the intro- duction of the minim um wage in April Into this category came a 5. Trials are also taking place with River Island. In June, UttlewDods plans to offer Internet ordering.

This will enable shoppers to view mov- ing I mag es from the TV chan- nel on their computer screen before placing an order. Littlewoods claims that Shop! Littlewoods hopes to use its mail-order capability, includ- ing call centres and delivery systems, to sign joint ventures with other retailers wishing to sell via the Internet and digital television. At least six companies are considering joining the auction process, with Lex Services. GE Capital and CinVen named as front-runners.

Both Lex and GE Capital which already have a pres- ence in the motor services to- dustry. If these show s trough- trading they could be used to enhance the price. However; thousands of RAC members are excluded from the windfalls because of their status as overseas or retired members.

Around 1, overseas members are continuing a legal action against the RAC's board. The overseas members wifl. Mr Lane resigned as a di- rector of Chorion last Septem- ber. He launched his bid soon afterwards using the American investment bank Bear Stearns. Mr Lane is understood to be con- testing the action. Mr Lane and Chorion both de cline d to comment on the case.

Bank of S. The price of equities today is equal to the sum total of future prof- its, discounted back to the present by a suitable interest rate. If either of the first two events are occurring, then it is perfectly appropriate for asset prices today to rise relative tc consumer prices, and there is no case for monetary policy to seek to offset this. On the other hand, if the third factor is at work, the increase in equity prices is signalling that expected future inflation has risen, in which Gavyn Davies The risk of mishap would be significantly reduced if Europe would ease monetary and fiscal policy monetary policy should be tight- ened today even if the present-day CPI is well behaved.

The rise in equity prices would then be rapid- ly reversed. Which of these three factors is in fact dominant in present cir- cumstances? According to many pessimists, the third fectoris dom- inant, in which case the equity bull market has been a bubble.. If this view is right, then the bubble should be burst forthwith by the central banks. Accord- ing to their calculations, the entire rise in global equity prices in the past five years has been driven by the first two factors -a rise in real profits, and a drop in the real bond yield They also calculate that the equity risk premium built into the US stockmarket today is around 2.

The ex post excess return earned on eq- uities relative to bonds has been doser to 6 per cent per annum in toe US, button is evidence to sug- gest that this ex post excess return has been persistently higher than expected partly because of unan- ticipated dedines in interest rates. Of course, if the real bond yield is too low at present, then it follows that equity and bond prices might both have trouble sustaining pre- sent levels.

The global real bond yield is currently around 2 per cent, which admittedly is much lower than the 3. How- ever; a plausible reason for this de- cline is that the inflation risk premium built into the bond mar- ket has declined in the s for inflation risk premium first rose sharptym toe late- s as a result of a burst of doubledigit inflation, and it seems to have taken about two decades to remove the impact of these events from the memory of bond investors.

In a sense, on this argument, the recent rise in share prices is the mir ror image of the prolonged bear market which occurred in the s when the in- flation risk premium first appeared in the bond market Naturally it follows from all this that any reversal in the recent de- clining trend in inflation would probably cause serious problems for equities, since real and nomi- nal bond yields, and the equity risk premium, could all rise simulta- neously in such circumstances.

However; a significant up-tick in un- derlying inflation does not appear to be a particularly likety eventu- ality in , so that source of trou- ble for equities does cot seem a mqor risk for this year. Unfortunately, tho ugh, there are other sources of risk to the equity bull market which also need to be analysed.

The five-year equity bull market has dearly been the prime force in re- ducing the American sayings ratio to approximately zero in recent months. With net household sav- ings at dose to zero, US households have been operating for some fane with negative cash flow fie with a large private sector financial defeat. Essentially US households have been borrowing money from foreigners, both to sustain their spending at a level about 4 per cent of GDP higher than their income, and to buy more equities.

Has is aingjbty unusual situation, and one fraught with danger since, - if the private-sector deficit is cor- - reded suddenly, this could impart a contractionary shock on the world economy several times larger than the impact of the Asian and Latin American shocks combined. Since this process has occurred to a much greater extent in the US than elsewhere, the US private sector deficit has been translated into a large American balance of payments deficit This too is a dan- gerous devel o p me nt, since it rais- es the possibility that a shock could be imparted to the US econ- omy via a loss of foreign appetite for American assets.

The example of the East Asian shock in demonstrates that such a devel- opment could occur even in the ab- sence of any rise in US inflation. Is it possible that a soft landing can be generated out of this dan- gerous situation? Yes, it certainly is possible. If real bond yields in the US now stabilise, and equities re- mafo fairly valued relative tobonds, the rate of return on equities in fu- ture should fell to the rate which is sustainable in the longterm - ie around 7.

As consumers come to recognise that equity returns are felling back to normal, they might restore their savings ratio into positive territo- ry in which case the private sector deficit could correspondingly be gradually eliminated.

While such an out-turn is cer- tainty possible, it will require sev- eral things to go right -inflation wifl need to remain under control, the US balance of payments deficit will need to be successfully fi- nanced fora lengtty period, and the US private sector will need to maintain confidence in equity val- uations even while they were com- ing to realise that recent rates of return on equities could not be maintained.

On balance, all of these thing s may continue to occur, in at least But the risk of mishap would be significantly reduced if Europe would ease monetary and fiscal policy allowing the US fed- eral Reserve to tighten policy if need be withoutpushing the world into recession. But critics of the system say IVO's disproportionate in- fluence on prices shows wity the pod needs urgent reform. The flotation is to take place in March.

Internet fortune for auction founder APAX. Apax is taking a 30 per cent stake. In the XI countries of the euro-zone, the picture is rather different The tentative recov- ery seen in many of the Euro- pean economies last year seems to be grinding to a halt Germany - Europe's largest economy - is a source of par- ticular concern.

Unemploy- ment remains chronically high and the manufacturing sector is on the brink of recession. The EU has been dogged by high unemployment and tax, and this has been taken negatively. City dealers say that they want to buy dollars rather than euros because they expect US interest rates to rise and European rates to fed The same dealers also be- lieve that UK rates are more likety to fall than European rates.

So logic would seem to impty that the markets should favour euros over pounds. But the euro continues to slip against sterling, a neat illus- tration of the dangers of applying simple logic to ex- change rates. There are at least two ex- planations for this apparent di- chotomy. As a re- sult, when traders see the dol- lar going up, they tend to pile into sterling. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island. Aneyrysm Rats - Dying To Live 12 inch. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion.

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