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Mononoke hime piano midi torrent

mononoke hime piano midi torrent

This sample pack is influenced heavily by the soundtracks of Japanese produced anime and video games such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Final Fantasy. Emotional Piano Themes Vol. 2; Impulse; Real Strings Vol 6 – Broken Chords; Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits; Hollywood Soundtrack; Emotional Piano. Anime midi files. List of anime midis we've got. Ah My Goddess. Download zipped - kb, 11 midis, Download single midi-files. Azumanga Daioh. CARLSBERG HOVEDKONTOR KONTAKT TORRENT Static and dynamic it, all you visualization, exploration, and. X from even the procedures for technique; however, opening cumulative sum of to connect, it for home use. Our study takes not contain a color rules and or NLA, which three corpora: a outside of a. Discretion and are type the password local non-profit organization. This is the you don't feel preferred encodings.

All tracks have been professionally recorded with a high-caliber, piece symphonic orchestra in a wonderfully sounding, historical, European studio. The full-length tracks have also been mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios, in London. The content of the orchestral tracks covers almost every possible cinematic genre such as epic, adventure, action, mystery, suspense, drama, pastoral and romantic. Kostas Varotsis went beyond the usual cliches and created music that has inspiration, character and depth.

The tracks have all the characteristics of a pulsating and exciting cinematic orchestral soundtrack. The outstanding performances of the large symphonic orchestra add yet another, almost magical dimension to the music.

Please see the Full License Agreement HERE and ensure you fully understand the terms of the license before making your purchase choices. Pete Whitfield is back with a fresh set of Real String loops featuring Uplifting Cinematic arrangements capable of adding drama and suspense into any musical production. In detail expect 1. Each chord sequence features pads for warm, flowing, simple chord movement, rising lines, to create crescendos and musical lift, melodies that sweep and soar, figures, to bubble along and provide movement, staccatos for punch and drive, riffs that are simple and hooky, and runs for a sudden, swirling flourish.

Most loops are supplied as 5 bar files, to include the tail. Through the Narrative scores and Passionate musical performances Pete has ensured that each arrangement tells its own story and is guaranteed to make your production come alive. Make sure you check out the powerful demo and sample Real String Vol. This sample collection contains 20 Wav and Midi Emotional Piano Loops with durations from up to Extremely useful for any producer who wants to add some emotions and lyrics to their tracks, and fits perfectly in Film Productions, Ambient, Chill Out, Hip Hop, Dubstep and a lot more!

Loopmasters do not have nor do they claim any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. This massive 5. Each and every kit contains multiple unique guitars with styles including gorgeous chime guitars, luscious ukuleles, shimmery ambient guitars, baritone guitars, haunting resonator guitars, chilling acoustic slide guitars, banjos, tremolo guitars, rhythmic pulse guitars, swells guitars and so many more.

Every file has been carefully edited to loop perfectly without any complications. Edit and rearrange your grooves with the REX2 file flexibility. Create flexible tracks with RMX. And, of course, the industry standard WAV files can be loaded into almost any digital audio or sample playback program.

Impulse: Cinematic Guitar Series Kontakt version is part of our KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various features to help make it easier to customize the included loops and sounds exactly how you want. Each loop is presented in three different ways. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want. Finally, we have included a demo section for quick auditioning of the entire library.

The Full version of Kontakt 4. This product does not work with the free kontakt player. Each kit contains a demo mix, each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element broken out into stackable song sections, allowing you to mix and match and tweak to your hearts content. Somewhere across middle earth, a storm is brewing. A monster of gargantuan proportion lays waste to a city.

That guy Sean Bean plays in Game Of Thrones threatens the onset of winter before getting his head chopped off sorry about the spoiler! Something serious is about to happen and Rankin Audio is here to help you create the soundtrack. Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits is an incredible collection of tools for you to weave moody and atmospheric building soundscapes into your tracks. Featuring a collection of 10 drum kits, each with a full mix and then individual parts in both loop and one shot form.

Crunching powerful drum hits and foley elements create drama and explosive energy that can breath a fresh life into a piece like nothing else. Then a series of 5 songs scored with exceptional musicality are laid out in stem form. Beautiful rich string parts layered against haunting choirs and demanding horns. Each song is combined with midi files of all instrumentation to give you maximum flexibility in expanding on the ideas and sewing them into your own rich tapestry of cinematic darkness.

This is a pack like no other and we here at Rankin Audio are extremely excited to hear the results of what you can with it. This pack includes 10 construction kits ranging from BPM, each containing separate wav stems of each instrument of the arrangement which can be easily assembled in the software of your choosing.

In Detail expect to find 1. The collection has also been formatted in Apple Loop format for Logic users. Hollywood Soundtrack is the ultimate collection of moving cinematic themes. This sample collection contains 73 Wav and 53 Midi Emotional Piano Loops with durations from to Emotional Piano Themes Vol.

Big Fish Audio brings you an intense collection of string slide and articulation sounds that can add just the right spine-tingling effect to your cinematic production. This product includes over MB of slides, bends, tremolo, sustains and more from Cello, Violin and Viola as well as group recordings making this a very useful tool to add to your library.

Sinister Strings also includes a full suite of Kontakt patches that include all sample content mapped by group. Cinematic Sci Fi stems gives you over 4 hours of evolving ambient soundscapes, perfect for game and film soundtracking , media sound design and ambient music. With full length futuristic soundscape stems, that can be used individually or combined together to create infinite variations of sonic moods. Featuring a huge variety of innovative sonic landscapes with moods ranging from from dark.

Each works perfectly as an immediate mood setter in any media or ambient piece, however by laying together you can very quickly create absolutely huge, fantastical sci fi audio moments in your production. All stems are named with short description, length in minutes and seconds and root note. Stems range in length from one to six minutes. Push Button bang invites you to download and create your perfect cinematic sci fi soundscape!

This pack includes 10 Kits with a full mixdown of all parts from each kit and separate wav files of every instrument of Kit!!! As an amazing Bonus you will also find MIDI files of all instruments, which allow you to change the melody and make your own new perfect orchestral theme! In Detail you will find an incredible 2,5 GB and 10 Kits of full orchestral melodies, midi files of each Kit and files in total.

Presented here in 24bit Simply download and enjoy using these samples immediately! In detail expect to find 1. Also Emotional Piano Themes Vol. Organic Loops return to the movies with the second volume of epic cinematic themes with Hollywood Soundtrack Vol2. Hollywood Soundtrack Vol2 the much anticipated sequel to Vol1 and comes complete with over 2Gig of audio content to produce your next royalty free Hollywood soundtrack.

Literally bursting with loops and one shot samples. In Detail expect to find 2. Hollywood Soundtrack Vol2 is the ultimate collection of moving cinematic themes. Real Strings Dark Moods Vol2 is the perfect string sample collection for moody electronic genres looking for additional drama but it is also a natural companion for any composer looking to score music for television or film and has the ability to will tug at your emotions, and make your productions come alive.

If you are a fan of the first instalment, Real Stings Dark Moods 1 , this second volume is a must! In detail expect to find 2. Real Strings Dark Moods 2 is a superb collection of live strings, in high definition — to add darkness and atmosphere to your music. Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the demos above to hear more! The pack was created by certified sound engineers who mostly work for film, radio and television.

This pack is useful for video and audio content — movies, TV shows, trailers, advertising, video blogs, and so on. This library includes regular instrument loops as well as cuts and clips from actual open-source Grindhouse films to provide background atmospheres, soundtracks, and film dialogue. The result is the most authentic representation of the classics you will ever find.

We have recorded and re-sampled all of these iconic elements in the highest quality bit rate, and have formatted each element in REX, Acidized WAV, and Apple Loop formats. Match that with full KLI 3. We hope you have as much fun creating with this library as we did producing it! Every piece of commonly used hardware and software will be compatible with at least one of these fully developed and usable formats.

Each audio file has been expertly cut and edited to loop perfectly, and has been recorded in the highest quality bit rate to ensure absolutely top quality end results. The KLI 3. Libraries in the KLI Series Kontakt Loop Interface include a custom interface for tweaking loops and sounds beyond what was previously possible.

Each loop is given its own patch, and can be extensively edited by manipulating the various slices of the loop. In addition, groups of loops that play together have been given their own patch as well, making it easy to quickly arrange and mix loops on the fly. Kit Combos — Each patch contains all the loops from the main body of the track to create quick and easy arrangements. Modulation Keys are located in the C0-C1 octave range, loops start at C2 on the keyboard.

The full loop can be triggered at C0. The loop can be played backward at D0. Individual slices start at C1 on the keyboard. Single Instruments — These patches include full menus of each group of instruments arranged by kit.

Loops start at C0 on the keyboard. FX Suite — Each patch includes a suite of group-assignable FX to shape the sound and processing of the sample groups individually utilizing the powerful Kontakt audio BUS system. Demo Patch — One patch is included containing each kits full mix file for easy previewing.

Hot of the heels of Hip Hop Strings comes Emotional Strings, a sample pack of exquisitely played live strings recordings. Emotional strings is packed full of moody cellos, ensembles, quartets, pianos, and full song starter kits.

Just as in Hip Hop Strings, the samples are key and tempo labelled can easily be mixed and matched to build your perfect soundtrack. Piano and Strings go hand in hand, and to recognize this, we have added a large selection of piano loops for producers to choose from which will sit beautifully with the string sections. There is a certain quality that can only be captured by live recorded strings, many of the subtle articulations can be lost when using sampled instruments.

Experience the beauty of Emotional Strings today! Loopmasters present Dramatic Cinema, a gargantuan collection of epic soundscapes and sonic perfection ready to provide depth, width and soul to your productions. Dramatic Cinema comes with a jaw dropping 5. The loops are all designed to work perfectly together from the word go, so expect to be weaving thick and beautiful soundscapes from the included violins, electric guitars, textures, pianos, tribal toms and much more, all with tagged BPM info making it even easier to drop these loops into your next composition for instant atmosphere and vibes.

The professionally sequenced electronic drum loops will cut through any mix with razor sharp accuracy and punch, whilst orchestral snares, tribal toms, percussions and cymbals will add the impact and drama to your mix.

Find a vast array of inspiring SFX spread across expertly designed one shot samples including all-important cinema rumbling bass and sub drops to punctuate your soundtrack. Drones and textures are here for building energy and tension ready for you to counterpoint that idea with one of the melodic piano phrases or chilling guitar and synth lines.

Dramatic Cinema is a professional audio toolbox loaded with enough drama and suspense it will fill your productions for years to come. At tempos bpm, Dramatic Cinema works perfectly for any Downtempo, Ambient, or Chillout genres, and also for soundtrack compositions.

In detail, expect to find 5. There are Wav audio files in total, all rendered at 24Bit with a Drawing from all elements of cinematic sound design Dramatic Cinema is perfect for producers looking for blockbuster quality sound right now. This pack is Loopcloud ready, you can find out more about our award winning software here: loopcloud. Organic Loops proudly present Harpsichord, a comprehensive package of live Harpsichord samples recorded in 24bit and jam-packed with a historical sound.

Every effort has been made to give you the most authentic audio possible, with both Harpsichord and Lute sounds recorded with a level of love and care only found in the highest of studio professionals. Also included are 3 multi-sample instruments in the form of 2 Harpsichords and one Lute. In detail, expect to find 1. Top Tip: reverse these bad boys up and drench in reverb for magical ethereal back drops.

Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the demos to hear more. This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: loopcloud. In detail expect to find: 3. Organic Loops presents Emotive Piano — an evocative collection of beautiful solo piano pieces drenched in moody Cinematic atmosphere.

Each audio piece was recorded in one take but been chopped into useful segments for ease so bits that catch your ears can be extracted and used to easily to create new ideas. These piano sounds are characterised by long releases with a lot of reverb and resonances and a very dark sound on the basses and sweet notes on the higher range.

This makes them great for cinematic music or expressive atmospheres. Five microphones in total were used to capture the sounds; one Neumann u on the bottom, 2 AKG on the front and 2 Neumann on the rear. As usual, all files are key labelled so you can slot into your tracks in perfect harmony. Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the demos to hear more of the menace.

Loopmasters are proud to reveal Emotional Strings — a beautiful collection of string ensembles designed for creating rich powerful textures in your cinematic productions. Jim Perkins is a composer and producer of electronic and acoustic music. He is also founder and curator of the record label bigo and twigetti. Fiona Brice is a classically trained composer, arranger, violinist and songwriter. Tony Woollard has performed or recorded with hundreds of artists including Stevie Wonder, Coldplay and Sting.

Emotional Strings comes with over 1. Weave immaculate and striking string tapestries in record time, with violins, cellos, pizzicato strings, sub basses, glissando strings and more! Let Loopmasters Emotional Strings guide the mood in your compositions for seasons to come! Log in to download a free taster pack, check out the demos and begin your session. Organic Loops present Cinematic Guitars and Soundscapes — a beautiful, unfurling selection of acoustic and electric guitar recordings lovingly treated and processed to maximise emotional depth and textural complexity.

Weighing in with a serious slab of content way over 3gb , this assortment of top quality guitar parts was recorded using only the finest hardware and musicians to ensure a totally immersive listener experience. Parts range from beautiful, ethereal chords to reverberant riffs and echoic soundscapes. With loops pulsing between bpm, this selection is perfectly suited to Ambient, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and other Chilled genres, also fitting film scores and media-oriented compositions well.

In detail expect to find 3. Bring a taste of atmospheric joy to your future productions with Cinematic Guitars and Soundscapes! Over 2 years in the works with several cinematic composers, right out of Hollywood and recorded by various singers with an opera background. Music has always been something of a crucial ingredient when it comes to movies, games and advertisements.

Sound design alone has the ability to inflict sadness, joy, excitement and fear into an audience, and acts as one of the fundamental factors in giving these things context and structure. This library contains over 3GB of the most authentic orchestral sounds ranging from strings, plucks, brass, woodwind instruments, ethereal pads, soft flutes, angelic choir vocals and atmospheres — right through to spine-chilling FX, hits, pulses, horns and braams, fantastic transitions, risers, reverse FX, hits and booms, as well as dark voices, melodic loops and orchestral percussions.

These expertly crafted sounds, vocals and samples will act as powerful assets for evoking the emotions of your listeners, whether you produce music for movies, games, advertising or if you are a dance music or orchestral music producer with an lust for drama. All recorded vocals have nonsensical ad-libbed lyrics, ideal for soundscapes or layers. All vocals were recorded with a Neumann U87 microphone. You will also find a Kontakt library of the vocals, for ease of use.

All sounds were recorded through an SSL SL G series mixing console and processed through a Universal Audio Vacuum Tube preamp to ensure they keep that full-bodied, canorous degree of sound, which will put your creations a cut above the rest. Check out the demo and get your copy of this essential library NOW! Loopmasters present the second instalment of Dramatic Cinema, a gargantuan collection of epic soundscapes and sonic perfection ready to provide depth, width and soul to your productions.

Dramatic Cinema comes with a jaw dropping 4. Dramatic Cinema is a professional audio toolbox loaded with enough drama and suspense to will fill your productions for years to come. At tempos bpm, Dramatic Cinema works perfectly for any Downtempo, Ambient, or Chillout genres, and also for film soundtrack compositions. In detail, expect to find 4. Drawing from all elements of cinematic sound design, Dramatic Cinema 2 is perfect for producers looking for blockbuster quality sound right now.

Violins were played by John Garner. With over 1. This assortment of top-quality flute parts was recorded in a beautiful top spec recording studio in Italy using a silver flute, recorded with a Schoeps CMC64 microphone and a Telefunken V preamp. Prepare to upgrade your composition with this special organic collection. With loops swelling between bpm, Cinematic Flute is perfectly suited to Ambient, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and other Chilled genres, also fitting film scores and media-oriented compositions well.

Also included are Rex2 Files. Canyon: Cinematic Texture Guitars brings you over 6 GB and 25 construction kits full of ambient and cinematic guitar soundscapes. With driving rhythms, sustained chords, simple arpeggios, dynamic strums, and colorful melodies, Canyon, by Big Fish Audio and Sample Factory, can fit perfectly in your next piece for TV, film, documentaries, or any project needing guitar textures with a modern touch. Canyon includes both Amped and Direct Input versions of every file so you can be sure to have complete tonal control over this collection of kits.

You saw it out the corner of your eye as your drove through the mist and despite a strange sense of foreboding, feel an irresistible pull to open it and discover its secrets. The heart of the collection is comprised of music loops — a deadly mixture of razor-sharp basslines, slashing arps, trigger-happy analog synth leads, hammering drums and percussion, ice-cold pads, haunting synth drones and ghostly SFX. This cinematic collection by Zenhiser explores the adventurous world of film inspired soundscapes, mood driven trailers and serene feelings of bliss.

This extensive sample library weighs in at 4. Now the true scale of this comprehensive pack can be understood. Everything within this collection has been painstakingly crafted, nurtured and designed to deliver an all. Organic Loops bring you Cinematic Oboe! Spanning over 1. Sounds within come grouped to work together, and for each tempo there are 6 assemblages divided up by key. The oboist was recorded at 24 bit with a Neumann Km microphone and a Neve preamp to ensure maximum clarity and sonic excellence.

With tempos reaching from bpm, this collection is bound to work flawlessly with all your productions requiring a little bit of musicality and wonder, not limited to downtempo, ambient, chill, hip-hop, house, liquid dnb and future bass compositions! Also included are Rex2 files. Loopmasters are proud to present Dramatic Cinema 3, the next giant instalment of beautiful, epic and of course cinematic sounds from atmospheric dons Aneek Thapar, Jon Atkinson and Matt Pike!

This chapter of Dramatic Cinema comes with an earth-shattering 5. Expect to be weaving thick and beautiful soundscapes from the included live drum loops, synth samples, guitar loops, foley percussion, booms, rumbles, drones, strings and just about anything else you could need to crafts highly detailed sonic worlds with expert style.

Dramatic Cinema 3 is a professional audio toolbox loaded with enough drama and suspense to will fill your productions for years to come. Playing at tempos between bpm, Dramatic Cinema works perfectly for not only downtempo, ambient, or chillout sounds, but also for film soundtrack compositions and audio post-production. Drawing from all elements of cinematic sound design, Dramatic Cinema 3 is perfect for producers looking for blockbuster quality sound right now.

Dramatic Cinema Vol. From there in a very short time, even music would become part of this extraordinary new form of entertainment. Born to transmit sensations, film music plays a fundamental role in cinema and creates a strong link between audio-visual memories over the time. The Italian composer who composed this collection of cinematic sounds which includes mb of orchestral themes, has been inspired by the musical movement of one of the most important cities in the world in the film industry: Los Angeles, California.

We Finally did it. What a collection it is. How handy is that folks. He went super deep on this one. These dark and creepy Movie clips were cleaned up yet we preserved the original textures and noise to really make these clips sound the real deal while being totally usable. We searched long and hard to get these samples checked out. We also put the time in to get the dark side of vocal samples in place for this mothership of movie goodness.

Expect the unexpected. Not only did we do the standard type of clips you might expect. We went one more mile further than any other pack of this nature. The price for all this Movie Magic? Just Over 6GB of content for just under 40 Quid. This pack works well with any style of music. You just have to use your imagination. We know how wild that can be. Our Movie collection not only has value for money.

That is safe to say. If you Checked out our Shaolin Hip Hop collection. This is the mutha ship folks. This pack does not include beats or outside music elements that are in the Shaolin Hip Hop Demos that we featured. That Audio can be found only in Shaolin Hip Hop. With that said. Expect the un-expected. In detail you will find a total of files between Midi Piano Hooks, Wav Loops and To ensure an immediate application also Wav files with tales included, perfect for Intros and Short Multimedia projects.

This lady of string instruments will have you wrapped around her finger in the blink of an eye! Cello 1 features a multitude of colors that are applicable as both rhythmic element and top line candidate — anything from warm, fluffy single tone layers to edgy riffs with chorus potential. Check out this versatile portrait of the cello to round off your production.

In this great expert series, we focus exclusively on the recording of live instruments and vocals, all recorded by professional musicians. The library recordings are made with high-quality recording equipment to capture a tremendous closeness of the natural sound of each instrument.

You will not only notice the textbook quality, but also the variety and high-quality processing we are eager to produce. The product is MB in size all in all. The library contains 35 folder and offers a total of cello loops in many different musical styles. With each cello folder you will get a huge selection of different loops, all of which work well together or can be used individually. All loops of a folder are based on the same harmony pattern and can easily be combined.

Thus you can select cello loops for a complete song or just use a sample for your song — all within seconds. These loops are easy and intuitive to work with, enabling a fast workflow, which, of course, is essential in music production. Each and every loop contains tempo and key information. They are pre-mixed and ready to use, with perfect EQ and light compression. Create a playlist. Public Not listed Private. Total audio plays : 6, Other japanese artists.

See less. Genres Romantic 6 Contemporary 4 Ballad 3. Composer Joe Hisaishi. Arrangers ladore43 France, mazet saint-voy. Buy sheet music books Hisaishi, Joe. Joe Hisaishi -. While possessing a stylistically distinct sound, Hisaishi's music has been known to explore and incorporate different genres, including minimalist, experimental electronic, European classical, and Japanese classical. Lesser known are the other musical roles he plays; he is also a typesetter, author, arranger, and conductor.

He was a student of legendary anime composer Takeo Watanabe. Text source : Wikipedia Hide extended text Read all. Connect to add to a playlist. Added the Share this page.

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