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and produces a Series of Special Publications (ISSN ), and the Benchmark ment of the system design: the sub-system identification, which allows. Sala de Urgencias: With Cristina Umaña, Rafael Novoa, Paola Rey, Carlos Torres. Colombian adaptation of the award winning original TV series ER (). Nautical Free provides a list of free nautical charts and online publications. There is a list by country from letter A to letter V, for each country the. TRANSMEDIALE 2014 KEYNOTE TORRENT The content of original on 19 to detect such be published in. That regard, the Services Agreement states:. Hope, Fred Heath.

These laws relate to voyage reporting requirements, pollution prevention rules, cruise ships, polar class vessel requirements, crewing requirements. Guidelines for the Operation of Passenger Vessels in Canadian Arctic Waters TP E These Guidelines are intended to provide information on the requirements of Federal and Territorial government agencies during the planning phase of cruises and during the subsequent Arctic voyages.

The Guidelines are intended to assist cruise operators in achieving successful voyages and promoting good relations with all the cultures of the North. The reader should note that this publication is not a legal document. The focus of these Guidelines is the safe and pollution-free operation of cruise ships in Canadian Arctic waters.

It is a pictorial guide that outlines the four steps that are needed to apply the Ice Regime System. First, the user characterizes the Ice Regime. Second, the Classdependent Ice Multipliers are obtained. Finally, the Ice Numeral is used to decide whether the vessel should proceed or take an alternate route. Seafarers that are not familiar with vessels operating in ice conditions may not fully appreciate the risks involved and in consequence may not be adequately prepared. The goal of this publication is to to provide a better understanding of hazards which may be encountered when transiting Eastern Canadian ice covered waters during the winter navigation season.

The goal is also to identify precautions that can be taken and recurring problems encountered every winter season in various locations of a vessel in an attempt to bring practical solutions. This report was requested by the Marine Safety Directorate of Transport Canada to address the problem of survival in cold waters. It is divided into six specific chapters: 1 A brief introduction to the problem; 2 The physiology of cold water immersion; 3 The research that has been conducted to protect the human from the dangers of sudden cold water immersion; 4 The design and development of current immersion suits; 5 The inter-relationship between the immersion suit and the lifejacket; 6 A review of the different groups of people who fly over, work on or play on the water and what protection these groups need.

Document also available in format PDF. Transport Canada is proud to present a series of videos on operating your small vessel safely and responsibly. Follow us across Canada as we explore safety issues and solutions with vessel owners like you: My Vessel. My Business. My Responsibility. You can search for a ship's official number or by name, or use the advanced search page which permits searching on a wider variety of attributes.

It also assists with the administration of many others. Access to the full text of federal Acts and Regulations is provided by the Department of Justice Canada, which is responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes of Canada. Marine Safety Publications Marine safety and security publications by Transport Canada: Standards, safe practices, guidelines, forms, guides, examination guides, program descriptions, training materials, notices.

The list is sorted by Transport Publication number TP. Marine safety publications are also available on the Government of Canada publications site. Ship Safety Bulletins TP Ship Safety Bulletins are aimed at owners, authorized representatives and operators of commercial vessels, including other interested marine industry stakeholders.

All new edition charts by SHOA are in accordance with this publication. Mas informacion sobre las horas de las predicciones entregadas. Tides Predictions To know the tide at a certain date: tidal predictions for the month with a choice between 2 months.

More about the time of the forecast on all the information is conveyed. Publications: Free Downloads Publications: Oceanographic publications, hydrographic publications and others. Cartas en colores con olas de 5 metros y mas. Se recomienda descargar este archivo y trabajar desde su PC. Altura en metros. Color maps with waves of 5 meters or more. Color maps with wave forecast for the Drake Passage.

Also loop file and slideshow loop. Save this file as a simple version designed for mariners and internet users with low bandwidth access. Ice charts for the Antarctic Peninsula Tierra de O'Higgins In section 5 Sea Ice of the page ice reports, satellite images and concentration ice charts with egg code. Estrecho de Magallanes: rutas y direcciones de pilotaje Derroteros con rutas, regulaciones y direcciones de pilotaje para le Estrecho de Magallanes, canales y fiordos chilenos.

Strait of Magellan: routes and information for piloting Sailing directions with routes, regulations and information for piloting for the Strait of Magellan, Chilean channels and fiords. Como navegante, es posible que usted tenga que rescatar a personas en peligro en el mar.

Es posible que le avisen con poco tiempo y que haya vidas que dependan de usted. Debe usted leerla ahora y remitirse a ella mientras se dirija al lugar del suceso a fin de prepararse para las operaciones de rescate. Notwithstanding that participation in the system is voluntary, domestic regulations provide that all foreign vessel bound to a Chilean port must report her arrival at least 24 hours in advance.

When foreign vessels navigate inland waters of the Chilean Republic they must report their position at Z and Z. Under other conditions, the system considers a daily report between Z and Z. Chilean flagged vessels must report their position at Z and Z daily. It is not only for users to update their nautical charts and publications, but also for mariners to assist their navigation. To view the Notices, you need to download: ReaderSetup.

The Notices to Mariners offered on this website are for reference only. For details, please see the paper edition of Chinese Notices to Mariners. In order to keep navigation safety and prevent sea pollution, all vessels which navigate in the Chinese coastal ports and fairways must fit out the updated charts and other relative navigation publications, which are published by China MSA, the official publishing office of the Chinese coastal port and fairway charts.

With the right mouse button chose "View image". Click on the image. Online Chinese coastal and fairway charts with medium definition scan. File in doc format. The List of Lights includes: maritime navigational aids including visual navigational aids , some important parts of the fishery navigational aids and enterprise navigational aids.

The coverage of the List of Lights is Chinese coast port and fairway including Hongkong and Macao, but Taiwan is not contained for now. Vessel Traffic Service User's Guide These guides are published in order to provide the users with a brief introduction to the vessel traffic services hereinafter referred to as VTS and the requirement of the vessel traffic services center concerning traffic management and service and the navigation information which may be necessary for the vessels, thus to promote the understanding and cooperation between VTS center and users, and to ensure the safety of navigation, promote the traffic efficiency and protect the environment.

Navigational warnings Navigational warnings in English. The data was collected and integrated by iGMAS global tracking stations. PDOP reflects the amplification effect to the user ranging error which is caused by spatial geometry of visible satellites and the receiver. The smaller the PDOP, the higher the positioning accuracy. The data was collected and integrated by global tracking stations. Under a fixed user error range, the smaller the PDOP, the higher the positioning accuracy.

The Position Dilution of Precision PDOP is used to characterize the relative positioning relationship between navigation satellite and user. Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone. The evaluation results obtained by using this system are for reference only. The user shall make a decision according to the specific ship condition, cargo, loading state and the actual weather conditions at that time. The system development and release units do not assume any legal responsibility.

The positions on the chart are referred to the WGS84 Datum. The depths are in metres and reduced to the Chart Datum, which is approximately the Lowest Astronomical Tide. Red to Port, Green to Starboard. Real Time Tide In the interest of quick delivery of information, all real-time tide data in the website have not been subjected to quality control. They are provided by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only.

These predictions will deviate from the actual conditions in the field since temporal and localised meteorological effects and non-tidal flow variations could not be taken into account. According to the comparison of the predicted data with the actual field observed data, the average difference in current peak magnitude ranges from 0. Not to be used for navigation. The BGL is a reference for all port users requiring pilotage services.

In order to expedite the arrangement of operation involving pilotage, the BGL set out the agreed operational parameters and measures which were endorsed by the Pilotage Advisory Committee PAC. Owners, operators and agents of ships are encouraged to disseminate relevant information contained in this BGL to their masters of ships.

Marine Traffic Control Vessel Traffic Services are provided to vessels visiting Hong Kong to ensure their safety and to facilitate their arrival and departure as expeditiously as possible. Also global plan of typhoon shelters and sheltered anchorages.

Hong Kong Observatory Hong Kong Weather Services for Shipping The main purpose of this publication is to provide under one cover information on the weather services provided by the Hong Kong Observatory for mariners at sea and in the harbour of Hong Kong.

Target readers include crew of ocean-going ships, operators of ship companies, and professionals and other members of the public engaged in offshore and onshore marine activities. Tropical Cyclone Track Information Only tropical cyclones centred within the area bounded by N and E will be shown on this website. Also: Warning for shipping.

Tides in Hong Kong are mixed and mainly semi-diurnal. On most of the days in a month, there are two high tides and two low tides. As the predicted times and heights of the high and low tides are derived for average meteorological conditions, the observed tides may differ from those predicted when the actual meteorological conditions deviate from the mean.

The real-time tide data are provided as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. International Time Zone World map with international time zone and time. The time displays in this page are obtained from your computer clock. It aims at providing the latest news and development of weather services for the marine community. The Cruising Guide to Columbia The Cruising Guide to Columbia: "Its Exotic Caribbean and Pacific Coasts" provides useful information for cruisers navigating the Pacific and the Caribbean coastlines of Colombia on yachts, mega yachts, and sailboats, as well as tourist information.

Adriatic Sea - Portal operativne oceanografije Visoke i niske vode [m]. Also for some places: waves, wind and pressure. Adriatic Sea, Croatia. To access the nautical charts on the Geoportal: At the bottom and in the middle of the page click on the "List of layers" then on the left window click on "Male karte v2".

Navigacijski radiooglasi Navigacijski radiooglasi na snazi. Information published on the web pages of Radio Navigational Warnings e-Service shall not be considered as official information for the safety of navigation! Ispravci karata - III. Ispravci peljara - IV. Ispravci popisa svjetala - V. Ispravci kataloga - VII. Navigacijski radiooglasi - VIII. Contents: I. Corrections to Charts - III. Corrections to Sailing Directions - IV. Corrections to List of Lights - V.

Corrections to Radio Service - VI. Corrections to Catalogue - VII. Also maps of coast stations. With the new digital guide, navigators can familiarise themselves in advance about e. The online edition is maintained and updated on a regular basis. Den danske Havnelods websted "Den danske Havnelods" indeholder opdaterede oplysninger om danske havne og 33 danske broer. For hver havn er der en tekst med oplysninger, havneplaner og foto s.

Havnenes faciliteter er vist med piktogrammer. Oplysningerne om broerne indeholder tekst og foto s. Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger "Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger" indeholder informationer af almen interesse for sejlads i danske farvande.

It is generally difficult to navigate near Greenland for mariners who are not familiar with the conditions. Mariners intending to navigate in the waters surrounding Greenland can use the portal to obtain an overview of the websites of relevant authorities and institutions that provide information about safe navigation in these waters.

The pilot contains information on topics and conditions that are necessary to be aware of when navigating in Greenland waters. Greenland Harbour Pilot Information about cities, settlements and stations. The Greenland Harbour Pilot on the internet contains updated information on 36 Greenlandic harbours towns, settlements and stations. This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways fjords , towns, villages, etc - 3 Harbours and anchorages.

This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways - 3 Harbours and anchorages. The new charts use new Greenlandic orthography as opposed to the older charts as well as some publications that use old Greenlandic orthography.

Behind the nautical chart - Surveying, reliability and use Behind the Nautical Chart is a tool for understanding the surveying, reliability and use of nautical charts. The improved accuracy of satellite systems and the increased use of electronic navigational charts have led navigators to expect much more from their nautical charts than the charts are generally able to live up to.

For yderligere rettelser herunder midlertidige henvises til EfS. This is why the Danish Geodata Agency recommends that nautical charts and publications are kept up to date and that the latest editions are used. First and foremost, all shipping companies, ships and seafarers should follow the advice and guidance from The Danish Health Authority and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Navigation through Danish Waters With the object of ensuring the navigational safety of large ships passing through Danish waters, the Danish government has established a transit route between Skagen the Skaw and the area northeast of Gedser.

The route is named "Route T". Medical care guidelines and manuals The Centre for Maritime Health Service develops and updates guidelines and manuals for persons in charge medical care on an ongoing basis. The routes will increase the safety of navigation for the 70, ships that pass through the waters annually.

Safety of navigation in Greenland waters A safety package containing regulations and information about special Greenland conditions is available to ships embarking on voyages in Greenland waters. With IMO regulations, circulars and guidelines. By the FCOO. Danmark: map with MSI for the Sound February Guidelines for nautical information The Danish Maritime Authority publishes warnings regarding conditions that may present a risk or be of considerable inconvenience to seafarers in Danish waters as well as Notices to Mariners for the entire Danish Realm.

Together, these warnings and notices are referred to as nautical information. Nautical information is communicated through various media. Nautical information: interactive map The chart shows current Notices to Mariners EfS for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Defence shootings in the shooting areas plotted in the chart, as well as Danish navigational warnings. Click the chart for further details. Also: Details and List. Transmission of meteorological notices - Charts and publications and their maintenance Isbrydning Isbrydning i danske farvande er som udgangspunkt underlagt fri konkurrence, og derfor er skibsfarten selv ansvarlig for at kontrahere og betale for den rekvirerede isbrydningskapacitet.

Ismeldetjenesten Ismelding for de danske farvande. Issituationen i de danske farvande Fra den 1. Koden er beskrevet i figurerne nedenfor. Ice extent and ice drift in the Arctic Ocean Monitoring of ice extent and sea ice motion in the Arctic is an important research and development task, both from climate and human activities perspectives. The Ice Service produces overview charts as well as more detailed regional ice charts: the Cape Farewell region, the west coast and also the east coast of Greenland.

The number of new ice charts added, depends on season and the chosen region. High-resolution sea ice forecast for Greenland High-resolution sea ice forecast around Greenland for the upcoming 5 days: Ice concentration, ice thickness and ice drift speed. Demonstration product - in development SalienSeas. The maps are updated twice daily at UTC and UTC , showing the latest available satellite-based observations. Fortolkning af iskort, Iskortarkiv, Ismelding, Sikunik nalunaarut. Significant wave height forecast Five day ocean forecast for significant wave height and others parameters like: Surface temperature, Surface salinity, Surface current, Drift current, Sea level, Ice thickness, Ice concentration, Ice convergence, Ice drift, Ice temperature, Icing index, Wind, Significant wave height, Dominant wave period, Swell height, Swell period.

Forecast updated every 6 hours. Tide tables for Danmark, Faroe and Grennland The tide tables list the times for high and low water and the corresponding high and low tidal water heights. Tidal heights should be added to the depth shown in the chart to obtain the water depths at high and low tide. Hora local y altura en metros. Aviso a los navegantes Aviso diarios y mensuales a los navegantes para el Ecaudor. Seleccionar el tipo de aviso que desea buscar: Diarios o Mensuales.

Navigational charts cover both sea areas and navigable inland waters. Current navigational charts and Cartograms for Estonia. A complete database of Estonian aids to navigation is also accessable. Sailing Directions for Estonian Waters Sailing Directions will be published digitally in four parts that correspond to geographical regions, and the publication can be downloaded free of charge. We recommend printing out the necessary parts of the Sailing Directions A4 format.

Sailing Directions are updated once a month according to the changes of the navigational information. Gulf of Riga: 1. Lootsiraamatu osasid korrigeeritakse vastavalt navigatsiooniteabe muutumisele kord kuus. International Maritime Conventions Conventions the republic of Estonia has acceded. The application works on all platforms, allowing GPS positioning, making queries of data objects, using measuring and drawing tools and sending feedback on the application to Estonian Maritime Administration.

Estonian Maritime Administration recommends not to use the Web application as primary tool for navigation, because its operation depends on availability of the data communication!. Information for Winter Navigation Information for winter navigation with procedure for icebreaking, traffic restrictions, links Navigational warnings for Estonia Navigatsioonihoiatused List of navigational warnings with map by the Estonian Transport Administration.

In the monthly editions of Notices to Mariners, the Estonian Maritime Administration publishes corrections to navigational charts, List of Lights and Sailing Directions issued by the Administration. Reviews will be based on the incidence of the coronavirus. These instructions issued by the Finnish Border Guard during the pandemic use the terms Border traffic returned to normal, Restriction category 1 and Restriction category 2.

Tarkastelun perusteena on koronaviruksen tauti-ilmaantuvuus. FAQ koronaviruksen vaikutuksista rajanylitysliikenteeseen Rajavartiolaitos. List of nautical charts Tarficom, the Finish Transport and Communications Agency publishes printed and electronic marine charts from the Finnish sea and lake area. This product list is a web-based service, which contains updated information on both paper and electronic nautical charts.

Finnish List of Lights The publication is divided into sections in order to facilitate both usage and updating. General information is found in a separate publication. The tables of lights are separated into different publications for coastal areas and inland waterways.

The Saimaa area is included as a part of the Vuoksi watercourse in the publication for inland waterways. Please note that only local languages Finnish and Swedish are used for descriptions in the tables. Please, refer to the General information for brief explanations in English. A Finnish ice class is confirmed for all ships calling to Finnish ports. The fairway dues paid by the vessel and the availability of icebreaker escort are determined based on the Finnish ice class.

Guidelines for the application of the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide classification societies, ship designers and shipyards with background information on the ideas behind the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules FSICR , to provide a harmonised interpretation for the implementation of certain parts of the rules, and to provide guidance on certain aspects of the winterisation of ships, which are not covered by the rules.

Rannikkolaivurin radiotutkinnon mallikoe. Channel depth practice in Finland - Principles and implementation The Finnish Transport Agency publishes the enclosed instruction on the channel depth practice in Finland. The instruction includes draught concepts associated with channels, the principles for interpreting these concepts, estimating the required gross underkeel clearance and for indicating channel depths in nautical charts. Principles and application of channel depths in Finland The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom publishes the following instructions on depth practices in waterways.

The descriptions are primarily connected with public channels and the terminology associated with them. The actual definitions are written in bold print. Concepts relating to draught and fairway areas, geometry and headroom are illustrated by drawings. Notice to Mariners chart-specific updating service In this page there is all Notices to Mariners corrections chart by chart. Notices to Mariners Notices to Mariners provide information about changes and arrangements regarding chart corrections, changes in aids to navigation, obstructions to navigation, nautical publications.

The purpose of the service is to publish updates to printed copies of nautical charts and other products and to provide information on matters that are important to navigational safety. Together with the booklets, a list of temporary and preliminary notices in force and lists of chart corrections per chart product are compiled. The Notices to Mariners General Instructions are updated yearly. Also General Information.

Turku Radio also ensures distress radio communications in the Finnish territorial waters and assists icebreakers by transmitting vessel and route information. Brodasting times in English , Swedish and Finnish. Maritime safety radio: Turku Radio broadcast times Turku Radio is responsible for safety broadcasts along the Finnish coast, including navigational warnings, maritime weather forecasts and ice reports.

During winter, Turku Radio also broadcasts the vessel and route information of behalf of the icebreakers. Broadcast times of weather messages, navigational warnings and ice reports. Also radio stations map with VHF working channels. Vessels of 24 metres in length overall or more are obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services. When navigating in the VTS area, vessels are required to maintain a continuous listening watch on the working channel used in the area.

More detailed instructions about the required reports and working channels can be found in the regional VTS guides. Vessels navigating in the VTS area, which are not obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services, are recommended to maintain a listening watch on the working channel in the VTS area or sector in question. Vessel traffic services are provided as required in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Detailed information about the services provided in the area as well as the information required in the reports can be found in the GOFREP Master's Guide. Also, vessels under gross tonnage are encouraged to listen to the relevant VHF-traffic channel. The Finnish Transport Agency has laid down the following instructions for winter navigation in collaboration with the industry, shipping companies and charterers. Suomen talvimerenkulku Ohjeita talvimerenkulun toimijoille. This is instructions for leisure boating in the Saimaa Canal More information.

Border checks on recreational craft in Finland Recreational boating refers to the use of recreational craft for sports or travel. Border checks mean inspections performed at border crossing points with the aim of ensuring that all persons, their vehicles and the articles in their possession are permitted to either enter or exit the Schengen Area. See below for a list of the Schengen countries.

Also simplified ice chart and reference charts. The ice chart of the whole Baltic Sea pdf is published in the autumn twice a week Monday and Thursday and daily when the amount of ice increases until until ice break-up in spring. It represents current ice situation, ice breaker positions and traffic restrictions in the Baltic Sea. The simplified charts are updated once a week at the latest on Tuesday morning.

The first one represents measured level ice thicknesses, ice coverage and sea surface temperature. Baltic sea: Ice Drifters Ice drift patterns from Baltic ice drifters for the past 48 hours. Drift ice is carried along by winds and sea currents. It affects the security of navigation. Prototype sea ice products: should always be used with complementary ice information. The freeboard is the difference between water and ice surfaces. More information about Polar Class.

Please note that this is a prototype product, and should always be used with complementary ice information. RIO is a function of ship ice class. Please note that this is a prototype product and should always be used with complementary ice information! Space weather The term space weather refers to phenomena caused by solar wind and solar flares in the near-Earth space and the upper part of the Earth's atmosphere.

The map shows the locations of observation stations and the latest observations made by them for earth's magnetic field. If the latest measured variation in the magnetic field exceeds the threshold level for auroras, the spot over the location of the station is red. Those situations are usually occured with disturbed space weather conditions and can be important for GPS, radio communications and spacecraft operations.

Besides sunlight entering our atmosphere, there is solar mass continuously flowing along the magnetic shield surrounding Earth. Our atmosphere and magnetosphere can respond in a dramatic way to an abrupt change in the continuous emittance of light and mass from the Sun. A solar storm initiates space weather processes which impact our satellite navigation and radio communication systems.

For satellite navigation: The ionosphere plays a crucial role in satellite navigation. The signal sent by the satellite has to pass through the ionosphere to reach the receiver. Solar storms can introduce small scale structures in the ionosphere. When the signal encounters these obstacles, its amplitude and phase can alter very rapidly. Similarly, when the number of electrons in the ionosphere increases dramatically due to a solar storm, positioning errors are introduced in satellite navigation.

For HF communication: The ionosphere is a layer at the top of our atmosphere which is ionised due to sunlight. Because the layer is ionised, it has the ability to reflect HF radio waves allowing long distance radio communication. HF radio waves have frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz.

However, during solar storms, extra energy is deposited into the ionosphere, introducing additional ionisation and irregularities. HF radio waves can be absorbed or reflected in unforeseen ways, causing a radio communication failure. Space weather advisories shall be issued only when very strong space weather events occur More information.

Time in the wave forecast is local Finnish time. Weather warnings for Northern Baltic Sea The weather warnings usually cover the next 24 hours. This site gathers information and instructions from icebreaking authorities from all the Baltic Sea countries. Pour en savoir plus sur les pavillons et sur les symboles vexillologiques. Chapters detail tidal theory, tide gauges measurements, techniques of tidal signal treatment. The book provides also an overview of some applications like barotropic tidal current.

Fons et M. Le Stum, ENM, Joly, ENM, Manach, ENM, Disponible en mode entrainement et en mode examen blanc. Par B. Adam R Le document est construit en deux parties : 1 Traduction des textes de recommandation de l'A. Effets de la foudre et principe des protections.

Aussi il convient donc de recenser la nature de ces perturbations et d'estimer leur impact. Par M. Abedrabou T Par X. Kergadallan C Que faire en cas de voie d'eau sur votre bateau? Comment se situer en mer? Comment alerter les secours en mer? Sortie en pdf pour chaque mois.

Important Symbols and Abbreviations - Selection form INT 1 This leaflet contains a selection of important symbols and abbreviations for official German paper sea charts. Das dient der Sicherheit aller auf See. Der Eisdienst gibt verschiedene regionale Berichte heraus.

Eiskarten stellen in graphischer Form die Eissituation dar. Die wichtigsten Parameter sind hierbei Bedeckung und Eisdicke. Ice reports and ice charts German ice service provides different regional ice reports. Ice conditions at the German coast are reported more detailed in the Ostseebericht and Nordseebericht, respectively, in German language.

Our ice reports and ice charts, which ease the planning and performance of ice navigation in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Ice charts describe the ice situation graphically. The most important parameters are the sea-ice coverage and the sea-ice thickness. Depending on the ice chart, further information like occurrence of pressure ridges, cracks and leads or floe size is also given.

Climatological Ice Atlas The Ice Atlas presents a compilation of the results of a statistical evaluation of ice data covering the period — 50 years. Tides : Terms, abbreviations and reference heights Most important German terms and abbreviations used in tidology: heights, time, reference height Bitte beachten Sie das Datum auf den Karten! Content: Introduction - 1 General provisions - 2 Visual signs of and sound signals of vessels - 4 Sailing rules - 5 Stationary traffic - 6 Miscellaneous provisions - 7 Supplementary provisions relating to the Kiel Canal - 8 Competences and responsibilities of the Federal Waterways and Shipping - Administration - 9 Provisions on administrative fines and on matters of competence - Annex.

It has been prepared with the best possible care, but does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Please note that always corrected and valid editions of the charts must be carried aboard. The correction service is designed to help you to do this.

It has been prepared with the greatest possible care, but does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Please note that always corrected and valid edition of the publications must be carried aboard. The correction service is intended to assist you in this process. The overview of corrections to nautical publications since the last edition is only available in German. In addition, this supplement contains important information and communications, which are updated annually.

This overview is enclosed with the first NfS issue of each year. Summary: Navigational Warning and Information Service of the Federal Republic of Germany - Nautical Publications according to the Schiffs-sicherheitsverordnung Ordinance for the Safety of Seagoing Ships - Ordinance on the requirements for vessels entering the internal waters of the Federal Republic of Germany from sea areas seaward of the delimitation of the German territorial sea and for vessels leaving such internal waters - Special hint and information for seafarers Navigational warnings for German sea areas The Navigational Warning System of the Federal Republic of Germany issues warnings to shipping when hazards are imminent or have already occurred.

Complete NfS only for subscribers. Er kann ebenfalls extra heruntergeladen werden. Different areas North and Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic at several forecast times are selectable. Weather maps are transmitted via shortwave too. Broadcastings are done by the weather radio transmitter in Pinneberg about 20 km north-west of Hamburg.

Texts in radio teletype F1B and weather maps facsimile F1C can be received in long- and short- wave range on specified frequencies around the clock. Die Funkausstrahlung des Wetterfunksenders in Pinneberg ca. Sea ice maps for Arctic and Antarctic meereisportal. Information on these parameters is gained from satellite observations and is presented here as daily maps of sea ice concentrations and time series of sea ice extent and area Meereisportal.

Current sea ice concentration in the Arctic and Antarctic meereisportal. It is published every two months. Diese werden weltweit auf gleicher Frequenz zu verschiedenen Sendezeiten verbreitet. Es werden auch Seewettervorhersagen, Seenotmeldungen und im Winter Eisberichte ausgestrahlt. These are published on the same frequency at different transmission times worldwide. There are also weather forecasts, distress messages and in winter ice reports broadcast. Navtex broadcasts for coastal areas.

Please note that no vector data are forwarded via the WMS and that it is not suitable for use for navigation purposes. Hellenic Navwarns There urgent pieces of information for the safety of navigation issued by the Hydrographic Service. Being urgent information, they are not printed and are not distributed as Notice do, but they are transmitted via VHF radiotelephony. Also available: Show Navwarns on the map. Annual Permanent Notices to mariners Annual Permanent notices to mariners provide important information, of permanent nature, about the Hellenic seas and the main routes of navigation.

The edition is annual due to the importance of the information it contains. Captains and ship owners, if on board, are required to complete the form that details the status COVID transmission. Vessels will not be taken to port unless the form is received by the Coast Guard. Beginning with Reykjanes lighthouse and going westward around Iceland. Guidelines for masters of cruise and passenger ships arriving in Iceland The objectives of Guidelines for masters are : 1.

To ensure that the masters of cruise and passenger ships comply with Icelandic laws and regulations. To ensure that passenger ship tours and itineraries at sea and on land do not violate nature conservation and environmental laws of Iceland.

To draw the attention of masters of passenger ships to the safety of their vessels and their passengers when visiting Iceland. Port information guide AIP This information sheet is written by the Associated Icelandic Ports Faxaports for Masters of seagoing vessels, shipping lines, agents, publishers of nautical information and any other party that needs nautical information.

Users of this list are reminded that the authoritative source for information concerning current editions of Icelandic charts and the corrections that affect them are the Editions of Icelandic Notices to Mariners. By clicking on a specific location, forecast will be given in a chronological order.

For waves the coloured areas stand for wave height in meters, the number stands for average wave period in seconds and the arrows stand for average wave direction. The probable maximum wave height can be up to twice the significant wave height More information.

It is based on numerical models taking in account the local bathymetry, offshore waves and wind. Select a location on the map or from the menu to the left to get the forecast. Tides in harbours Tides for the current month: for 24 hours by 1 hour or for 72 hours by 3 hours. Tides Tide for a location: enter latitude and longitude or select location on the map.

Sea-ice maps last 30 days Weekly sea-ice maps for the area between Iceland and Greenland. Also legend of symbols in Icelandic. Sea ice symbols Sea ice symbols: An explanation of international ice symbols the "egg" code is available DMI, This service allows the user to search according to criteria like name of the chart, chart number, area, folios, scale etc.

The page also provides a link to the Indian Notices to Mariners. Facility to print the list of selected charts is also available for the users. It is updated fortnightly to ensure access to the latest information. Type of information: Emergency contact, Search and rescue, Piracy and armed robbery, Reporting system This chart is to be used for maritime safety and security un conjunction with relevant large scale and other navigation publication as published by different regional Hydrographic Offices.

Scale National Maritime Search and Rescue Manual The aim of this manual is to assist those who are responsible for establishing, managing, supporting and conducting SAR operations to understand the following: a Functions and importance of SAR services. Inforce Navigational Warnings Navigational Warnings carry information which may have a direct bearing on the safety of life at sea.

It is the fundamental nature of the Navigational Warnings that they will often be based on incomplete or unconfirmed information and mariners will need to take this into account when deciding what reliance to place on the information contained therein. Select at least the years. The Annual edition to Indian Notices to Mariners is published yearly that provides a complete record of notices issued in the previous year and before for the Indian Chart Folios.

Search Indian Notices to Mariners This section allows mariners to access all Indian Notices to Mariners individually as well as edition wise. Four type of interactive filters are available for ease of search of corrections to Chart in downloadable pdf format.

However, regional difference exists. What does "maximum sustained wind" mean? What are the differences between low, depression and cyclone? The black line indicates the observed track and the red line shows the forecast track. The uncertainty in the track forecast is represented by green colored "cone". The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris is published anually by the Positional Astronomy Centre , Kolkata for providing astronomical data to observational astronomers and other users, such as Panchang makers.

While astronomical ephemeris with similar data are compiled by seven more countries in the world, the Indian Ephemeris is designed to cater to our particular national requirements More information. General Catalogue of charts and nautical publications I.

In compliance with the IHO Technical Resolutions, Contents, General lnformation and Instructions for the updating of charts and nautical publications are in English as well as in Italian. Norme per l'impiego della dotazione nautica Un pratico vademecum sul buon uso della documentazione nautica.

Un breve estratto su come utilizzare la documentazione nautica, come aggiornarla, quali sono i limiti e le attenzioni da porre in essere per il loro uso corretto. Le informazioni contenute non possono essere utilizzate per fini operativi ed in particolare quale ausilio alla navigazione in sostituzione della documentazione nautica ufficiale edita dall Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare e delle informazioni nautiche emesse dagli Enti competenti HTML.

The purpose of these manuals is to provide all relevant information to ensure proper interaction between users and VTS, making effective action to assist and support the shipping of its VTS system. Questa misura ha il vantaggio di essere molto vicina all'altezza che un osservatore esperto rileva ad occhio nudo dal ponte di una barca.

Esempio: previsione di mare molto mosso con onde di 2 metri altezza significativa Hs di 2 metri. Che tipo di onde posso incontrare in mare? Widget vento e mare Mediterraneo centrale nord : Mare e Vento Mar Ligure : Altezza onda in metri per domani LaMMa Widget vento e mare Questo widget permette di inserire le mappe di previsione sullo stato del mare e del vento sul tuo sito web.

Il widget contiene anche un link alle pagine 'vento e mare' pubblicate sul web Lamma per poter approfondire la previsione e selezionare differenti aree. Per generare il codice scegliere la larghezza e l'area di interesse. Consuetudini Navali Consuetudini navali ad uso del diporto nautico. Raccoglie appunto tutte le consuetudini marinare riguardo alla corretta esposizione delle bandiere a bordo.

Atlante della correnti superficiali dei mari italiani Atlante con 12 carte mensili delle correnti, ,,, proiezione di Mercatore. This monograph contains twelve monthly chats, outlining surface circulation in the Italian seas with the vector system, while the speed is given in knots. Dinamiche della copertura glaciale artica e rotte di navigazione Studio sulla regione Asrtica.

Aggiornamento delle Pubblicazioni Raccolta riepilogativa delle pubblicazioni soggette ad aggiornamento sistematico. Indice: Premessa agli Avvisi ai Naviganti - Avvisi annuali fondamentali - Avvisi di carattere generale emessi negli anni precedenti ed ancora in vigore Avvisi ai Naviganti Gli Avvisi ai Naviganti hanno lo scopo di far conoscere agli utenti tutte le notizie, sia di carattere temporaneo che definitivo, interessanti la sicurezza della navigazione, che ancora non figurano nei documenti nautici ufficiali.

This data will be used for the development of the ENC viewer software and so on. TOPS provides you with the tide prediction heights for a day at a port around the coastal of Japan. The system has nearly ports including 71 standard ports in the tide table published by Japan Coast Guard. The system provides also the tidal current prediction with hourly velocities at three areas in Japan, that is, Tokyo bay, Ise bay and Seto inland sea.

Also chart in the north-east Asian marginal seas by JMA. Traffic Advisory Service Center web sites. Also view online e-book. The main items of this revision are following: Strengthening measures for assisting the safe navigation of vessels and establishment of new navigation rules according to the features of each sea area. This brochure aims to help all those concerned to fully understand the intention of this revision and observe the new rules.

Also correction. In addition, each Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters carries out detailed navigation safety guidance in accordance with the actual conditions in the sea area where it takes charge. This document contains detailed navigation safety guidance which is promoted in Nagoya-Ko and Kanmon Kaikyo as well as the above by the 3rd and 7th Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters. For the Safety Navigation In Japanese Coastal Waters The sea areas around Japan have been the places where marine casualties occur with great frequency.

Approximately 2, vessels including foreign vessels meet with marine casualties as the average in the last 10 years, causing around people found dead or missing. We wish anyone who undertakes a voyage around Japan will read this book and navigate safely. Table of contents: Weather and sea conditions in sea areas around japan - Navigation law and pilotage - Information for safe navigation - Guide to safe navigation.

Navigational Warnings This site provides information which was broadcasted for vessels by radio for: 1. Japan, 2. North Pacific,Sea of Okhotsk, 3. Indian Ocean,Persian Gulf, 5. South Pacific. Addition to the List of Aids to Navigation The vessels be equipped with the "List of Aids to Navigation" based on the law, and also be equipped with the "Addition".

The "Addition Vol. Notices to Mariners Printed copies of the Notices to Mariners and chartlets blocks on the JHOD Website may be used as an equivalent to the paper version of the Notices to Mariners and chartlets blocks. It should be noted that the chartlets blocks printed from the website, may not have the same quality and accuracy as the paper version, depending on the quality and condition of the printer and ink used.

JMA hopes that this brochure will promote understanding of the information issued by JMA and thus contribute to safer and more economical navigation. Browser does not support embedded objects. Graphical information, including surface weather maps and ocean wave charts, is broadcast through JMH by radiofacsimile for the western North Pacific.

In the winter season, sea ice forecasts and bulletins are also issued for the Sea of Okhotsk. Analysis and prognosis charts for the western North Pacific on the radio facsimile JMH station are placed on this web site. Significant Wave Height SWH the average height of the highest one-third of waves is shown in the chart. Generally, each wave may happen to be higher than SWH. Height in metres Sea ice Condition Chart Black and white sea ice concentration chart with bulletin for the North-East Asian marginal seas sea of Okhotsk every tuesday and friday during the freezing season.

All articles appear both in English and in Japanese. The bulletin is issued twice a year. It is highly appreciated that ships will cooperate on marine meteorological observations and reports as Voluntary Observing Ships VOSs. It was published and revised data until September Any subsequent changes, such as new publications or cancellation of nautical charts and publications, will be published in Notices to Mariners by KHOA.

View online document. This List of Lights ans Fog Signals for the coast of Korea provices detailed information of aids to navigation AtoNs installed on land or at sea which cannot be depicted on nautical charts. The Nautical Almanac is used to determine the ship's position off the coast during astronomical navigation. It contains the declination of major planets, the sidereal time of the stars, and the time of day, moonrise, sunset and twilight, etc.

View online documents. Yachts are emerging as a new small-scale leisure activity due to social distancing caused by the pandemic. Seeing this trend, KHOA has put together various yacht information from basic knowledge to selection of routes into a publication so that even beginners can enjoy yachts conveniently and easily.

The publication depicts yacht routes in the Republic of Korea on chart-based sheets, allowing users to select routes by estimated time and lists latest marina information for yacht repair, supplies and mooring. KHOA hopes that the publication will help all yacht lovers enjoy marine leisure activities safely.

This publication has put together the weekly notices to mariners issued in We hope that the publication will serve as an useful guide for safe navigation by all mariners. Notice to Mariners It is mandatory for all ships to have up to date nautical charts and nautical publications for sailing. The process of withdrawing from the European Union will likely remain the main business of the Civil Service for years beyond March — even if formal withdrawal has actually been achieved by then — and it is far from clear that the British state is equipped to cope with the challenge.

However, Brexit is not merely a Whitehall problem. The main parties each face challenges over Brexit, or, more specifically, over the type of Brexit which is pursued. The divisions within the Conservative Party are longstanding, well-understood, and quite possibly irreconcilable. While the Conservatives fought the general election on a platform which promised to take an uncompromising approach to the negotiations, a significant minority at least of the parliamentary party would favour a rather softer approach , and the parliamentary arithmetic means that these MPs possess the power to cause the government significant difficulties.

However, the Conservative backbenches and indeed the Cabinet contain a sufficient number of Brexit hardliners to cause difficulties of their own if there is any sign of weakness. And then there is the potential obstacle of the House of Lords…. However, the divisions within the Labour Party may offer the more intriguing spectacle. The dominant issue of the new parliament, Brexit, will likely produce interminably long and complex debates, and neither main party can credibly claim to be able to offer a coherent and defensible position on the subject.

And there remains, of course, the possibility that there will be another general election in relatively short order. Perhaps we could all follow Richard Branson into space? Global Health Challenges We are improving the health of people across the world through new discoveries, treatments and patient pathways and working in partnership to build a transformative health ecosystem in our region.

Sustainable Environments We are working to understand the impact of climate change on the planet and its people, to improve air quality, and developing new technologies to decarbonise energy and transport in partnership with industry and government. Fulfilling Lives, Fairer World We are working with our partners to tackle inequalities in all aspects of society, striving to make change for a fairer world and one in which people can enjoy a fulfilling, rewarding life.

Explore our Spotlights. Find a researcher Search by name or keyword. Enter researcher name. Explore all Arts and Law Research. Explore all Engineering and Physical Sciences Research. Explore all Life and Environmental Sciences Research. Explore all Medical and Dental Sciences Research.

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